The Three Artist Success Traits For Digital Growth

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So one of the biggest common themes Among millionaires billionaires and Successful people in every industry We're not talking about just music here Is that they have tried and failed many Many many many many many many times so They were maybe told that they wouldn't Be able to uh complete an album in 3 Weeks and what did they do they complete An album they told it that book would Never work but they continue to write it In their car for years and years and Then it worked they were told that they Wouldn't be able to start that business But they continued to grow and continue To learn and read books and Surround Themselves with the right people Continue to grind end over end until What happened they made it right and so You Contin continue to fail yes you have Those times when you don't you don't Have anything hit right but if Everything hits then it'd be easy to Have success and so every time like I've Started at least 10 bsiness businesses Since the age of 14 I've started at Least 10 businesses and what business Has been the most successful the Business that I said all right this is Getting ridiculous I've started a fish Business driving down to and I'm going To get into the content but I started With a fish business and I was going to The bay to sell fish and I got with

Distributors and I actually got a cease And assist letter from someone because They didn't want me to compete with them Cuz they were they thought they were the Only ones that were driving to Long ways To offer fish from the bay got a ceas Desist letter I said I'm not passionate Enough about it I'm not going to keep Going then I start uh company for uh Teaching people how to learn to invest And I would go around to the libraries In my local town and I would go to uh The schools and I would I would set up a Classroom at school I was still in School and I'd say hey guys you want to Come learn stocks and I would teach People about them and I would try an Offer to them to work with me to help Them invest and I did but it didn't work Because why I wasn't that into Finance I Wasn't that into I I worked financial Advisor I worked under a financial Adviser I worked uh in many different Industries I started so many different Businesses selling reath door too Selling water at events whatever it was But everything that I learned about it Was you could try those things but if You're not willing to fail at them and Still keep going then you're not Passionate enough about it and you're Not going to continue uh and you're not Going to succeed because you don't Continue so what can you do that you're

Passionate of about and still have Success and to me that has been the Music industry because number one I have A spouse she's actually taking a shower Right now so that we can film a video so If you guys hear water in the background Because she's getting ready to film a Music video why are we filming a music Video well we have to we have to get Content together we got to get high Quality videos around the new releases That we just put out and we're doing a Song every single week so so we have to Make sure that we have high quality uh Videos high quality uh songs going out The mixing the mastering the production Got to make sure we send an email out Because we build an email list all these Things right and so in this video we're Talking about three things that are Going to get you to the point where you Are having success what are the three Things that get you there and these are The three things that I'm doing right Now and it has worked for me in the past Worked for me right now why because I'm Passionate about making it happen so Really quick if you're not willing to Work it's not going to work you have to Have the work ethic in order to Implement what I'm about to share with You all right guys so the first step so When we release any music we tried Releasing a song song a week for a while

And then we realized wait we're doing a Bunch of things wrong it was a good Thing we failed but it was a good we Were like we're doing a bunch of things Wrong because people are listening to This music but there's no lyrics there's No uh they don't post it on their story Because it's not showing the lyrics they They don't share uh any of the posts Because we don't have really good Content that they can share around the Music and so that's that's the first Thing when you're making music if you Want to do if you want to have a song a Week you want to have success don't be Attached to the music don't be attached To the music if you want it to run Smoothly and you want to make a business Out of your music don't be attached to It but attach the Music does that make sense because a lot Of people they're so attached that They're not willing to release I'm Saying don't be attached attach the Music attach the music to that piece of Content attach that music to an email to Your fans attach that music to to uh a Music video attach that uh music to a Show where you collaborate with some People and get in at a show and you're Able to attach that music to a set list Attach that music to uh a product or a Collaboration attach that music to the Lyrics attach the

Lyrics attach it to Instagram stor so People see lyrics when they post the Music okay so that's number one don't be Attached but attach the the music to What you where you want it to grow right So don't be attached to the music but Attach the music all right so that is Huge it's really worked for us it's made It easier for us to release consistently And that's the other thing number two Here if you are trying to navigate and You're like this and sometimes you Release and you release an album and Then you're down here and you don't Release for a long time and then you Release an album or you release a song Or a song a week and then you stop for 6 Months and then you come up this I I Want you to look at this pattern this is How it Looks this is how it looks what you're Shooting for and what the most Successful people that are doing what You want to do and this is what Tammy And I do on a consistent basis is we try And keep This we don't go a long time without Posting we make sure that we have a song A week so we're Consistent we don't uh post and then we Kind of have a bad attitude and we don't Feel like doing it and we don't do it For a while and then we come back Because then we'd be like this the

Frequency at which uh a huge percentage Of people that are able to continually Go for years on end is because they keep This frequency how do you keep it well You got to know what do you want out of Your music where do you want to be in Three years do you want to be making a Living from your Music then wouldn't it make sense to say This is where I want to be okay where do I want to be what do I have to do to get There that's the next question you ask What do I have to do to get there and Then am I willing to do it how long am I Willing to do that that it takes to get There cuz maybe you say all right I want This I will get this and make sure you Differentiate between want and will Because it's not that you just want now You have you got got to say I will do This then what will it take to get there And then will I be able to sustain how Long will I be able to sustain that work Ethic to get there is it only a month Well I'm probably not going it's not Going to work am I willing to do that For 5 years 10 years or 20 years and if That's a question okay here's where I Want to be here's what it will take I'm Willing to do that for this amount of Time boom you've just made a decision You're you're going to you're going to Get to there because why you will do What it takes for the amount of time

That it will take for you to get there And so that's the number two is I stay In that frequency of being able to ask Yourself what is it that I will do not What I just want because if you want go Do something else go get a 9o5 some work Some you can work a 9 to5 with your job But I'm saying don't focus on music then Or focus on having it if you're saying I Just want it you have to be I will get It and here's what it's going to take For me to get it that's a big difference Between saying You want this with your career or you Will get this with your career cuz the Will creates a way then you're going Where you need to go okay so uh that's Number two guys so that consistency that That wave that you want to implement Right number three this is something That's allowed us to get 20 million Views on our content every single month So it's not a massive amount but we've Just started this in the past 2 three Years and I know that it's it didn't Start like that at All but we have a bunch of music uh Network Pages uh within uh our company That we we want to grow and get a lot so So we have this metric of how many views Can we get how many people can we have That uh view our stuff and then get Value out of it and then they're Entertained and they actually want to

Follow us and be a part of it right that Right there is uh how do we how do we Get that well we simply Build a team so this is number three you Have what you want what it will take to Get there but now you need a team cuz Maybe you can't do it all yourself and So that team you have to be someone that Can sell you have to be if you're if You're trying to build a music business Then you're an entrepreneur and if You're an entrepreneur what do Entrepreneurs do all the time they sell All the time so you have to be thinking How am I selling ing myself that my Parents are going to support me to be Entrepreneur how I'm selling my wife That she's going to support me to to Make it in music or how am I selling my My uh my friends or my team or the Investors or the other entrepreneurs or The other connections that they want to Invest in me or want to be a part of it With me you have to sell not only what It is that you're doing you have to sell Yourself in order to get those Connections and get them to be a part of Your team because without the team I Mean you could think think of people That have achieved a lot and maybe There's that one guy who was well you Know will I've seen this guy and he Didn't he did it 100% by himself and uh And he made okay great but what is the

Saying that that is so powerful is that Where one person can make money many People can make money and if many people Are making money they're going to want To keep coming back and and working with You in the future and so that that's why Having a team is so important all right So uh those are the three things those Are just a quick video I want to share With you guys about uh what's making a Big difference for us and hopefully you Got some value out of this if you want Click the link down below I'm starting a Free challenge it's called the song per Week challenge so if you want to learn How to do a song per week a release per Week and run a business to be able to do That then make sure to click the link Down below and you can join that for Free I'm going to show you it's a five Train so I'm actually it's free and I'm Going to show you how we do a song a Week how we make a song every single Week or if not two songs per week how we Uh how we do all of our marketing and Put that music out there like we talked About what's the Frequency that we're Reaching are we are we sending emails Are we building email lists are we Growing uh are we going on all of the Platforms and then number three uh the Business side of things how are you Collecting your royalties do you know Where your royalties are if I say where

Do you get your Ro royalties in music Are you saying oh yeah will I go to BMI And ASCAP I get my publishing I get my Master royalties my recording uh Royalties and I get everything from uh This distributor and I also go to BMI or ASCAP over here and I go to song trust Over here and Sound Exchange over here Do you know where to go to get your Royalties because most artists do not But it's a huge it's a huge uh it's a Huge step up for you if the music you're Making is actually uh giving you the Value that you're providing so make sure You're collecting those royalties so Powerful number four so number four We're actually going to be talking about Uh what is the systems that you put in Place to be able to consistently release And then number five what are you going To do to uh scale up those systems how Are you going to to uh make sure that It's uh actually doing something because The last thing you want to do is release A song a week but it's not actually Doing anything for you how do you Release a song a week and every week it Starts to compound and actually do Something for you in your business and By something I mean helping you like Wouldn't it make sense to if you were Doing something you're passionate about Wouldn't it make sense to try and make Sure that that thing is helping you

Achieve your goals and what you want out Of your Life that's exactly what we will talk About in The Challenge so make sure to Join the challenge down below Thank you guys for watching I'll see you In the next video subscribe hit that Like button if you enjoyed and Definitely leave any comments down below What what challenges are you facing Right now in your music business I'd Love to hear what you guys have going on Thank you so much and I'll see you in The next video

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