The Truth About Universal Music Taking Taylor Swift Music Off TikTok…

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Have you ever seen someone do something Bad and then youve said they're going to Get karma for this well I don't really Believe in karma personally but I think That cause and effect is what the name Of the game is and things just simply Come back around because of the cause And you're going to get an opposite or Equal equal and opposite reaction and so That is where when it comes to Universal Music Group being in this position where They're now removing all music they have Removed Taylor Swift Drake all these big Artists from Tik Tok that now at this Point if you look at the situation you Could see what you call Karma now maybe Some people disagree with me on this but The way that I see it is that Universal Music Group removed their music CU they Said our artists aren't getting paid Enough our artists do you think it's the Artists that aren't getting paid enough Or do you think that it's the label Because I think the artist already Determined and they weren't getting paid Enough long before this happened so I Don't think it's about the artist for This label I think it's about the label Making more money because you see the Label has always been dependent on Spotify haven't you always seen that it Kind of feels weird how Spotify is Always kind of its own thing it's always Dependent on Instagram or it's always

Dependent on Tik Tok or YouTube and you See people sending people to Spotify and Then you wonder why is it that it's so Dependent on these other platforms why Isn't it its own platform well they're Going to have to start doing that and as You can see they already have the scroll On Tik Tok and they're TR or on Spotify And they're making it more like Tik Tok Because when Spotify looks at what Tik Tok is doing Artists are getting paid more on Spotify Because why the labels already own 33% of Spotify so they have good deals With Spotify but when you look at all of The artists on Tik Tok that are from Universal Music Group they are getting The they are getting a pay as the exact Same uh pay as everyone else on the Platform so when SP uh when Tik Tok says Yeah we're going to pay you exactly like All the other artists we're not going to Give you guys a deal yeah you can bring Taylor Swift yeah you can bring whoever But it's the same we're going to pay you The same as everyone else and Universal Says what we won our deal we had a deal 3 years ago go what's happening right And so the artists quote unquote that Aren't getting paid from Universal Music Are really upset now Universal is taking All their music off for this reason now Spotify introduced some of the the Scroll because I think that these uh

Label owned uh entities like Spotify That are dependent on Tik Tok and Dependent on Instagram are now going to Have to become their own Tik Tok or Instagram for this reason and the Interesting part is that people think That Spotify is the main source of Income for a lot of artists however Independent Artists today they say that Spotify playlists are only making up About 2% or 4% of their actual listening Group and where they get most of their Listeners most artists are from their Following that they bring from other Platforms so so so the artists are Really upset or is it that the labels Are really upset it's just so funny Because the labels have always paid Artists such a little amount of money And now they're saying well artists Aren't getting paid because Tik tok's Not giving us a deal no you just screw Every single artist that you've worked With that's why this is coming back Around because now you don't make as Much and you have to they want to buy Into Independent Artists that are Already succeeding more than the artists That just had one little hit that was Kind of crazy and they're like oh this Person maybe could we could blow them up Now they want the Independent Artists That already building their own business That that's who the labels want to sign

But the thing is those artists are Saying I already actually make just as Much as if I'm doing everything if I had A label in fact I saw someone that Signed with a label a couple uh months Ago and they were like we signed with Universal I was like oh that's cool Let's see you know what their strategy Is after this CU I've been watching Their strategy for about a year their Strategy stayed the exact same for a Year and I thought did that person just Give up like 80% of their profits from Their music and in order to continue to Be doing the exact same thing that they Were already doing except now they have A manager that they could pay someone to Be their manager for you know a set fee But instead they're giving up all that Percentage of their music just because Why because they have a manager I really Don't understand they're doing the same Thing that they were doing before so Guys um this is one thing that I think Is um great for competition capitalism Is something I personally uh believe in And I think that when it comes to uh the Value proposition that Tik Tok is Bringing it's just simply greater than What the labels have to offer and and Some other platforms are competing Together which is good Tik Tok competes With Instagram Instagram's like we Should probably pay our artists more

Because Tik tok's paying more uh Spotify Is now going to try and improve and Become uh better than Tik Tock or or Better than Instagram and then you have All these platforms kind of competing And why that the artist is is going to Go in the market where they're getting The most value for their music and That's why I also want to uh you know Like for example we're we are running Our value pack your art Challenge on December or on um February 16th and so That's exactly on this premise so we're Running a challenge that is free to join If you want to join it down below it's Called the value pack your art Challenge And it teaches you it's going to be Step-by-step 3-day Master Class where We're going to break down exactly what And I say master class but really it's Just a community Gathering where we're All going to um go through these Different ways of monetizing your music And it talks about in this challenge how To create value around your music and Sell your music and actually get more From your music than what you're already Making from streaming but create things Like monthly memberships like do you Have a monthly membership if you're an Artist are you relying on Spotify to pay You out and those royalties don't come For months and they're less than a penny Per stream or are you taking the you

Know let's say 20 people that are good Fans of you and creating a small Subscription at 10 bucks a month or 20 Bucks a month and that's you know an Extra you know 100 or 1,000 bucks a Month that you can make from your music These are the types of things we talk About in The Challenge and we're going To be breaking down step by step if you Want to join the challenge click the Link below this video go check it out But guys when it comes to Spotify like It's exactly what we're trying to break Down that challeng is like if you are Relying on a streaming Revenue now You're dependent on a platform like Spotify that is dependent on a platform Like uh Tik Tok or YouTube or Instagram And if they don't get the deal that they Want for their quote unquote artists It's really for the label companies then They're upset when in reality the artist Who simply does exactly what it is that The labels are looking for but doesn't Sign with a label and continues to grow On all these platforms and implements Marketing and business Acumen around Their music which is what we talk about On the channel then you get the chance To build something of your own an artist Business of your own that can sustain uh Your living and increase your income by Doing that and actually match your Living expenses as opposed to giving up

Your business to the label for them to Then um pay you at a salary when really You should be paying a salary to whoever It is that's helping you grow so Hopefully that makes sense uh thank you Guys so much for watching um and for Those of you that are um learning about This stepbystep process of how to you Know break through and reform some of The music industry Norms I would Encourage you to subscribe and like this Video so that we can continue to grow And that you can continue to get some Value from these videos that I make Every day I'll see you guys in the next One peace out

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