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Hey what's up guys it's will here Welcome back to the channel in this Video we got some serious news this is a Quick statistic for you 9 500 artists Generated more than a hundred thousand Dollars last year on Spotify 2170 artists generated that's 2 000 Artists generated more than five hundred Thousand dollars half a million dollars And 1 000 artists generated more than One million dollars now the crazy part About this is that we have 60 000 new tracks on Spotify being released Every single day so out of the sixty Thousand new songs that are being Released every single day we're actually Saying only about 13 000 artists make More than a hundred thousand dollars per Year and the reason that I'm sharing This statistic is because today we're Going to be talking about a strategy to Help you to be able to get your music Out there and be able to generate more Streams and get more plays on your music In a way that will help you to be able To fall into this club now the strategy We're going to be talking about today is A simple approach that you've probably Heard of but we're going to be talking About it in a totally different way That's probably going to change the way That you view running this type of Campaign for your music Now the type of campaign that we're

Talking about is a pre-save campaign so We have the three-step strategy to get a Fan if you don't understand this then You'll miss it there's three steps that Are essential but in the first step There are three categories inside this First step the first step is that you're Going to be getting email I actually was Building my email list and I thought to Myself uh this isn't going to do much a Couple months went by I wasn't making Very much money and then one day I was Driving home from Southern California And I was going to a restaurant I think It was Taco Bell it wasn't a restaurant Wasn't anything fancy because I didn't Have much money in my wallet and I just Need to get some food And I was kind of struggling I was like Hopefully I can even like pay for gas to Get home I don't even know if I had a Credit card at this time I think it was 18. and when I got to talk about I'm Like okay hopefully I have some money in My bank account I look and I was Expecting 30 bucks out of nowhere I had About 800 bucks in my bank account And this changed everything for me I was Like I can actually get some Taco Bell And it was a moment where I was like Whoa what I'm doing online is actually Working and why because I was selling a Product online I was I was sending it to My email list and I didn't think much of

It I hadn't checked my bank account but What was happening was people were going And buying my merch simply because they Were buying my product simply because I Sent them emails now like I said I mean that was a big moment for me I Realized this actually works and I got Some talk about the best Taco Bell I've Ever had in my life and I got to drive Home and actually pay for gas right so When I was first starting online and Trying to grow a business the first Thing that everybody told me to do was Build an email list and at first you Know I thought this is probably not that Big of a deal uh but I'll just do what They say and I had some mentors that Said just try and build an email list And whatever it is that you're offering Whether it's music whether it's products Whether it's merchandise uh any type of Product you'll have some people that you Can send some some Uh traffic you can send some some people To go buy your product Now here's the thing like I said there's Three parts of this email thing right There's three types of traffic three Types of people that listen to your Music they're either going to be paid Meaning you paid for some promotion to Get them to see your music maybe you Paid on Facebook maybe you paid on Instagram maybe you paid on Spotify to

Get them to listen to your music That's the first one so these are the People that you paid advertisements for You sent out you know a radio ad or Whatever and they walked into your store Essentially Number two right is organic these are The people that you don't really control But you have your store you know let's Use the store as an example in the town And people walk by your store and they Just happen to walk in your store it's Not a lot of control but you can get Some people to come in the door it's Like when you post some content online Maybe you get some views maybe you don't It's all organic and if they follow you Again maybe it shows them that's content Your songs maybe it doesn't But here's traffic that you own right This is the third type of traffic that You know for certain you don't have to Pay any money to get you know they're Going to walk in the store because you Can contact them directly and that is Your email list okay so your email list Is so essential it's that uh use the Other types of traffic let the organic Grow pay for media for getting people to Listen to your music but when it comes To the traffic that you own and getting Your email list built up that's going to Be your ride or die fans that's going to Be the people that are ready to check

Out your product and they're hearing Directly from you and the open rate what They're actually going to see based on What you put out into the into the email Inbox is going to be way more uh Prevalent they're gonna see it it's not Going to be maybe gets shown through the Algorithm on Instagram or maybe it Doesn't it's gonna get shown right so That's a huge part of this three-step Process so when you run a pre-save Campaign three things are going to Happen in this three-step process number One they're going to save the song to The playlist That's part of a pre-save when they when They sign into Spotify they save the Song to a playlist that's what a Pre-save is they're pre-saving it to Their playlist and they're also that's Number one they're also following you So when they sign into Spotify and They're pre-saving it's also Automatically following you Now the software that we use I like to Use tone Den I like to use Um one RPM there's a few different ones In the email list that you build it's Just going to go into a Google Sheets Just going to go into a spreadsheet an Excel sheet that says here's the first Name and here's the email and you can Take that and put it into a software Where you can email them later all right

So number one was the play or yeah the Playlist gets saved number two they Follow you number three you get their Email the playlist right we went over Email you want to build that the Playlist right this means that you're Going to get more streams the streams That come from playlist means every Person that adds a song to the playlist Other people listen to that playlist Anytime you get on a playlist others are Going to be listening to that playlist Not just the person that has their own Playlist yeah sometimes it's only one Person listening to playlist whether It's a label that's pre-saving your Playlist song which does happen or it's A regular person The streams and the royalty growth that You're going to come from uh get from The playlist is a strategy that you have To think about when you do your Marketings because they're putting it in Their playlist now they're going to play In their favorite playlist it's going to Grow the song number three is going to Be that you're going to gain so many Followers I remember when I was running My first pre-save campaign for an artist That was trying to Simply build her Email list it was super easy to set up We had to you know connect to Spotify we Had to find the distribution uh channel That we're using I think we used it was

Either CD Baby or it might have been Tone Dan I believe what happened was Every person that pre-saved it got on The email list got on the playlist or uh Added the song to their playlist and Became a follower and the follower count Started to grow drastically again this Is gonna build that audience all those Followers are gonna see your song When You release a new piece of content when You release new music on Spotify it's Already been saved in their playlist and They already follow you so it's going to Show them that new song even if it's not This release a different one that they Don't pre-save they're always going to See your new music because they're Following you it also means that if you Have more followers let's be honest That's social proof you're going to see More collaborations with artists that Will work with you because they'll see That this person has you you're going to Have more followers There's a few times where uh as soon as I passed a thousand subscribers on YouTube I got way more inquiries about people That wanted to uh wanted me to show Their brand now we're very very uh Careful about what brands we work with And we don't show you guys every single Brand because I want to make sure that We're only giving you the best one of

The brands that we're working with right Now is called tune flow and tune flow is It helps you make more songs and it also Makes you helps you make more money Faster if you want to check out tune Flow check out that link down below and Uh they are not paying to sponsor this I'm sharing it with you because it is a Really great platform to put out more Music so you can do these types of Campaigns more often if you aren't Putting out music you aren't running Campaigns if you're not marketing you're Not running campaigns then you're not Selling or anything or making any money So if you're not putting out music You're not making any money If you're trying to make money through Music We always you know there was a time when I was talking with my good friend Stefan He's a saxophone player and we were Talking about if you're passionate about Something it's great to follow your Passion It's great but you know what makes Following your passion even more Sustainable in today's world at least in Our economy is that that passion can Also make you money and so how can you Turn how can you turn that into Something that makes money it's very Simple you have your strategy for how You're going to turn that passion uh to

The marketplace what's your strategy and Then you're gonna do marketing and then You're actually going to sell the thing That is how you do it whether it's an Nft whether it's a merchandise whether It's concert tickets what have you uh Though that exposure that you get from The marketing once you get your strategy Together for example this pre-save Campaign you run this marketing you get More exposure and you get more social Proof you get more people saving your Songs you get more people on your email List and that means you're going to be Able to sell more stuff and be able to Make more money from your music And I say uh there's 10 things that I Have here that I'm going to be covering On the YouTube channel for you guys Um we're going to be talking about Distribution so what is the product that You're selling how are you getting out Is it only song is it merch is it uh Some type of product or is it uh gonna Be something on the blockchain are you Offering nfts what are you doing to to Make more money from your music the Distribution right getting it out there The marketing number two pre-saving I Want to talk more about the free saving I want to go into depth about how to use Some of the softwares that I mentioned I Want to go into depth about some of the Emails that you're going to write once

You already have your fans we're going To be going into depth about how to get On playlists and how to grow that Follower account and if you're Interested in that make sure to Subscribe now number number three we got Paid ads you know when you spend money Uh you either make money or you get Experience that's how I see it if you're Investing money now if you're just going Out and buying some McDonald's you know You know what you're getting It's not the same as investing if you're Going out and just buying something for Fun it's totally different than Investing in something if you are Investing something like paid Advertisements for your music I Recommend setting a certain amount of Money aside To go ahead and just make sure that You're okay losing it but realize that The money you spend gets you experience And this experience that you get will Make you money You'll get to test and you'll get to do Things Uh in the game you're not in the game Unless you're running and spending some Money trying to make it happen so we're Going to talk about paid ads how to run Them how to get into it uh with your Music we got number four growing your Streams we're just going to go into

Everything playlisting getting your Songs on all the all the platforms and Making sure that you're getting as much Traffic to them as possible Course you got to make good music we Love to cover that as well Number five we're going to go into Royalties are you collecting on BMI or Or ASCAP are you collecting your Mechanical royalties your master are you Collecting from YouTube are you Collecting from all these platforms that You should be that's something that we Go through on the channel as well we got How to run a label our goal at least my Goal and it has always been is can I Turn my passion to something that I also Know is going to Provide for my mom in the future for my Dad in the future for my my wife for my Kids is it gonna make sure that they are All good right I love passions but am I Gonna make sure that my family's good I'm gonna make sure that in the future We have everything we want Are we gonna get the education we want Are we going to be able to travel the Way we want these types of things the Lifestyle are we gonna get to that level The network the the ability to reach People have an impact in the world right Capital something that Is a part of business you don't start a Business lesson you want to make money

Music is a business there wouldn't be Labels around there wouldn't be any Other reason that you see Warner Music Buying other companies and Columbia Buying other companies and buying Basically artist catalogs And Um Warner Universal all of them you name It they are investing it's not like They're just spending money for fun They're making money right okay so I'm I Got a few more here we got mental I Thought the same thing I thought this is Just going to be a passion it's going to Be a hobby and I do it for fun What I realized was I got my first song Uh my first song got signed it wasn't my First song I made I had made 20 30 songs Already published but probably on my 30th song I think it was I got signed By a multi-billion dollar company it was Invisalign I got some braces some Invisalign I made A song for them And they bought it Was a five figure deal I was 17 years Old and it changed my entire perspective On how money is made in the music Industry How labels operate And how the preconceptions about how Musicians can't make money Uh

I mean you you can decide for yourself If you believe that all musicians don't Make money all power to you all you have To do is create you got to be consistent You got to be working on it consistently But you also have to know that Anybody that is surrounding you Has an opinion and those opinions are Very important to filter out and make Sure that you're If you're hearing artists don't make Money all day but then over here you see These people posting their music online And making millions of dollars or They're part of that 10 000 people that Are on Spotify that are making 100K Plus You know there's something there they Wouldn't be making it if they weren't Doing something right So Um That's something to consider so you get To decide and if for those of you that Really want to take that next step and Get to that level Again I encourage you to subscribe And we have your getting through the Mental strength but the last thing or The last three we have managing money Investing money multiplying money Money is a part of of the business Business is part of the music Business means managing your finances it Also means investing your finances

Correctly whether it's paid ads or Equipment And multiplying it so you can grow scale And those are all things that we try to Focus on on the channel for those of you That would like to work with me One-on-one or get some more assistance Check out that link down below the tune Flow app down there it's called tune Flow it helps you to be able to make More music faster uh it's also closely Tied with the future artist group that's A free Facebook group down below if you Want to join that group become a part of The community I'm in there if you have Any questions and there's also a Discord You can join down below if you'd like to Be a part Thank you guys so much for watching I Hope that this was valuable in some way For any artists entrepreneurs business Owners that are trying to get out there If you're a label and you're doing some Of the things that we just talked about Uh don't hesitate to comment down below What did I miss uh you know I try and do Well-researched videos but if there's Something that didn't come across as Hitting the point say hey will you Missed this this is better uh or hey Will I do it this way or hey Will that's Great love that I'm gonna do it like That either way let me know down in the Comment section thank you guys so much

For watching and I'll see you in the Next video Thanks for subscribing hitting that like Button so we can continue to grow get This out to more artists Get this out It starts with one step And we grow Yesterday I remember we were at Thousand subscribers already getting Close to 3 000 thank you guys so much Appreciate you all and I'll see you in The next video peace out

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