Thoughts On ApeFest 2023 taking place in Hong Kong. Bored Ape Yacht Club Get Together

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Questions are the way to go good Questions like that are specific the Real goal is I love that question All right being an avid board adjob guy Big news in the space hype Fest has been Announced it's going to be happening August the 26th it's gonna be in Hong Kong Mixed opinion yeah interesting gonna be A sorry not August the 26th going to be In November the 3rd to the 5th Um in Hong Kong Um August the 26th They're doing something somewhere else Better the big one is going to be in Hong Kong so a lot of different mixed Results here a lot of the the community Bought April club guys are very upset Because the laws in Hong Kong against Smoking weed are very very strict and The board of young couple holders most Of them like their weed so they're They're not so happy that a party a Three-day Um sort of Festival is gonna is gonna Not include weed Um gonna be interesting to see how many People it's going to be interesting to See how many people actually end up Going I mean because you literally have To you know buy an airplane ticket to Hong Kong organize accommodation Um I don't know it's going to be Interesting to see but they have like

Always created a great website to Promote it Um I guess you know if you if you in web 3 and Kate I'd be really interested to See what you think yeah if your business In grade three a big business and the Whole thing is about bringing people Together like the whole thing that that Who took clone X from 80th to two eth Overnight pretty much was when they did A drop which was only eligible for Americans and where they said you can Only claim the shoe with the chip inside If you're in America now they don't do That to to go against anyone they did That because the technology can't be Shipped overseas and it's shipping laws And whatever whatever but we saw that That made everyone feel that look you Don't understand your Market is Worldwide that's what web3 is and can Unite Philippine cage sitting on either Sides of the globe who have become Really close friends that would never Happen otherwise that's what web3 is you Don't understand web three so I think You know what what a bullet drug Club is Showing here is that they do understand Web3 and I would imagine next year it Will be completely different continent In a completely different country and so They're not expecting all ten thousand Of their holders obviously to to pitch Up and you know ten thousand of their

Board apps mutants also can't come so That's 20 000 people they're not Expecting those thirty thousand able to Pitch up they know that but what they're Going to do is they're going to go all Instead of you as they would have been All the to every continent Um you know with a lot with a population Worth going right so I think that that's Quite bullish and if you just have a Look here Um you can always go to this website It's just obviously don't click On any links just in case you type it Out wrong but they say there's going to Be local gyms so I'm sure they'll have Some great local entertainment community Events New merchandise chillouts Hangouts Citywide which is interesting To see what that's going to mean and you Can also join virtually Um what I'm interested to see is if They're going to use the other side for That Um because that will be really really Incredible because remember the guys who Are developing that aside Um have got a company that does do Events overseas or international events Where there's one big singer in the Middle and you can come from anywhere And speak to people so I I think that Would be the obvious play but I don't Know if it's very yet but I think that

Would be incredibly bullish so again Um if you've got Uh brought up your club or music the APR Club nft you get in and you get a plus One okay Um other than that you won't be able to Get in you get free admission Um I'd meet a city-wide experience so They're saying yeah I first defense will Take place all over Hong Kong funding For every Vibe some more details to come So you can plan ahead Um I think they need to give details Pretty soon because with international Travel people do want to plan very much Ahead then also join the fund globally It says can't make it to Hong Kong with A way for Apes to participate virtually And we're also working with the broader Community to host in real life events Globally Um yeah man so that's what's happening What do you think okay this is like one Of the best things I've seen from Boyd Apes the the only thing that they hey Okay two things one if if they're Actually mad because they can't smoke Weed then I have truly lost faith in That entire community and that's Actually yeah To gained respect for them that just Shows how oh like I mean look it's funny But it's like it just shows how like Weak the community is like if that's

Really why you won't go to China that's Cool you want to go to why would you not Want to go and travel to Asia like bro That's got to be a joke there's no way It's like I hope they're joking but if They're not that scares me however uh It also shows that It shows the lack like you you see the Clear lack because it's like all right You're gonna go to China which normally If I was a brand that I was excited to Be part of I'd be stoked because there'd Be a reason I'm in that community That I that is like true to my being Like that's why I'm there you know but With board Apes it's only tied to the Monetary value that they were able to Get and once that hype Fades sort of and That that uh you know the date of which That you gained all that money has kind Of drifted into the past a little bit Only cares much you go there and you're Like all right especially if I'm sober You can't even smoke weed you're like All right why would I go to this I don't Have anything common with these Apes There's no brand that holds us together So what is the brand that holds them Together missing you you're missing it It's it's an exclusive Um uh sort of relationship building Opportunity I don't understand that but Like what about this Side once you're in the exclusive thing

What is the value they provide that is So exclusive besides just getting in Networking you know what I'm saying Like with other people that can afford People actually can help 150 000 A pfp they must have you know so it's a Networking event and and you can have Fun at the same time but at the end of The day it gets admit to high net worth Individuals that there could be Synergy Business-wise and it could be other Synergy because very few people in the World will spend this sort of money out Of things so what does it mean I've got Someone that I've got something in Common with so straight away there's a Connection we either both idiots because We're spit you know whatever we've said Or we both Geniuses but either way we're Both the same so there's an automatic Bond from a social perspective and then You've also got the ability for the Networking event and the ability to have An experience it's almost like those Tours so now you're going to have sort Of a trip planned out for you three days You can choose to stay longer than that If you want Um I mean I get it I I think unless That's different if if the experience You go to and the things that are Provided for you are dope then it's Different but if you go and there's no Brand there and when you get there it's

Just a bunch of like parties it's like One of those things where like This is why people are mad because they Could they would for sure maybe yeah I'll go to New York for that whatever to China just for the same thing I don't See that happening I think that's why There's not as much excitement because For me this should be the most exciting Thing that they've put on almost ever in My opinion it should be and it doesn't Seem like that's the case at least from What you said to me in the very Beginning but maybe it's not I don't Know No so I think when it gets close to the Time it might be another thing that's Interesting because you asked they I'm Looking for the Tweet while I'm talking To you they also recently said that They're going to be Um building up in a much bigger way They're going to be building up a ape to A marketplace where people can meet and And exchange ideas and things like that I I don't know what they're calling it Not a Marketplace to sell your app to Each other but where you can Network Um virtually that's cool so they did and And so they're seeing the value in that They definitely are Um yeah look I mean you've got to sort Of understand it to do it the other Thing is you've got to remember there's

A lot of people that have built forget The airdrops and forget the free pfps And forget everything all the money that You made if you Mentor the board app or Even bought one under 20 youth in the Beginning and you've got a mutant to Doug and the land and apcoin and all the Rest of that forget all of that there's A lot of people that build massive Businesses and Brands off their RP of a Broad app I mean the board app was Really one of the first ones to give you Proper proper rats over your pfp and so You know you could just get ideas from Other people I mean I just think there's Going to be a lot of brand Representation there from the people That have done it Um yeah I mean look it's interesting It's an interesting it's an interesting Approach but I I do think that they've They've they've hit the nail on the head I would have just said Um next year to be held and I would have Actually given that location now just so People could sort of put together what We're saying that this is the intention That every year they're going to do it Somewhere different if you can't make it This year you'll make it next year but I Think a lot is going to hinge on how They able to do this virtually how well They pull that off for the people that Aren't able to be there in person and if

They do that well this could be Incredibly bullish for the for the Project Yeah yeah I secured the dream in here Saying China and slave

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