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If you don't need the money I think the Prudent way is let's say you get a Hundred tokens of anything I would sell 50 immediately and cash it out and hold 50. if you don't need the money because Then you've got a bit of you've got a Bit of liquidity out and you you sitting With the rest and saying okay let's see What happens that's probably the best Advice but obviously everyone needs to Do what's good for them in their own Circumstance and I'm in no way If you've got the meta mask air drop and It was worth I don't know 100K what Would you do with it A metamask token though a metamask token Could do really really well every time I Get a token eight coin I sold Immediately well but metamask is very Different from everything I was wrong But I was wrong every time but I sell Immediately this last one uh whatever uh Blue sold immediately

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