THE RIFT IS OPEN! NEW Dungeon Crawler GAME #nft #cryptoasset

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We got another game we got to play today And it is All right so as you can see the rift is Open and it awaits Us hack your bags my Battle bags choose a biome and find out What's out there let's get started so as You can see there are canyons Citadel Arrow and Mainframe bio and there's also Difficulty levels okay so Gary at the Bottom here I think you're almost ready To try this on your own just one more Thing sure you have four biomes to Choose from your Expedition remember the Shimmer biome can only be accessed Through other biomes so there's actually A fifth biome that you can only access After going into one of these other Biomes and then you have to find it Alright so let's pick a biome um let's Go to the city though and it looks like I can only go on the easiest difficulty I mean this has only been out a day Um and it costs 50 000 energy

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