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What's trending over here If we have a look we last 24 hours we've Got blur 21 million something Interesting that I saw on Blue which is Very interesting in the last 24 hours 97 of the sales on blur have been uh we But it's weath bits accepted So not actually things that is a huge Amount that that means that not almost Every single nft that's been sold has Been sold to people who have accepted Bids which is typically a very bearish Signal for nfts and it means that people Are not buying at the asking price so Guys are just trying to get rid of nfts Um and accepting the highest bid we've Got opencf 4.6 million in the last 24 Hours x2y2 at 829 000 immutable X at 600 000 super rare at half a million crypto Banks alone at half a million and then When we haven't seen for a while the NBA Top shot at a hundred thousand always Adjust blur down because it's definitely About 30 of it is probably real trading The rest is just to get points so if we Said that we say it's about seven Million number four and a half million On open C gets us to about 13 million if We include the top seven Um and that's the last 24 hours if we Look at in the last seven days the Biggest sales that we've got over here We've got the for denzet number three We're going to talk about that 212 each

We've got a spirit azuki that hasn't Actually been selling so many of them We've got one at 190 189 just under 190 Years so 315 000 Um autoglyphs and other art blocks Project at 291 East and all of this is Related to the goose story that Kate's Going to tell us about number seven Eight nine are all crypto punks Um at 135.95 is and 83 East respectively if we Just have a look at the nft floor prices This is also the last seven days we were A weekly show so we like to look at it On the seven day Horizon it also helps Get the rubbish out there because Something that's trending for 24 hours It you know if it's not trending a week Later then it's not worth talking about Number one we've got broad APR Club Sitting low oh at 43.5 the East we've Got mutants at 8.3 Heath wrapped crypto Punks just under 50. azuki at 16.5 D Guards holding really strong at 9.6 Boring packs which went all the way up To 0.4 sitting at 0.04 we've got paji Penguin sitting at full ethereum the Captains which are also doing incredibly Well sitting at 8.6 East uh crypto punks Just over 50 and Milady at three Ethereum if we have a look at Bitcoin Ordinals which we said we were going to Start looking at the trending we got

Number one spot as far as volume in the Last seven days as Bitcoin frogs which Kaden and I spoke about two weeks ago to The day and then we've got uh number two Recursive punks a derivative of crypto Packs number three is an interesting one We've got ordinal back sleepers Um these guys are swinging at over three Bitcoin as a floor price and this is the Project where they've said that if you Burn your punk you'll get white list so They currently have 300 as their supply But they're going to be launching Another 2 000 and if you want a watch List you must be in your punk I do not Own any punks if I did own a punk I Would not be burning it for white list For ordinal Maxi Biz however very Interesting to see a project holding a 3.3 uh sorry 3.3 Bitcoin which is huge They want you to burn your actual crypto Punk to get waitlist for this one It's actually like if you look at it on Face value 3.3 Bitcoin is seventy Thousand dollars and the crypto Punk is Fifty thousand dollars so from that Perspective you can maybe maybe argue It's worth doing however the supplier Currently on ordinal Maxi beds is only 300 and there's going to be another 2 000 launched so once it launches what is That floor price going to do and will You be able to sell quick enough so it's Uh it's not something I would do

Um at all but but volume wise sorry Value wise it's it's actually you know Sort of makes sense but it doesn't Really because when you had two thousand To the supply Um it's a very different ball game than When there's only 300 of them right yeah Wow then we got Bitcoin D God sitting at 1.7 Bitcoin doing incredibly well Um and then Bitcoin flowers sitting uh Quite low 0.000. however they've had seven Bitcoin In volume bro you know what that reminds Me of Bitcoin flowers do you remember This guys if you you remember this I Absolutely need you to comment wherever You're watching because I see this so if There's a few guys in Twitter video Stream too Um if you guys remember a project from This is OG as by the way I found Out about in 2021 but it came in 2017 I Think one of the first projects ever Uh oh no did I really just forget on the Spot no no hold on give me two seconds Ether tulips I think it was called bro You remember that Bro Alex 100 sure This was the old this was like this was The project and bro the amount of hours I spent trying to figure out the Ecosystem I tried to bridge generation One to generation is your it was the Most degenerate crypto Kitty like stuff Ever it's called ether tulips I think um

And they're they're sitting at like a 0.0001 eth I think now uh but there was A time where I really thought I had Maybe found some some truly historic Nfts and I I was I was wrong I was wrong But yeah I hadn't heard of it I haven't Heard of it but yeah I mean even Bitcoin Bees I know there was an ethereum bees Project that's when I think there's Definitely opportunities on ordinals Here because it's almost ethereum and if He's playing out again but just on Bitcoin um and something interesting That we are seeing is we're seeing that Notable projects established projects Are not debuting their Bitcoin Equivalent so I don't know if you Remember this one but we've got one of Them is crypto skills which is actually Allegedly older than crypto packs as far As the blockchain goes Um like most people believe that it is All that there was one or two people That said even though it was minted Earlier it wasn't published I don't know There was a little bit about it but most People agree that crypto skills came out Before crypto punks they're going to be Launching on ordinals Um and you know you can see some of Those ordinals there's been a lot of Stuff happening with Unchained monkey And they're going to be doing an ordinal Drop of 10 000

Um Bitcoin nfts as well we've got D Gods Like you know they're already on bitcoin You know and we've covered on the show That you can have did 12-fold another Bitcoin ordinals but we've also got the Solana project okay Bears they coming Out and they're saying that they're Going to be moving to Um I think it was yesterday or today That they're going to be doing that only One force they're going to be coming and Launching an ordinal connection so with Definitely got a lot of these OG Ethereum projects where they're not Seeing such volume I mean only one force Has had quite a lot of volume recently But a lot of these projects I've seen This as an opportunity to take the the Bitcoin ordinal train and and ordinance Are definitely pumping at the moment Will they continue to do so is the Question but yeah a lot of OG projects Are now going on towards Wow that's actually Pretty Interesting I do like that actually I'm not sure I I don't know what I think About that because I'm like Do we need it like I don't know like I Guess I'm not sure like I guess I for The people who are doing it I just need To know why I mean unless they're only Doing it just to fit the trend I'm like I guess it doesn't really help anyone if

That's the only reason people are doing It Um I don't know because everyone's Different everyone's different so like Okay bass is literally moving the Collection from Solana on to bitcoin Similar to what um D gods and you stood Moving to polygon and ethereum Um so that's a different day like moving Their collection onto Bitcoin Um which I think is quite cool and it's Got some some uh definitely some Benefits I mean it's pumping at the Moment where Solano volume continues to Drop Um other ones are just launching like a Limited edition like we saw with D-guards of a couple of hundred of Theirs on ordinals Um so yeah I mean look did we need a Picture of a monkey to begin with I I Don't know if need really falls into it But there's definitely a trend happening On bitcoin ordinals and you know if You're in existing projects and you're Looking for volume attention it does Make sense does make sense at this point Yeah 100 okay I'm gonna move over to you My friend we are moving on to the news I'm

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