The Alt Coins FTX spent YOUR money on..

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They have 108 million Ahead I don't know because there were some Weird transactions that were happening Over the last couple of days for huge Amounts where our friend Mr freed might Have been trying to get as much out as He could right But yeah I mean yeah you can see the Names also uh ethereum 166 million Solana 491 million Um meta we all know what's happening There 83 million versus Dodge Coin Let's see It doesn't show it yeah was it wasn't on The first page or second page dojo no it Doesn't show it yeah but look I don't Know that this is a completely exclusive List I mean there's 44 Pages here All right let's see if we can show 100 I Mean I would assume that it would have More and like just all the random stuff That like they do I'll show you you know

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