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If we have a look here in the last 24 Hours Um anyone who doesn't know this is DJ Dot Finance pretty cool I guess to show You volume on the on nfts Um it's also got a lot of other tools They are not a sponsor but just use it Quite often Um All right so we've got chicks which is What we're going to actually talk about It's number one trading on openc in the Last 24 hours is done 1863 Ethan volume in the last 24 hours There's been 1 327 sales a full price of 1.4 ethereum we've got crypto Banks Number two we've got super pass number Three sitting at 2.46 ethereum we've got Open in Edition which is a A ripoff of a ripoff of a rip-off of a Rip-off sitting at 0.16 eth we got both APR Club sitting me just under 72 Ethereum we got captains continue to Slowly bleed sitting at 3.6 ethereum We've got Avid continuing to slowly rise Sitting at 1.7 ethereum we got mutant APR clubs uh pretty stable at 15 Heath 10K TF stock room Um sitting at 0.06 I have seen that There's been quite a lot of movement There we got former president Donald Trump with these huge collection sing at Half an ethereum we've got the memes by 6529 sitting at 0.28 a kit called B

Sitting at 0.4 and clone X sitting just Under 5 ethereum wanted to talk about Checks Um because this is really quite Interesting completely open Edition nft Um collection size is 16 000. owner Ratio is 25 Um so they're you know very easy for the Floor to change with with such a low Owner percentage ratio uh five percent Listed which is quite bullish uh floor Price sitting at 1.38 ethereum just want To say that like it's very important With big collection sizes like this and Just in general this is trending at the Moment like the last few days it minted And it's already started popping off uh This is not me saying that I think it's A good time to buy actually on the Contrary when things are at the highest And it's popping that's when it's Probably the the riskiest to buy right So um it's just me highlighting a Collection for you that is doing Incredibly well and trending currently But it could change you know we are Seeing open editions uh Trend we see Artwork Trend this is a mixture of both But those matters do change and they can Change on a dime so you know it's a big Investment Um no way saying that I think it's a Good time to pick it up or not all I am Is just pointing out to you

Um a collection that's doing incredibly Well for the last you know few days you Can see over here I admitted on January The 2nd Um and you can just see I mean it's it's Just continuing to rise over here at the Number of sales today Alone 3 365 nfts Have been sold Um which is actually quite quite Incredible yeah it is um and you can see You know there's a maybe 10 15 sales an Hour at the moment and for those of you That don't know this is by Jack butcher Um so his launch this collection he he Was uh working for a very big marketing Agency for a very long time but very big Clients decided to do his own thing and Started his own type of um agency he's Also got a mentorship program and things Like that so quite a notable guy in General outside of web3 also you know an Artist into internet art so if you look At him he's got 243 000 followers which Is really really Um big being on Twitter since 2009 and if we jump onto the website you Can see here that it's going to be Different pictures with different check Marks like the Twitter check marks Um you'll get different variations of it So you can see over here some of the Variations that you might get and There's the narrative that is that he's Going with

Um on this is that you know the blue Check mark on Twitter used to be Um A very very hard to come by and very Well respected but then we had Elon Musk Come along Um by Twitter try to monetize us and What he did with that is he made Something that was valuable the blue Check mark a lot less valuable anyone With eight dollars could effectively buy It right Um and and that's what his lure is this Whole intro and talking about it that's What it's talking about that's his story Um and he ends up saying in one Configuration it can pay homage to a Modern artist in another it can Reference the most notable portrait of a Time being the the change of the blue Check mark on Twitter in another it can Reference a weak old Niche internet meme It's ours now don't trust check so a lot Of a lot of Um uh sort of mystery and things like That around it but yeah I mean don't Know okay have you been watching this One at all what do you think this one Not at all all this one literally not at All It looks like he's donating uh money to Feed people which is really really great Really really cool Um

Yes I mean look it's really really been Trending you can see since Inception Four days ago seven thousand if Has been traded on it which is no small Amount yeah I mean it really is as I Said it's number one on Open Sea Um consistently for the last four days More than border apps mutants everything I mean it's done almost double crypto Punks in the last 24 hours if we change This to seven days and we only launched Four days ago Okay so it doesn't really work to do That because it's not fair because it's Got three days left but I mean Absolutely incredible what they've been Able to do here yeah that was good stuff Dude it's good stuff I didn't know Anything about it so I'm glad we went Through it Yeah no it's very interesting I mean I Think it's a good time just to jump

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