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I just I I like I got to do a bit of Research I don't know where to even Start but I think that that's I think That's absolutely Um incredible let's jump into what's Trending at the moment If we have a look here what's true Rending all right so if you look in the Last 24 hours a lot of it's most of it All of it is OG relatively OG projects No new months from the last uh seven Days is what I mean so usually if I do See consistently Um a new month from the last seven days That's on this chart for at least two or Three days then I talk about it Um last week we did talk about a couple Of them I was uh there were some good Mints this week we had rug radios pfp Which we discussed last week but but They haven't consistently pumped they've Been going down I think they're 0.1 now So as far as trending nfts go we've got Other deed number one with the 1.6 Eighth floor we got Apache penguins in The second spot with 5.39 floor mutant APR Club 15.60 ethereum Doodles 5.5 they They've been um pumping Um I don't know about pumping but They're definitely sorry not Doodles They've kind of Doodles they've come Down I was thinking clone X I've seen a Lot of transactions so just because like Yeah and listen this is really important

The trending ones sometimes could be Crashing and burning and there's so many People selling that that's what it's Doing so Doodles is down 5.5 is down Last week when we spoke about the number 6.1 and clone X is down even though They're number six on the list we Haven't seen clone X on the top ten but They were about 5.2 last week so people Are are selling aggressively but we've Still got checks at number five and then Open Edition that started this open Edition meta their floor price is just Under two ethereum we got digital Goku Sitting at 9.55 obviously the Super Bowl Advert is on the horizon Um and that one's interesting Um also that we spoke last week that Other interesting mint was the Demons by Them Um which I think is a good play and with The Super Bowl advert coming up that I Think they're pretty much bottomed at Around 0.3 not Financial advice but um I Did pick one up at 0.3 and I did um put In my Alpha group that I think it's a Good AI because I do think we see Digital daku pump with this advert and I Do think that the this um the demons Will pump with them we've got a kid Called Beast continuing to rise okay Despite all their mistakes which we know And all the issues and the hack at the End of people who wouldn't have got

Hacked they're sitting at 1.2 ethereum They're actually the highest up on the Last 24 hours out of everything in the Top ten so they are 14 up in the last 24 Hours whereas the next highest is Moon Birds which is three percent up Um then we've got proof at number nine Um and remember there was a lot of fud And and again I think correctly so with The proof ecosystem we've seen a massive Drop I mean you can now pick up a proof Nft for 17 ethereum and moon Birds used To be 30 ethereum and proof used to be a Hundred I know the market has changed However there's been a massive drop in The last few days and that's directly a Result of our good friend Kevin Rose who Kate always warned me about and said who The [ __ ] is Kevin Rose and who cares Well this guy came out and said listen Any utility ends in 2025 they will no Longer be delivering anything to the Project in 2025 that's when it expires So they did he's doing similar to what He did with his Moon Birds where when You bought them admitted them on their Website clearly said that you own the Artwork and all of a sudden surprise They now CCO and every human on the on The planet owns the artwork now well He's he's said proof will be there Forever and now he's come out and said Forever is up until 2025. that is when Forever is if you look in the nft

Addiction dictionary forever means up Until the end of 2025 according to the Proof ecosystem and that's why we've Seen such a massive dump on proof as Well as Moon Birds because it applies to Moon Birds also so basically we're going To do a couple of conferences for the Next couple of years we're going to Charge you for those conferences a bit Less if you're a holder but at 2025 it's All over and I'm going to either line a Beach or the Obama private jutan Whatever I've had enough I'm out of here What do we call a rag cage with a Two-year notice period Just like to say But I called this Because We can't see your face Okay all right let's just remove this Guy ever because Okay God bro what what in the hell I did Not hear about the story till you just Said it so um yeah but dude that's That's crazy what are you cool what do You call a rag where they give you two Years of notice that's what I want to Know I want to make it too this is never Been so so it's it's we know a fast drug Is when they literally as you move the Collection they come on We're running away a slow rag is they Keep playing games in the Discord and Make you think that they might do

Something but nothing ever happens A notice period two a two-year gnosis Period A rug I don't know a probation right I Mean what would you call it Uh scammed that you literally got Scammed That was this and it's not it literally Isn't and all you got to show for the Entire the entirety of being an Ecosystem is a literal You're actually crazy you got a money Wallet and socks just let's just call a Spider Spade so we didn't get nothing Kate I just need to know a rug means It's a scam we got that we need to come Up with a term where you give two years Notice we can think about it we think About what they said I mean what happens When your hand in your notice that at Work you say okay I'm giving my one Month notice what are you on for that Last month well it's not like when you Break up with your girl but you still Live together so you're like all right Look bro no it's like saying she'll go Look I really love you like I love you So much and we're gonna have so much fun I'm gonna give a hundred percent of Myself to you I'm gonna be dedicated in Two years I'm leaving you but for now I I we for now I I'm completely in love With you and I'm gonna do everything That you want me to do and we're gonna

Have so much fun and so much so we're Going to Italy tomorrow and and you know It's going to be amazing and I do love You just letting you know that in two Years time I'm not gonna love you Anymore and I and I'm gonna be going to Italy by myself Um so I just wanted to let you know that For now that's what that's what's Happened not not that you've broken up There's no breakup yet we are breaking Up in two years time I just wanted to Let you know that every time Kevin Already talks about Moon birds or proof They drop by twenty percent I don't know what the icons do I mean We're seeing all these guys who we Thought were and Kate you did call it Hands down you called it but but same Thing with Ryan Carson with all the fun That's going on with Ryan Carson at the Moment I mean that is crazy with the fud That's going on with him I don't think He did anything too wrong with his fund Remember he named one or two investors Things weren't signed yet and who cares Whatever made a whole big thing out of It who cares but I mean this this Moon Birds thing is actually is actually Hilarious so I reached out to Clemente Who is the co-host of the daily dose With Ryan Carson and he actually lives Here in my city so he's bringing him and I gonna meet up soon and I definitely

Want to ask him about these things to do With Moon River because I I literally Just don't I don't understand it because I'm like you got so much money it's Disgusting like people don't realize how Much money Moon Birds ecosystem got the People who worked and dropped that Collection it is like it should be Illegal how much money they made they Made so much money they have not done Anything with it they have they've never Like said that they would do like I Don't the whole thing is a conundrum I Mean I don't get it so I want to talk to Him about it so hopefully we get some Content uh after we meet up or something Let me know I've got the name Tell me what you think notice rug Yeah we've given you notice that he that We're gonna rag you Philip That's a very likely way to describe it But that is not clickbaity enough no What doesn't it be clickbenny it's a two I don't think it's ever going to happen Again so who cares because who in their Right mind Would tell the community that you need Like rug pull that's that's a that's a Standalone clickbaity word that can work Notice rug is is like that sounds like a A type of soup or something [Music] Because he's going to realize that Kate's been right every time and he

Doesn't think that Nike might actually Make it after all okay let's just say Can you guys comment and let us know What you think a good name would be Let's let's say that I'll think about it All right I don't know let's jump

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