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Knives all right this was quite Interesting I the only reason I wanted To bring it to you Um so the story is that more polygon Nfts were sold on openc then ethereum For the last two months in a row so We're not saying actual amount of money Spent on polygon nfts was more than the Amount of money spent on ethereum nfts But the literal number of nfts traded Was more on polygon than it was on Ethereum okay so that's quite Interesting the reason I wanted to bring It to you is because I specifically said About youths and D guides Um I think last week or the week before That I believe that it's a massive Mistake for you to be moving to polygon That they were bought they only did it For the three million dollars Um and all the rest of that and that Polygon although I'm incredibly Incredibly bullish on the blockchain for Onboarding web 2 brands hands and for The speed of transactions and ease of Use I'm not bullish on them from an nft Perspective that was what I had said two Weeks ago I do still maintain that Theory very much so and I believe it However I do think in the interest of of Transparency it's important to bring a Story like this to just show that Polygon nfts are on the app maybe not Floor price wise but more polygon

Nifties were traded in the last two Months than on ethereum nfts and that's That's quite interesting to me yeah Would you have guessed that okay no That is incredible Um damn bro I I dude I need to do more research on polygon But and I know a lot of people are very Uh polarized on that decision of whether Or not polygon is the potentially the Future or Solana is going to you know Take that number two spot or whatever Um well too many big players are Building on polygon like polygons gonna win and if that's true you just Gonna demolish bro and I've said it Before and I'll stick with this I think Utes ten times the the pr the brand and The Prodigy of the Gods I know a lot of People hate me when I say that uh who Was it I said that too I said that's a Burden the other day on a podcast and he Was like no shop bro and I was like nah Dude y'all youth is going to take off Way harder than Diaz in my opinion in my Opinion on the long term Screw everyone if you believe something Science and you could very well be right Who knows four might be lower but also They have more in their entity but they Also do their brand is so good their art Is phenomenal like the D Gods is decent But like the youth's art is really Really good yeah but I do think it it is

Gonna push them down to be on polygon if It was To begin with that's a different story People knew what they were getting I'm Saying if I was holding it as a Solana Nft and I was told it's going to be Moved to polygon I personally wouldn't Be happy for the short term medium to Long term maybe who knows but I mean it Is interesting polygons want to watch And and we I did say there's two weeks Ago as well I mean Starbucks launched With their meta Facebook read it all all These webto breads all of them that are Coming in are going with polygon they Are doing something right You know I think for reward programs and And literally for the what blockchain Was made for I think polygon is very Very good Um it's quick as the gases I just I'm Saying I don't think it's bullish for an Nft per se but I do think the blockchain Is brilliant and I think that polygon is Going to be absolutely instrumental in Moving this mainstream like we sing all The big names are launching on polygon I'm not saying nft necessarily but like Their web 3 initiatives they are using Polygon to launch them Yeah I think I like probably gotten more From a a building perspective than like The trading perspective in the short Term but that's crazy those numbers

So if you look here you got 20.4 million On the BMB chain this is for the whole Of January you've got 17.5 million on Polygon So this is active addresses right not Not many you've got 16.3 million on Phantom you've got 9.3 million on Solana You've got 7.6 million active Wallets on Ethereum and then you've got arbitrary Optimism Avalanche Ronan Celia and Terra All with under a million so yeah Definitely interesting interesting to See Um so those it doesn't necessarily have To do with nfts it's just active Addresses that are using the blockchain In or those particular blockchains BNB Polygon fans and whatever Um to do transactions Um and and this is an important chart to Watch okay for what we were talking About Mass adoption because yes there's Gonna definitely be overlap here so some People that have BNB will also have Polygon Anna fans and Nana Solana and so On also within the ecosystem some people Will have multiple wallets and some People might have as many as 20 or 30 Wallets Um so it is hard to to know from this How many people are actually individual Active Traders opposed to duplicate Traders and things like that but if you Add this together just back off

Cigarette just looking at it now 37 40 56 66 73 call it 75 million Active addresses and then maybe say a Fifth of those are not duplicates I mean Again who knows so that's 150 150 Million people using blockchain Technology at the moment sorry 15 Million 15 million people using Blockchain technology maybe they don't Even know they're using it but that's Quite bullish I think that that's quite Quite good to see right yep I agree I Agree

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