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Is very very good and it's quick as the Gas is I just I'm saying I don't think It's bullish for an nft per se but I do Think that blockchain is brilliant and I Think that polygon is going to be Absolutely instrumental in moving this Mainstream like we sing all the big Names are launching on polygon I'm not Saying nft Pro necessarily but like Their web three initiatives they are Using polygon to launch them Yeah I think I like probably gotten more From a building perspective than like The trading perspective in the short Term but that's crazy those numbers So if you look here you got 20.4 million On the BMB chain this is for the whole Of January you've got 17.5 million on Polygon So this is active addresses right not Not many you've got 16.3 million on Phantom you've got 9.3 million on Solana You got 7.6 million active Wallets on Ethereum

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