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What is going on you bear Market Survivors if you're watching this video Right now I believe in you okay we're Going through one of the roughest times Of the entire year and you're still here So congrats today we're looking at some More upcoming Solana nfts yeah I know I Used you guys yet again as my little Guinea pigs for this experiment of Finding random projects with that being Said none of these projects are Promotions they're literally just things You Shield me and this video is not Financial advice so go ahead sit on back Relax grab your uh G fuel Binding of Isaac like today's video comment down Below for the algorithm subscribe to the YouTube channel turn on notifications Because we've got live streams coming on Back into action and uh I love you so Let's go so the tweet's pretty simple Looking to make a video on some upcoming Soul mints so I asked you guys to show Me some of the most hyped and promising Upcoming Solana nfts and here's what we Got again Satan format as last video Where we looked through look at all the Tags see what's going on check out the Artwork the websites the white paper the Roadmap see what's actually offer bring From some of these shills and I'm seeing A bunch of the same ones so I'm assuming We got rated pretty hard from just a Couple of the same guys but we'll peep

Him starting off strong with wizard Army Wizards will rise just saying wizard Army nft for the win back in September We did get that you are still early any Interaction will be considered for a Whitelist tweet and we get a nice little Scenery piece of inside of some wizard Laboratory or something and we do get Access to their website the crew page Which looks to be some sort of quest Board which is pretty dope and then we Do get the wizard of potions which is Already a collection they've already Minted holder of potions are gonna get An OG roll for the main project alright Sweet all right so first things first Off the website I'm okay so I'm not a Huge fan of it off the rip I'm not gonna Lie it's just it's like to no flood and No discredit at all I just do not see This artwork performing well on Solana Especially right now with so many Projects doing you know amazing artwork The website seems very lackluster to me As well and a lot of it just doesn't Seem organized the best it's there's so Many colors going on there's a lot of Different things happening and there's Just too much chain I don't know the Quest Board website does look pretty Nice it's a nice little UI You Can level Up your Wizards and continue and then Even for the potions artwork uh the Artwork itself is just I don't know

Dexter lab data is doing something cool Right now in my opinion you can re-roll Your nft up to three times and burning At batteries what all right so right off The Rope we do get a couple of these Little robot dudes for the Dexter lab Find your D gen score okay let's take a Look get a little bit of video here to Make amazing pfp art for our holders but There wasn't a tool so we built it okay So it shows a little process behind Making the artwork creating it that's Kind of like behind the scenes behind All the trades and pfps so are these Already minted I'm a little confused Dexter lab OG okay it seems it already Minted so I'm sorry the artwork's not Bad it looks pretty cool next up we have Dutch man's soul I saw a bunch of these On the actual 2 itself and these the Artwork looks pretty [ __ ] sweet I'm Not gonna lie account joined back in October so about two months ago now and They have 1500 followers so they are Joining or they are growing rather Organically and I think this artwork Looks super freaking good I'm personally Quite a big fan of this artwork in General I think the lines look great I Think the overall coloring palettes like This looks so [ __ ] cool bro I don't Know this is a one of one they made for Somebody or what but but bro I I think The sneak peeks we've seen so far look

Super sick I'm gonna drop these guys a Follow because genuinely I think these Look dope I wish there was a website Here I don't feel like going to the Disco right now I'm a little bit lazy so Let's keep going next up we have to Generate news and Mara degenerate news Has already minted out uh I think they Cut Supply like one third of the way Then airdrop the rest they opened up at Like a 0.2.4 Solana floor price and then Pumped to like a 1.4 so they have Already minted out Mara nft minting on The 16th of December so in about three Days from recording this video I don't Know when it's coming out but we'll see Um so far the artwork does look very Unorthodox there's a lot going on I love Scenery pieces like this this is just Like my vibe of like art direction we do Get a website here as well art that Speaks to you okay I like that I like That we do get a bunch of scenery is This real world graffiti more than Street art are these real Did hold on did someone actually like go And paint yeah Mara okay apparently Mara Is all these have their tag which is [ __ ] sick Bro 1000 high-end pfps Whose traits are carefully and specially Created by Mara or Mara which is pretty [ __ ] dope the artist does have like Portraits and stuff as well which is Super sweet I love this one the Voodoo

Child bro this is so [ __ ] cool are These like all one of ones or do Multiple of them sell each because bro I Would love to have something like this Like I want this on my wall this is [ __ ] sick Bro shout out to this Artist bro yo your art is amazing good [ __ ] I had to drop a DM bro this guy's Art is sick maybe it's a girl maybe it's Not maybe this guy I don't know next up We have social dudes nft thanks for the Follow guys much love 5 000 social dudes Building Equity dudes Labs dude's studio In the best fashion here we have A website you can't use yet it's just This POV we can't decide the style that Makes a lot of sense I'm not you know I Won't hold you to it do what you gotta Do but so far that seems to be all we Get we do have a little bit of a banner Here 5 000 nfts we have a dude social Cat guy sitting in front of a computer That could be me bro he's got the camera And the light and all you know he's Doing his thing on top of that though I Do like the artwork quite a bit it's That simple clean just overall nice Color palettes cute cat pfp I think it Fits and it's nice it's not bad um but They are building dude's studio and Dudes Labs so there could be something Around adventures and products they are Pushing out so we'll see what happens There this is going to be their dude

Studio kind of road map I guess and I Guess we have like a sneak peek of some Comic Book Creator or artist that's also Joining the studio next up we have go Human nft okay so I saw these earlier as Well I think the artwork on these look Super [ __ ] simplistic and very clean Like very pfp able to be completely Honest this is super pf people which I Really like because it's so simple it's So clean and The Branding like material Behind this just looks super [ __ ] Good so throughout that we do have the Go human and Manifesto and we do have a Link as well for the website I'm gonna Go to the website first I'm gonna drop Him a follow because I think their [ __ ] Looks dope but throughout this we have a Vision road map sneak peeks team and Docs Monitor and then we can also oh we Can scroll through we can scroll through We're good short term midterm long-term Staking tokenomics Ico trait based down Docs monitor uh incubator for a young Artist whitelist Marketplace advisory Service so cool services for a paid Second collection is in the roadmap Which I mean it's not my favorite thing To have out there already pre-planning a Second collection unless you have like Full proof for it uh VC styled Investment and then physical product Line in the long term again bro I think These sneak peeks look insane I love

These I would [ __ ] rep one of these To be honest with you guys Um can I get a one of one here I'll post Pose real quick I got you [ __ ] I'm so sorry that's going on the Video anyways seeing a bunch of go human In a bunch of the Dutch man both look Amazing by the way I love the artwork we Do have Outlaws nft uh 2000 followers oh No they're one away from two thousand I Got you guys congratulations on 2 000 Followers uh minting on December 14th ah This might come out before I upload this Video so we'll see how it does they're Minting for 0.88 for OG and one soul for The main mint price which is pretty Solid artwork is It's okay it's not terrible it's not my Favorite I'm not gonna you know [ __ ] Sugar coat it it's it's cool 111 MF Version building the future on Solana What do you guys do join the Outlaws Revolution here we have a couple more Sneak peeks a few more scenery pieces as Well mixing pfp branding utility Outlaws Intend to build a [ __ ] Army okay okay I like it we have a road map getting Ready there's a bunch of things here Launch collection build community all Like the prerequisites building the base Private dial staking Raffles introduce Their tokenomic and then snapshot and Then an airdrop two of those snapshotted Users for a staking boost item and then

We have the Ascension launch our online Review platform onboard 100 plus Partners integrate data analytics Alpha Calls release or Alpha call Bots they're All working on Services Bots tools dowel Things airdrops boost uh the whole Gamified kind of feel the art is it's Decent it's not my favorite I wouldn't Rock it voice crack but it looks cool We've got clouds coming in with the Experiments chill too bad we have Already minted but if you're interested Go read up more on us I'll read the road Map check it out for yourselves do what You got to do baby uh quick little plug Thank you to experiments for sponsoring Today's video my very own nft project But we have Mouse in the house coming Out with a new drop I believe I don't Know what it is yet uh I'm not 100 sure I think it's coming out rather soon Though it already came out cyber mouses I think this is like an infected Rascals Or infected [ __ ] infected mob drop but These are the inter-dimensional gods I Don't know what these are I think they Look super sick though I'm not gonna lie To you guys Mouse in the houses are I Always liked and I think this one looks Insane again I don't know too much of What's happening the train is arriving Shortly follow her updates the website Seems to be offline and we got the 44 [ __ ] street gang so this video

Was a little bit more relaxed and kind Of laid back just overall like me Talking about projects you guys showed Me not super high energy just me kind of Chilling almost like in a almost like a Live stream kind of thing so if you guys Are interested subscribe to the channel Join the live streams like today's video Comment down below if you guys enjoyed This let me know I guess just I might do More of these where I just kind of sit Back relax and look at you know like 20 Different projects have a great day I Really do appreciate the support I'll See you all soon peace out

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