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Seeing my brother I'm happy to see you Looking at it And you're ready to jump into what's Trending yes sir Alrighty what's trending this is Specifically nft related we take a look At the last week's biggest trades number One we had a board ape selling at 200 Ethereum the land with their eyes Popping out and the pizza then we had This generative nude art portrait that Sold for 175 each then we have an azuki Golden skateboard Shrine that sold for 135 these Um and that can be burnt to get a golden Azuki skateboard and it's quite similar Hunter you yeah and it's quite similar On the US dollar Um time sorry amount it's quite similar To what the lowest Suzuki sold for which Was 260 something thousand and this was 250 000. this is the first shrine to be Sold So it's the first one that's actually Had a successful sale because there's so Much money for an nft real-life Collectible Is it solid gold No it's gold plated bro yeah You think that's real or you think That's a marketing play Um you know I actually think this one is All the guesswork but I think this one Might be real because it's why would

They choose this the first it's the First one that's sold you know they're Not manipulating these Um you know so I don't know you never Know but I actually think it's a genuine Sale remember these sold at the lowest That they went for was 260 000 for the Physical Um and you know it's a lot more rare Than uh than a an ape where there's ten Thousand of them no matter how real that It is you know the skateboards I think They only made how many of them okay it Was a ten it was a small amount a very Small but buying it right now is Interesting because there's not that Many people to flex it on like it's just Interesting for someone at this point to Spend 250 000 on that I'm like wow But now it's like bro only like a Thousand people are gonna see it anyway Interesting I mean there's only 10 of Them um but yeah I mean there's a lot of Money to burn on anything that is Um And they're you know nf2 related but the Physical does have value and even though It's only got plated there is value in In the gold itself Um I don't think it's anywhere near this Amount but there is some value to it but Interesting to see the cell Um and as I said it's the first time That this is sold then we're looking at

Ringers which is another very famous art Blocks uh art project sold for 164 000 For ringer number five one four we had a Crypto pack that sold for 152 000 he Looks a bit like one of those s m crypto Banks you know I don't know who gave me A ticket when I was in high school No it's like when you try dress up and Uh Play like those sort of you dress up as A cop and then you I mean that to me it Looks SM a bit like you like whoop each Other and like that I'm not into That I'm just saying that's what it Looks like to me Um for Denzel another hot blocks maybe Too much information there okay Uh for denza at the art blocks sitting At 140 000 ethereum crypto pack says Number seven sold for 135 and then we Had a Zuki Elementals that sold for 130 000. whoa if we have a yeah it's a Really nice spirit yeah Um I think that one might have been Manipulated to be quite honest because There has been all that fad yeah very Specifically around Elementals but who Knows you never really know at all so Yeah like one of those whales who's like You know what it let me let me make Sure azuki's got to keep their uh their Positive name going forward you know I Got a bunch of bags in azuki you gotta Make sure that yeah we're talking

Too much I gotta make a big sale Here I mean if they have that much money Like I would like I would even Like if you take the position of that Person you can almost understand you're Like yeah I mean you love Zuki and you Want to make sure that you have some They have some type of credibility on This big kind of mistake that they did Like that's not too big of a hole in There Yeah it could be internal could be a guy Is really mad about the connection who Knows what could just be a guy who's mad You never really Dan if you have a look uh this is uh one Day trading on Blue it's a 17 million And you can see now it's starting to Look a little bit more realistic than Numbers Um you know ever since uh they've Changed now the criteria you're going to See I think a lot less farming than There was Um hard to know what that real number is We'll just call it what it is now but I Still think that there's a lot of Farming going on there but not as much As there was uh open C 5.6 million so Definitely up from the lows of last week Where we were looking at under 4 million On the one day and the luxury 1.2 Million which is strong for them X2 Y2 1.2 million as well immutable x 750 000

UNICEF which I've never heard of it says New Um a Bitcoin Marketplace sitting at 670 000. yeah that's a good bit of money Right there 670 000 trade Yeah Um I think you know with new platforms There is typically that sort of Um excitement I'm sure they launched With some incentive almost like what We're seeing as threads with Facebook Um the real test is going to be you know We're not really dies down and then yeah What is the real Um uptake of this crypto packs alone 600 000 magic Eden um continues to drop at 400 000. if we add that all together and Don't adjust for blue Um you're looking at about 25 million a Little bit under that And then having a look at our Collections now so these are the also on A seven day time frame we did the show Weekly so I like to keep a look at it Then and it also gets rid of any of the Noise yeah broad APR Club most traded we Saw them go as low as 29 ethereum they Now at 34 East and so that's a nice Almost 15 to 20 increase mutants when we Were looking last weekend they were Close to five they now sitting at 6.7 Um azuki is sitting at 7.5 they continue To drop D guards 8.8 have recovered from Last week

Um azuki Elementals 1.3 It's done a lot of fat there captains Are sitting at six we're going to talk a Lot about captains we're actually going To talk about them after this crypto Punks is seventh in place as far as Trading goes and the elemental beans so The ones that haven't revealed yet bro We need to talk about azuki's ecosystem Too at some point in the Stream We're going to so the the beans the the Elemental beans are just the unrevealed Elementals that's all they are so those Are the ones that people minted those Are the ones that people minted for to Ethereum the floor price on them is 1.7 And they aren't revealed then the Elementals are the ones that have been Revealed already so obviously people are Hoping to get a rare so that's why the Floor of the beans is 1.7 but the ones That have been revealed are 1.3 because You're taking a gamble there you might Get a red then pudgy penguin sitting at Full ethereum they're up about 10 on the Weak beans themselves continue to be Dropping half an East and people are Realizing they're no longer the second Collection and the mentals are then Heavy metals up they were under half a Year they're sitting at 0.7 now and so Yeah a lot of fun around the game but Now some guys starting to trade it a lot Of voting going on and people trying to

Get votes kennel Kennel Club is sitting At 2.8 clone X at 1.8 Doodles at 1.8 and That sums up Seeing those prices uh having had hit That bottom I'm like wow at some point You know we're in a bad enough market We'll be able to pick up mutants again At three and candles at one Like even less than that maybe even Because I'm like the fact that board Eight did they they didn't touch the 20s Right they stayed in the 30s no they Were they did But they said Oh my God bro I remember Journey crypto A year ago said board Apes will touch 20 Again and I was like all right bro I Could maybe see 40 but there's no way we Will see 20 on board apes and now I'm Like we will 100 see 20s I was shocked to see me since after five I really really was yeah that's why we Were looking last year last week one day And I will I will buy one one day at Three something And then we get to three and you're Gonna think it's gonna go to one and Then but at some point there is going to Be the bottom and you're going to miss Your buying opportunity but yeah I mean Last week we sat there we looked at this I said not Financial advice but now must Be the time but I don't particularly Want to spend on jpegs

Um yeah it did feel like it did feel Like a local butter but the locked up Button who knows yeah also there's a Bunch of spaces if you guys

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