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All of them talk about how the polygon Is like a lot of people who are Respected in their work not their Twitter presence talk about polygon Being so undervalued so underrated Because of that chain Yes I agree with that the polygon chain Is incredible and all the big Brands Like I I think Starbucks was on polygon That whole Starbucks like all the big Web two players I'm saying just from a Pure nft standpoint uh but I think That's why they partner with d Gods I Think they want D God's promotion and Marketing prowess they're not going to Probably use D got like I don't think Digox is going to be retweeting a Project that's minting on polygon but I Think they're gonna be like okay y'all Have crushed it with the marketing promo We blow thick promo and marketing Clearly because everybody hates us still Even though we're better than everyone Or a lot of people another chains and Whatever we're doing a lot of good stuff But people aren't giving us the time of Day to believe it and we're not getting The chance to be able to get out of the Limelight of like polygon sucks like That's what everyone thinks even though They believe that they have all this Stuff I think that's why they partnered

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