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Hello everyone welcome to coinbuzz now In my last video where we talked about Layer 3 you might have heard me mention Some airdrops such as layer 0 CK sync And if you're on Twitter a lot you might Notice that a lot of people are talking About layer 0. now in my opinion it's a Bad idea to fade any error which can Give you a big payout and when I say big Payout I mean ZK sync that is one Airdrop you should not miss out on now There are ways to farm the CK sync Airdrop we will cover that in another Video but there is a way that you can Maximize your gains and that is by Getting into a project from the ground Up and getting exposed to multiple new Up and coming projects in the Z casing Ecosystem well what is Tai Chi at its Core it's an amm decks with an nft Staking platform built from the ground Up however if you read their white paper You will know that the Tai Chi vision is Not so constrained they're designing a Platform to launch dabs across different Evm chains and roll ups wherever they're Offering Services basic a sort of a All-in-one solution let's rewind a bit Now Tai Chi has nfts that are a big part Of their ecosystem they had 5000 Launched on evmos and 5000 on ZK sync The evmos nfts were partially burnt and Taken into their treasury while the rest Were minted by users their ZK sync mint

However is still ongoing there is no Limit and you can mint as many nfts as You want for .0198 I leave the link down In the description below now if I were To talk about the benefits of holding The Tai Chi nfts now let's list them one By one every nft gets you a confirmed Allocation of the Tai Chi airdrop by Staking those nfts you can take part in Any launches happening on the Tai Chi Launch pad that is you receive an Allocation of the project being launched As well whether it's an nft project or If it's a project with a token you can Lend these nfts on the Tai Chi's taking Platform now let me explain a bit Remember I mentioned that Tai Chi has an Nft staking slash lending platform well The build that from scratch and it Allows you to put your nfts up as Collateral and borrow you can use your Tai Chi nfts on that platform you don't Need an nft such as a board app because These Tai Chi nfts are already Pre-approved coming back your nfts will Also act as governance power meaning you Can use these nfts to vote on how the Tai Chi platform functions sort of like Governance tokens like op like uni swap Last but not least my personal favorite If you stake these nfts you will be able To earn revenue from fees generated Across all Tai Chi dap wherever they may Be they could be on scroll on arbitrum

Any chains you get a portion of the fees Now how's that for passive income right Now the nft staking platform is not live The amm decks and the platform is Supposed to come online on the main net Very soon but the team is rigorously Testing the nft platform and a few Members from the Discord are helping Them do so you can learn more about Their current roadmap by checking out Their white people paper and joining the Discord I highly highly encourage anyone Who's following a project to always keep In touch by following the official Channels on Discord and Twitter now we Come to the most important part not Technically because the nfts were also Important but on to the tokenomics there Is an airdrop there will be allocations To all the nft holders so how do the Tokenomics look like you'll be pleased To know that Tai Chi is a Community-funded project there are no VCS so no fears of cell pressure from Vesting from seed and pre-seed round the Token generation event will take place Near or before the nft staking platform Is launched the recently revealed Information that each token will cost Around 0.12 2.15 dollars depending on The market conditions and Tai Chi's Aiming for a market cap of 60 to 75 Million dollars in the short term now The airdrop itself will happen in two

Phases you can find out those phases by Checking the white paper but the Allocation for the airdrop is 71 million Tai Chi tokens which is around 14 of the Entire 5 500 million Max Supply it's Always a very good idea to check the Tokenomics of any project you're Thinking of investing in I highly Encourage you to read the white paper You can see you can check out the Tokenomics there you'll see that the First year after the tge that there are A lot of Tai Chi tokens coming into the Market and you have to ask yourself Whether the benefits will outweigh the Risks personally for me it does I'll Tell you why taiichi is not limiting Itself to just the Z casing ecosystem I Know for a fact that they've planned to Branch out to other ecosystems and we've Seen that from their white paper we Could be seeing Tai Chi launch on Arbitrum optimism scroll and more evm Chains and roll ups imagine this you're Farming the zika Singh era you invest in Tai Chi Tai Chi launches you get your Token allocation your staking your nfts And your tokens all the projects Launching on ZK sync launching through Tai Chi you'll be exposed to them Meaning you will be able to do more Volume and more transactions and regular Transactions on the Z casing ecosystem For for a fraction of the cost and for a

Fraction of the effort you've already Staked your nfts you're making revenue From the nfts and you're getting Allocations of projects launching on tai Chi I mean it's a no-brainer at this Point in the bear Market you're supposed To accumulate good projects and hold Them for the long term who knows maybe Tai Chi could become the next big thing On ZK sync I leave all relevant Tai Chi Official links down in the description Below be sure to subscribe and follow me At Dev do something and also our Official Twitter handle that's it from Me goodbye

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