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Hey guys it's will hopefully you're Having a great day today in this video We're going to be breaking down the 100 Copy offer of your music as well as a Few psychological things that you can do To offer your music and make it more Valuable for not only your fans but your Music career as a whole so before I get Into it we are entering our 2-year Anniversary of the three keys to music Nfts product and I just wanted to say That I'm giving you guys 70% off a Discount for a limited time on the three Keys to music nfts in honor of our 2-year anniversary so if you'd like to Uh grab it uh for limited time uh go Right now click the link down below it's Actually only till midnight tonight as I've expressed in previous videos and to Our email list uh if you're seeing this Video later but you still want to take Advantage of the offer fortunately it's Not going to be as much but I will leave A discount for you if you're still Watching this video it's just not going To be the 70% off for our two-e Anniversary so getting into this system It kind of looks like a rocket ship Doesn't it it kind of looks um pretty Cool I was I was um sketching out and it Just started to look like this I thought You know the artist that is offering um Whether it's a product could be merch Could be uh beats could be that they are

A label and they have other artists that They're helping to monetize and they're Getting a piece of that monetization by Doing so whatever it is that you're Offering you have to have leverage and Leverages something that comes up in Business comes up in life comes up in so Many different uh ways like for example I was feeling uh kind of overwhelmed by Um writing out a bunch of overviews of Some meetings that I had and so I Download this like AI tool and it Allowed me to track some of my meetings And what happened was it was taking the Notes for me and I saved so much time I Got leverage on my time and I didn't Have to spend so much time reviewing Each meeting but I could just just go Back to the AI tool and say Here's how It works and here's how it looks uh for That meeting and here's all the key Points that we talked about and so Leverage helps me to be able to get more Time and be able to make more money Because I have more time on my hands Same thing with your music how can you Apply this well in music uh as you know Point 0.001 cents per stream for music uh Isn't a whole lot of Leverage for you to Financially make a living for music So there's alternative profit methods That you can start using right now and Join in on some of the revolution of the

Blockchain industry and how to offer Your music also in ways that haven't Been seen before until just recently and That's what I'm going to be sharing with You guys today so the first thing is Your thought process of your music might Be um if you're a producer maybe you say I'm going to sell this many beats and I'm going to try and sell as many beats As I can this is more simp similar right To what I'm talking about here but some Of you may be thinking I need to get More streams on my song or I need more People to see my music uh but that's Actually not the case so you don't need More and more people to see your music You actually just need the few people That are engaging or seeing your music To want to support your career and Actually pay for the music and even if It's a small amount of people The Leverage you get from that is going to Be significantly more than what you Might get from getting a lot of streams So this breaks down 100 copies of a song And so rather than taking your music and Only offering it on streaming you're Taking your music and putting it onto a Platform where you can offer copies of The music and when people buy the copies Of this one song they get access to Certain things this one song may have Um it may have have a Group that they get access into it also

May have A an Unreleased version of the song or the Music it also might Have a uh music Video or maybe it just has more music Assets that you haven't released so it Could be music unreleased it could be Group could also be access to your Concerts could be virtual Performances and you might say what Platform do I use how do I get people uh To to do this well there's a few Platforms uh there's a platform that's Called grouped and you can actually do a Monthly subscription uh for your music Uh you can use even. Biz which is a Place where you can sell uh your music Sell copies of your music and people Purchase them for a payment of whatever They want they can specify the the price And you can also do uh openc if you're Going on the Block chain and that's Where you create U multiple additions And every single copy is verified on the Blockchain you can also use sound XYZ so uh just to overview it's Openc and then the other blockchain is Um the other blockchain platform is Sound and then also if you're not going On the blockchain you can Do even. Biz and you can do grouped That's one that they have for Subscriptions

So when you go and you take your song You might take your artwork your music And see how there's a bunch of green Lines here so you're taking leverage You're creating this one song but you're Taking multiple versions or multiple Copies of the song and you're adding a Price tag to the copy and when they Purchase the copy in this case $20 per Copy they get access to things in here So it might be unreleased versions might Be backstage access to look at your Career it might just be supporting your Career and they just want to purchase a Copy because hey all this extra stuff of Getting into concerts things like that That's really cool but I just really Like what it is that you're doing and I Want to purchase your music $20 a Copy if you sell 100 song or 100 copies Of the song at $20 then you are going to make $2,000 Per release now $2,000 is a lot for some People uh for some people it's not a lot But what I will say is that you should Ask yourself how much would Realistically make a big difference in Your music is it an extra 500 bucks a Month that you can put into your music Is it a th000 bucks what would really Put you on a path where your passion is Actually making you money and you can Actually do the things that you want to Do and to make enough money to do to

Have the freedom and artistic freedom to Pursue the things that really matter Right because when you're plugging in Profit into your music um maybe some People don't find that to be uh very Attractive and they say well it's my Hobby I just like doing it I don't Really want any um money to be involved With this hobby or or I get it but what If you could easily uh with not a lot of Friction uh basically instantly plug in A way for you to make more money from The thing that you're already doing and You already enjoy doing and in fact by Doing that you can build a business Around it and then have the ability to Then have more freedom in your life Because you've created it um when I was Just recently a year ago I had a client Or not even a year ago a couple months Ago uh there was $100,000 a year doing Marketing and I actually ended up not Wanting to do that work and discontinu In working with that company because I Found that the passions that I had in my Moral values and what I was aligned with Didn't align with the company and I was Willing to say yeah I'm not going to Conform I'm not going to do the things You want me to do and ended up losing $100,000 a year because of this decision But why do I make this decision well First there's calculated risk right I I Know that I'm still going to be able to

Put food on the table I know I have the The skills to be able to do it but also There is the moral obligation to Yourself and that if you're doing Something that you love and you're Bringing value wouldn't it make sense to Try and build around that thing so that It can provide you freedom in your life And then you can actually give others More value in the world because it's Something that's true to you to me That's what it's all about if you agree Subscribe make sure to like this video Definitely don't forget uh to click that Uh 70% discount for a 2-year anniversary Of the three keys to music nfts uh once Again it goes into how to create your Project so how to do your unlockable Content here how to offer your music on The blockchain and then how to actually Market and sell your music so that you See a number like this and so uh if You're interested and you'd like to take A look just simply go down below and Click the first link in the description And I'll love for you guys to be a part Of this new discount thank you guys so Much for watching this video and for Those of you that would like to book a Call with me feel free to do that as Well there's a link down below if you Need any marketing for your music uh Software your music company maybe you're An artist or a producer you're trying to

Monetize more definitely book a call With me down below be more than happy to Be a part of your success I'll see you Guys in the next video thanks so much For watching peace out

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