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I was able to chat with him which was so Cool like a literal dream come true I Was able to chat with him on Spaces the Other day and it's interesting because Him and Gabriel Laden are both big Gaming pushers we've seen Alex Becker Say he's going to be entering the empty Space again we've seen Gary V enter the Nft space even I think bought of some More wolf game or something like that Dude I know Gaming's not here but the Narrative around gaming is going to [ __ ] blow the roof off in 2023 I Don't care if we're in a bear Market or Bull market that's where I'm placing Pretty much 80 of my bets just so people Know I'll be making that's why I started Making a lot of content onto Twitter I Mean making video game content for Twitter I want to make a bunch of Content for these games figure out who's VC backed figure out who can I get some Money from to make some content for them Things like that I think for anyone who Wants to make content this is this is The opportunity this is the window right Now if you want to be making content if You want to be out here all you have to Do play their game make some funny Content and then send them 35 clips and Say yo you can use some of these let's Let's work something out like maybe I Can make some more content for you you Guys need this [ __ ] and especially their

VC back they're gonna be willing to pay For that and I think that's going to be The biggest meta if you can get Connected with the imposters my Pat Hooligan Eva verse whoever's got games Right now that are playable get into Those [ __ ] ecosystems make some Friends and [ __ ] grind dude like this Is it 2023 Bull Run or Bear Run This Is It My feeling on the gaming projects is That Um I agree with you as a long term as Long as you as long as you are long-term Focused holder and you're willing to Have your money you know tied up there For a year two years three years Um then I agree with you and I'm very Bullish on imposters a long term long Term and I'm very very bullish I might pick one up okay you could use That money in the meantime to flip Others and pick it up in a year I don't Oh yes I could play like I was gonna get the Imposter so that I could just be in Their ecosystem now and start making Content in that world I thought about That because I got a couple Nifty Portals that I'll probably flip uh soon That'll give me the liquidity for that Um we'll see we'll see It would be tied up for a while I think And they recently had a pump because

They had a a gameplay very recently yeah Now's the best time I I've I've owned my Pet hooligan a few times I've actually Flipped a few of them and I like them as Well yeah and I like them but I do think That they're even though they're quite Advanced hey and their Graphics are Incredible Um I do think they're still a far way Away and even once it's done I'm just Saying any game once it's completed Which is really a tough task to make a Compelling fun good game to play even Once that's done unless the users come To it you're going to struggle but That's why the nft is actually a good Use case because it allows you to build A community of supporters before the Game's even released so that when you do Release the game you've got you know What 10 000 is my petrol again you've Got 10 000 people that are interested in Playing your playing your game off the Bat actually no they actually have Zuck Box too so I got I bought a zuckbot Which is another character that you can Play the game if you have it I paid like 100 bucks for it if you you guys want to Get into my pet hooligan ecosystem I Will be I just chatted with the team Some of the guys from the team and I was Able to confirm that I think it's my Laptop so I was like okay there may be a Way to downgrade the quality a little

Bit so I can play on this computer Because I was like wait a second I can't Play this game unless I have a gaming Computer I was like you're cutting out Effectively everyone in your community Except for one percent and they're like No like we're just working on it right Now so like I think it's an update that Needs to happen but uh currently I think You can take down the quality and still Be able to play because I was like how Am I going to stream this if I'm lagging Every two seconds you know Um but I mean that's the things you're Gonna be ironing out like it's not a Perfect world like I see a lot of Arguments saying gaming is not going to Work because we're not ready I'm like I Know we're not ready but like we got to Work with what we got right now we can't Always be complaining about what we Don't have and I'm like yeah of course We don't but even if we did even if our Games were ready to go the public isn't Ready for the games to be ready to go so It wouldn't even matter if we had all These problems solved we're not as a Culture ready to move forward into this Metaverse narrative yeah we're gonna Need three years or something to get People to get comfortable to be like oh Yeah you know what like I'm cool doing This no problem Um I'm really [ __ ] excited for it

Like I've always been a Visionary in That sense I'm excited for that I think I'm gonna flourish heavy like I think When the metaverse comes dude I think That's when the Jewish Kingdom takes off I think that's when Philip klinko's wed Three show takes off like that I think That's where real opportunity is gonna Start to get nutty you're gonna start to See like opportunities that pop up that Just were not a possibility five years Ago and I can't tell you how excited I Am for that that's what kind of keeps me Going 100 So speaking about the mid of us and Uh

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