The Law Of Averages For Artists, Producers, and Labels (Full Breakdown)

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What's going on guys it's will hopefully You're having a great day today it's Christmas today so I'm filming right Here hopefully you guys are having a Great Christmas if you celebrate it and Hopefully today is a day where you can Start this New Year you can start Thinking about this new year in a way That will help you to have more success Than you've ever had in any year of your Life see every year we try to improve And get better and we really believe in Those small incremental improvements That we can do to make every day just a Little bit better and over the course of Time those small disciplines make a huge Difference and well that's quite a big Intro right well in this video I want to Share with you guys uh really just the Difference between planting uh or Expecting results and then expecting Work uh when you expect results and they Don't live up to what you might expect Uh that could be really Disheartening because you can't always Control the result of what it is that You receive back immediately sometimes You might release a song that's say you Might not you know hear back or get a Result from releasing that song for a Year or there's some people that uh just Now in 2023 uh are getting viral videos coming Out because they released a song 10

Years ago I don't know if you guys can Hear my wife recording some music in the Background right now and uh one thing That we do is we release a song every Single week and what I've learned about Releasing a song a week is that first of All we detach from the music and we like To not expect results from the music Well yeah we want to try and get the Best results that we can get and we like To look at the data and say well on Average we get this many streams or this Much revenue from each song of course But really what I'm saying is what you Can control is not that end result as Much as the effort that you put in and When you measure the efforts the results Often times take care of themselves and So when you're planting some I want you To think about when you're planting uh Seeds you know in a garden what you can See develop is a law of averages and This applies across any board in life is That when you plant something you could Expect if I plant 100 carrots let's say I know that 84 of them are going to live Right so if I only plant one of them There's probably you know there's not a A a really good chance that it's not Going to grow but there's a chance that It might not make it if I only plant one So the law of averages tells me well if I plant 100 I could expect 84 and so the Same thing is true with music you know

For every 10 songs you make maybe one Song when you're just starting out maybe Even less than one song One in every 20 Actually hits with your audience and They really like what they hear and you Can get some more traction maybe some More opportunities some more Collaborations or maybe some more sales As a result of that one song but like I Said it might take 20 songs to get that One song now as you get better the law Of averages starts to even out in your Favor and maybe you get uh for every 10 Songs there's two songs that hit then Maybe for every 10 songs there's three Songs that hit but some people can go Hundred songs and only one of them hits Or zero of them hits so that's why Taking on this law of averages is so Powerful in your business really just Controlling am I planting the seed I Know that I'm looking for this result But am I planting the seed and I can Control how much output I have and Frequency I have going out and then the Law of averages will show me that based On this a certain amount of content is Performing this way and I know this Percentage of my music will hit because If you're expecting 100% uh well it's it's not like your you Know modernday Shakespeare or yet right Or that you're everything that you put Out everybody's consuming it and it's

100% going to be the thing that makes Money in your music business right it's Not guaranteed but you can guarantee a Lot of averages and you can say well This ratio is appearing based on how Much I'm putting out and how much are Doing well in generating revenue for me And so that's really what this video is About if you'd like to join the song a Week challenge we have a song a week Challenge that is kicking off we did it So the first time we did it was last Week right it's a 5day uh master class And basically what we did is it's a free Challenge you join it I go through uh Five different days of uh creating your Music uh how to release it how to uh Monetize how to collect your royalties How do you scale and get a system Together to be able to release a song Every single week right and these are Things that we went over last week it Was such a good experience it was such a Great uh challenge people really got uh Gave me some positive feedback around The song a week me uh mentality and so I Decided to do another song a week Challenge and this one starts on January um January 88th that's correct January 8th we're doing the song a week Challenge this is this is the second Time we're doing it and for those of you That want to learn how to release your Music on a consistent basis uh this

Challenge is going to give you a free Guide book a free checklist uh 5 days of Free masterclass with myself and you can Just learn how to release a song and Monetize a song every single week and What can you do to plant those seeds Like how do you get that initial ratio To appear uh well you have to see it Before it's built right before the hotel Is there you have to first see the hotel Before it can be built before the city Is there you know they first had to see The city before it was built and you Know the same thing is true in anything In your reality and in in your music Business you know for you to see that Big catalog that's generating revenue For you if that's how you you know That's the way that we approach it my Wife and I approach our music that we See this big catalog that's generating Income for us that is uh improving People's life because they get uh a Value and a and a relative uh Relatability out of the music and they Like the music it makes them feel good And we have this big catalog and it's Generating revenue and we we live that We we actually live that every day and So why I'm sharing that is because if That's more aligned with your lifestyle And what you're looking to do and create Some of that freedom that comes comes With being a successful artist then a

Song a week is a great start to Basically release music on a consistent Basis and get not only better but also Dial in a system to put out high quality On a consistent basis at a high Frequency and that will help you to be Able to generate more profits in your Music business I would encourage you to Subscribe and if I earned your thumbs up Hit that thumbs up button down below and I'd encourage you to go register for the Song a week challenge if that's Something you'd be interested in uh then Definitely let me know in the comment Section down below if there's any um Exciting things that you have going on In your music business and then we can Talk about it in the challenge and make Sure that we're covering everything all Right guys I'll see you in the next Video peace out

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