Tim Ferris NFT – Legend of Cockpunch Drop Analysis | Price Predictions, Chats & Holder Deep Dive.

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punch this project by Tim Ferriss Has just dropped what we’re going to do Is we’re going to jump in have a look at The stats we’re going to have a look at The numbers see what’s happening see how It’s going look at all the charts profit Takers winners losers all that good Stuff so you can then make a decision About what is actually happening with The project so you can just add to that Research about the moves that you want To make either entering or exiting the Project this is not Financial advice I’m Not a financial advisor please do your Own research before moving into the nft Space now the legend of punch this Has been going crazy over the last day Um and essentially the full price at the Moment is at a 1.1 eth and it’s kind of It’s moving it’s had crazy volume 3 300. Let me just highlight it right here You’ve essentially got yeah that 3 300 Volume worth of eth so it is absolutely Crazy and like I said Um the founder of is Tim Ferriss it’s Essentially a lot of the money’s going To charity things like that four hour Work week Um huge big um sort of guy in the Entrepreneur Um sort of seeing that kind of space Um so when it comes down to the actual Markets itself uh what you can see here Is the volume that it’s had is actually

Outperformed everything else Valhalla at 1.4 Um sort of k e crypto punks board Apes No chance so Um people are moving in and out of this Project absolutely crazy this is crazy Volume which is good also just um real Quick they’ve got a supply of 555 just So you’ve got a little bit of context And the mint price was 0.3 now when we Actually get to the charts and the stats Itself uh what we can see here is that Essentially it had a big crazy kind of Blow off at around that 1.8 to begin With it then found um then kind of like Zigzagged and down which is which is Fine which is natural what ended up Happening is we had at 1.28 it actually Looks like it was a support So we had The moment here where it hit then it Sort of bounced there bounced there Popped back up then kind of skimmed a Little bit and then again here so it Actually looks like for a while that 1.2 Eth was the uh essentially the support Mark but let me clear it up right now Now what’s happening uh from this point On it’s actually flipped we’re in a Position where we’re getting that 1.2 Being the resistance it tried to pump Through here and it’s trying to break Through right now now what this means is It means that at the moment Um if it was on the other side if it

Does pump through that 1.2 then it may Have a chance to run up higher but at The moment it just keeps getting knocked Down so that’s what I’m taking away from The this chart but saying that the Reason and the justification for the Price bleeding out and then essentially Dropping down at this point is people Would have moved in at the 1.2 say it Would have gone up to the 1.4 there Would have been some profit takers on The way down people go oh I don’t think We’re actually gonna it’s gonna run back Up again then it kind of bounces around And essentially you have this bleed out Period here which is people uh sort of Exiting positions not seeing too much Upside deleveraging making sure that They’re kind of not um not in too deep Essentially and that is the psychology At play when it comes to uh the uh Moving into a project and then keeping Like when you treat it just as a Financial thing and just looking at the Floor price over and over now what we’re Going to do now is have a look at the Top balances the top holders of the Space now what we’re going to do is Ignore this top one um which is the 555 Because that is a marketing Dev wallet Um but what I want to point out here is That the next person up preps to the Pros now they have 58. now what I’ve Actually done is I’ve done a little bit

Of digging and Diving so you can kind of See who this person is and they’re Holding uh sort of 58 of these in their Collection now when you actually jump in And have a deep dive at their wallet What you can see here is they are Holding a sizable amount of Kennel Club So like you get assets you’ve got Kennel Club and mutant ape which values between 204 and 88 each then punch is the Sort of number three spot when it comes In Um but what you can actually do is if You actually jump over and like search That on Twitter you can see here so They’ve got 22 Apes now the this would Be in a uh like a vault or something Like that but the idea is this is the Person who is the top holder of uh sort Of Tim ferriss’s punch and that is Preps to the pros so big shout out this Dude that’s holding a sizable bag of Tim Ferris now what we’re going to do right Now is jump in and have a look at the Profit takers and the profit leaderboard And see where those people are so we’re Having a look at the gains sorry they’re The gains of the uh project itself now We can see here top profit taker 4.28 Eth but what is crazy here is you can Actually see they’ve bought 14 and sold 13. now you could dive in deep in the Wallet but the idea is they have taken a Big run big gamble they’re still

Invested in the project they’re still Holding one but they’ve made a tidy Little profit I think that’s good that’s Healthy I just find this um strange and Interesting in a different way with the Fact that there is such a large profit Taker and then everyone else are people That have just exited the project and You can see that here let me just clean It up for you you’ve got nfts bought and Then nfts sold and then here essentially If someone’s bought um sort of one or Two and then sold one or two they’ve Essentially exited the project Completely they don’t want to be in Anymore they wanted to just use the Arbitrage use their whitelist to make That flip nothing wrong with that that’s Fine but it’s um I think it’s funny that The top profit take it is actually kind Of invested in the project and everyone Else that’s underneath him I’ve just Kind of exited so this is a strange one Haven’t seen this before but I like it It shows and then you can also look the Guy up if you really want to simp with The S being a dollar sign because that Dude is rolling in those bags now is Have a look at the entry points of the Traders so where they have actually kind Of bought in so you can see where some Of the top buying dresses where some of The smart money have actually moved into The project so you can see where their

Entry points are so you can see if You’re going to get a discount of those People now the top five buying addresses Have bought in at above that 1.4 Mark Initially and then after that they’ve Scooped up a few more but they’re still Above that 1.2 mark So at the moment if You can get in at a 1.2 you’re buying it In at a discount of the top five buying Addresses now smart money usually buys In much cheaper than everyone else you Can see a few of the mints here but the Idea is like they did catch the firmo Initially but a lot of it was between That sort of that one under that 1.5 to The 1.15 and smart money always does Buy In at a cheaper price at better entries And you can see here they’re starting to Scoop some up now now right now we’re Kicking into the morning in the US and I Do expect to see Um more of them if there is more of a Pullback I do expect to see more smart Money scooping up some of these it just Makes sense and it’s what usually Happens with the um sort of Cycles Things like that now what we’re going to Do right now is have a look at the Listings Um the sort of like the thickness of uh The floor things like that just to give You an idea of what’s actually going on When we get to the uh sort of now we’re Looking over this section here the

Number of nfts listed and you can what We can see here is that there is a Steady well there was a steady Um sort of run up but now we are Starting to see a trend down which makes Me think there is a slight flipping of Sort of by pre by the buy to sell ratio Coming through just a little bit but Like I said that kind of makes sense With the fact that we’ve had the US Asleep in the US waking up I think That’ll change the Dynamics a little bit When we actually have some of that Market come into play uh and when we Actually have a look at the numbers Themselves we can see that we Essentially got up to 568 on like on average listed and then It started to drop back down nothing too Crazy now when we get to the listings Between underneath that two eighth Mark We do have 300 nfts so if you are Looking to try to get in Omega 2x there Needs to be a stupid amount of volume The floor is very very thick when it Comes to the market and what’s happening So I don’t expect there to be a crazy 2x Unless there is some deer listings Because the same essentially you need Sort of 400 eighth worth of volume to Come through to really kind of push this Up and crazy and get it to some bigger Numbers and saying that it that that Then means that it needs essentially 10

Of the volume that’s already had to come Through in one big swoop Um to actually really Push It Forward Not saying it can’t happen but it does Make it a little bit Um sort of difficult on that front when It comes to the actual kind of uh sort Of floor price how fast can run things Like that I think that’s a very smart Thing to be aware of to ensure that You’re not in a position to actually Kind of Um be left in a bad spot expecting more Upside when there isn’t as much upside As you would like now this is a fun one And it is related collection so it’s What the holders are also holding and What that what they’re kind of related To now proof Collective Grails that Comes in at number one at 60. now people That had the Grails were essentially air Dropped those Um but then you also have the moon Birds Um proof moonbird Oddities because They’re also part of the proof ecosystem Tim Ferriss and proof I’m not sure Exactly how they’re connected in a way So don’t quote me on it but I know that He’s tight with those guys homies Etc so That is essentially why it’s come Through that way but it’s nice to know You can kind of see uh what kind of Holders are in the ecosystem so you can Then know if you’re holding if you’re

Holding the project if you’re holding Along the lines of other uh sort of Ecosystems that you’d like to be a part Of it’s a very good way to kind of see That so what is my price prediction Where do I see all of this going well Let me clear it up for you Um at the moment the fact that we’re Kind of just around that 1.2 Mark well Yeah 1.1 to 1.2 mark and it doesn’t look Like we’re going to have much upside Just because of this downtrend that We’re having it makes me think that Before we get to the reveal and this is Me not knowing the insides in the Outside of the reveal I think we’re Going to kick around at the 1.2 we may Go back up to the 1.4 and that is a may But I don’t see us getting above the 1.4 Unless some crazy news or something Comes through but when it comes to the Actual reveal I think we’ll drop down to The 0.75 to the 0.8 range and then we Will kind of settle up at around just Under that one eighth Mark after that Um time will tell but I can see a quick Wick down to these up to this realm but I don’t see it holding up here Essentially if this does bleed out under One eth and then we get to reveal I can See it going back down to around that Sort of 0.6 so before reveal where we Were at I would imagine above that half An eighth Mark but I don’t see it kind

Of um ripping too far down because I Think there will be people that see a Great opportunity at around that sort of 0.6 to 0.8 Mark and that’s why I think It will get gobbled up but after that Like I said it depends what Tim does With announcements and things like that So that is my price prediction for the Legend of punch so that is a look At the legend of punch by Tim Ferris if you found value in this video Please consider hitting up that Subscribe button and while you’re down There also hit up the like button as Always it’s been a pleasure having you With me I look forward to seeing you in The next one Foreign [Music]

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