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Had even before coming into nfts about a Year and a half ago I've had a little uh Folder on my Apple iPhone called VR Where I've got a couple of VR apps and I've got those really cheap Um cardboard VR things that I've Experienced it I mean I so I I think Anyone who's done that can can Understand that it's just like literally Like walking around in whatever world You the app is or whatever it may be you Know so I don't know why people are are You know struggling so much to Understand it Um because it's really just yeah it's Just an immersive experience like if You're playing a video game without VR Glasses it's on a flat screen yeah and If you've got your VR glasses on it it's Immersive it's like 4D you can you know You can really feel it I mean the Amazing thing is when and they will do This at some stage no one said it but It's obvious when they introduce smell Uh into it as well Um it's an ever-growing industry like It's literally like when

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