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Can tell you two things he's either dead And wrong and uh Um and and is going to pay a price or he Hasn't done wrong and the system like he Says the Matrix Um wants to shut him down because he's He's having an influence on our working Class guys that the government just want To keep in line those are the two Options not just too rich he's too rich To go to prison he's not going to prison I don't know these are serious Allegations I mean you've got Bill Cosby Still sitting in jail Um you've got Harvey Weinstein in jail Um there's a lot of powerful rich people And you're going to have Sam Bachman Freed sitting in jail but he's arrested In Romania he's Russian Romania Phil it Doesn't matter there's still a law bro I Mean I live in South Africa and we Listen we have one of the strongest Constitutions in the world people here South Africa and they think that I've Got lines running around on the streets And and they see pictures of the Township they don't see pictures of the Suburbs

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