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In today's video I'm gonna be raiding Projects you guys Shield me over on Twitter this includes the artwork The Upfront effort the overall website Design and the founders themselves the Floor price in today's video of these Projects won't really take into an Account of the actual project itself It's more so the efforts execution track Record and overall activity these are Projects you guys Shield me over on Twitter so let's go ahead and hop on Into it none of the information in this Video is With financial advice please do your own Research and be safe out there hit the Like button let's go so this works kind Of the same way I put out a tweet you Guys replied with a bunch of projects For me to look at so we're gonna do Exactly that starting up strong we have The Sharky Dao Sharky scenes mint is Currently live this is a 75 33 Supply And a 3800 scenery Supply I will tell You this much the artwork behind this Project and the overall efforts and Execution do look very well I love this Website so much I love how it's just Portrayed and laid out there for Everyone to use they're staking and Their Raffles are also alive and Therefore prices at a 0.61 I will say This I love the artwork I love what They're doing hopefully they keep it up

It seems to be very based on artwork Collaborations sort of just Community Based projects but so far I've seen These guys a lot they raid pretty hard And I with the artwork pretty heavy My one little thing I would say is that It's not really pfp able to me I don't See it very brandable in a sense of like This is me I'm the shark whereas people Can brand their entire outlook on like a U a d God a board ape yacht club stuff Like that there's a huge kind of Difference here but I like it so keep Going next up we have Seoul Edda already So solidarity solidity how do you Pronounce this name my first initial Thoughts on the artwork is it's not my Favorite I'm not a huge fan of it but Let's let's keep going 33 33 supportive Dudes building the tool and service Encyclopedia on their websites so it Seems this is gonna be a stake raffle Tool service kind of project they might Have a REV share platform not a hundred Percent sure but it seems they're Building out a catalog that gives you Tools Services education and some sort Of gaming as well which could be Casino Not 100 sure kicking things off run of 1.47 floor price was 7.8k volume and I'm Gonna Keep it very very modest but very Honest in the same sense I do not like The artwork at all it's just not for me Okay again this is my personal opinion

Art is super super subjective in the Scene of nfts I just I'm not a huge fan Of it but again they're working on a Platform and the features behind it you Can stake it you can earn their token And there is going to be some utilities You can use in services but if you don't Pay royalties you can't use them so GG Next up we have experiments yes my very Own project this was Shield yet again on My own tweet shouts out to you guys for Still rocking with us experiments is a 5000 size Supply with five factions each Of these factions bringing different Utilities and gamification lore behind Them we're at a 1.88 Salon of floor Price 169 listed at a 5K and again I'm Just gonna say it I'm very biased but I Do believe in it I think we have the Best artwork on Solana I mean this Shit's just crazy bro there's an Experiment for everyone you want a Scientist you'll get a scientist you Want a lurker go get a lurker you want The order of futuristic faction taking Over the world I mean hey but on top of This we're bringing educational Hub we Have gamified staking we have Mission Platforms as well with our war chess Feature dropping very very soon where You can grind through missions earn Reward it's opened up chest and get Better rewards and a little sneak peek We just dropped our Marketplace for our

SAS tools and services here's a little Sneak peek hey this is going soon later Today and we are working on creating a Revenue stream back to Holders but we're Not going to call it rev share because It's going to be a little bit different But hey early Alpha next up we have Royal ties where royalty meets Suave a Community of Traders using Royal Leverage to distribute wealth to the Ties holders oh what it just said there Is what I'm assuming is some sort of Revenue share model back to the holders Of the quote-unquote ties here we have The website creating a like-minded Community that is interested in learning Sharing and participating in different Revenue generating opportunities 5K size Supply oh it's not minted yet five Educational areas and four Sustainability programs uh the artwork It's not my favorite again it feels very Low effort on the art side of things but Again if you're not very focused on Artwork alone you're more so utility Based Community I guess the art doesn't Matter entirely but branding is a huge Thing with marketing behind the artwork Alone so it could be some sort of Bottleneck again I'm not 100 sure it's Just not for me but again they're still Very early they have 1.2k followers they Are growing organically it seems wait Did they sell out Royal ties Royal ties

What Royal ties royal royal am I am I doing Something wrong what's going on Royal Ties I give up next up we have knitables They are minting today a 10 000 size 3D Animated NFP collections setting the new Standard of quality on the salon of Blockchain let's see let's see if Knittables is setting the standard for Utility for effort or whatever quality Something like that right these are the Knitables they are a 3D animated uh Looking thing this guy this guy kind of Cool oh is this the Bioshock this Reminds me of Bioshock heavy you guys Know Bioshock the Big Daddy thing yeah This looks like that so I'm not sure if These are live right now vegetables they Are live on magic e never mind they are Not listed yet Um I think they minted out and there's No activity they're not here yet website Prompts us to a video that will play Hopefully there's no audio or I might Have to reshoot this wait this Looks kind of sick though I love this Like animated trailer this is dope it is It is pretty high quality I'm not gonna Lie 3D artwork isn't for everybody but This seems super sick Proto Evo Neo Those are their roadmap statements It looks dope we'll see what happens Wandering nahavia I made a video on These guys a long time ago I'm not sure

If they like rugged and de-rugged or What happened uh but it seems their Website is offline four prices 0.45 Solana and I really do like the artwork Like it's not my favorite but I don't Think it's bad in any way I think it's Pretty decent right I feel like when These things first dropped it was pretty Different for its time like these Dropped a while ago man but I do like The artwork I think it's super cool but With the website being down I don't Really know what we're looking at we do Have a white paper so you can earn their Nadu token through staking I'm assuming And then you can go ahead and use this To purchase wandering the Javier Merchandise and for lottery tickets okay Cool uh Community will prompt all in the Hobbyists to proudly exhibit their Origins okay the mint happens phase two The rise and then the building is phase Three and then there's gonna be an Upgrade so they planned an upgrade in Their roadmap which is always weird to Me like I'm never a huge fan of when You're like yo we're gonna have some Sort of art upgrade or something along The lines of that like before you even Launch the art you already worked on It's always been weird to me I'm not Gonna lie moving on we have reptilian Rena Gade I think the lizards here did Go through a pretty big revamp like they

Changed the artwork up entirely where You could like upgrade them to be more Mutated which seems to be a huge Trend In the space where you just mutate the out of your artwork uh but they're Sitting at a force a lot of floor price They do look rather cool I've always Been a huge fan of this artwork like Back even before they rugged derugged Hades got involved all this stuff not Hades the Hydra Launch Pad but I've just Always with the artwork this Looks super dip I love the artwork in Overall and it's owned by Hydra Launchpad they're the ones that kind of Like derugged it and they have a new Beginning sort of road map here that was Launched about three four weeks ago now Tripping dead Gods see I I don't even Know if I want to look at this I'm not Gonna lie I I just I hate the ribs it's Just my own opinion I'm just I I I I I I Hate ribs okay derivatives just they're Not for me I'm not I'm sorry stop we Have Alpha pharaohs I've been hearing a Lot with these guys I've been seeing so Much much happened with Alpha pharaohs They're getting swept like crazy bro These are at such a low floor price not Long ago like I'm talking low like two Three Solana and they pump to like a 10 Plus which was pretty nuts they Are working on this thing called Tomb Raider Tome raid it's a raid to earn

Platform uh there might be some Integration or partnership here with Experiments just saying experiments you Guys might be earning some money pretty Soon but they're leading the raid you Know factor of dashboards they're doing A lot huge Revenue share for their Project and holders as well sitting at a 9.75 floor price 55 55 collection just a lot of utility Rating just overall Community knowledge The aspect here of the community alone Is what's bringing this up and the Overall rev sharing Direction they're Giving back to the holders is huge so Alpha Pharos keep it up boys you guys Are doing great okay so that was a lot Of projects there's like 20 more on the Tweet I'm sorry I can't get to all of Them in a short video and I don't want To make like a 40 minute long video so Hey turn subscription on or subscribe Turn the notes on we're going live very Very soon and I'll see you guys there Subscribe comment like do what you gotta Do I appreciate the support I love you Guys have a great day goodbye

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