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So successful business people Millionaires billionaires and artists Who have had a lot of Career Success What do they have in common well they All have a voice that's either in their Head or maybe it's the people they're Surrounding themselves with or it's a Mentor that they have but something is Telling them that hey I need to keep Going I need to burn the midnight oil or Hey if I just get this project across The Finish Line I can have some success Or if I just hear one more time from Someone even though I've heard a thous And knows maybe this time I get a yes Right there's a voice in their head There's a voice from someone a mentor a Friend that's pushing them but at the Same time the equal and opposite is Totally true so if you have someone That's when you hang out with them maybe You're not feeling like you want to burn The Midnight Oil you're not feeling like Maybe your dreams are even possible when You're hearing the voice from that Person or that voice in your head and You're like maybe I shouldn't listen to That voice or you do listen to it and it Doesn't get you closer to where you want To be so think of Russ like someone Who's really successful as an artist Russ he started in his basement he Started making music and he was making a Song a week if not multiple songs per

Week in his parents' basement for years On end getting no return think about This too he said every time I put out a Song I actually thought it was going to Be a hit so every time that he released He's like this is it this is going to be The hit and then it would get hardly any Views or this album this is going to put Me there and he said hundreds of songs That he released every single one he Thought this one is the one this is the Song that's going to get me there and of Course you know the rest of story he got There he he had some songs that hit hard And then what happened he had this this Massive success but guess what he also Said that part of the reason why he was Able to do that is because he had a Voice in his head that was telling him That this is the hit this is the next Song song and he was alone in his Basement mixing mastering producing Writing his own songs and because he Says he actually dedicates some of his Success to not having someone there they Was telling him oh yeah it's a okay song Or it's good it's all right or yeah man Like maybe you know adjust the levels The mix and master is not quite right or This and that he said if I had someone There they was giving me an opinion then Every time I had heard that opinion it Probably wouldn't have It probably would have duded my

Confidence in myself and I wouldn't have Released as much music so that's a Really powerful thing is that if you Believe the people around you believe The mindset that you're going to need to Have then you can get the result whether It's good or bad and so same thing with Like Mr Beast like something something That you learn from Russa right he he Released a song every single week for Years and he said part of the reason was Not because I had the right person Teaching me or I had this person that Was going to give me all the knowledge I Need but it was because I was making a Ton of music right so Mr Beast if you Ask him hey Mr Beast how do I make a Viral video on the internet he actually Will tell you you know I can tell you This advice I can tell you exactly how To do it and he has some videos where he Says you need to do boom boom boom but At the end of the day he says none of This advice is really valid because what You need to do is actually go make 100 200 or th000 YouTube videos and then Talk to me and if something's still not Hitting by then then you need help but Hey you're actually going to learn Through 100 videos what's working and What's not working and so this is Something that I think is really Powerful for artists if you are an Artist an entrepreneur that wants to

Grow and you want to expand your career Because you can you just need the right Voices you need to get into A mindset of just getting repetition to Get better and better because every time That you practice something you've Gotten better whether it's you know You're reading you're reading books you Get some more knowledge or you're Working out you get stronger right You're making music you're singing You're getting better at your scales or You're getting better at making beats With every beat that you make right here I want to answer that question with you I have this guide right here and I Created this challenge it's called the Song per week challenge And this is not the prettiest guide Right but it's it's okay uh as far as Looks but it it teaches you song Production checklist release what you Need to do for each release and Administration how you're collecting Your royalties this is totally free and You can get it I just created it so that It can help you on your step bystep Journey by getting your music career to That place that you know it can be and How are you going to have a system in Place that to help you push you with the Right voices that are getting you there And so the song of a week challenge down Below is totally free if you'd like to

Uh work with me one-on-one for 5 days It's totally free you can join the Challenge uh and then also when you join The challenge uh you're going to uh gets Uh five days of a master class of us Teaching our release strategies and how I personally release music and also what Has worked for some successful artists And how you can do that in your own Artist business and then there's also if You wanted to join the VIP section of it It'll show you the VIP section of the Challenge and that one's totally free to Join as well but it is also a trial That's going to give you access to a System that we've created it's a Software for musicians to grow their Artist business and manage all of their Projects and stay structured and make Sure that they're getting out a song per Week so if you're interested in those Things and you'd like to grow I Encourage you to go check out the song Per week challenge down below thank you Guys for watching um once again like it Just comes down to every step that You're taking uh is going to have to be Um with the grain of salt that yeah you Might fail but everybody's failed yeah You might it might not be the best when You make it that week but yeah there There's a ton of Duds dud after dud like Russ is saying this one's going to be Hit D this one's going to be the one

That this one's going to be the one Falling on death death ears no one's Hearing it so what happened you know he Kept going he kept getting better and Really that's what it's all about Whether it's YouTube channel whether It's you're working out I I'm making These videos and every video gets Improved maybe hopefully you know I just Know that what we do here is just to get You into uh the right mode to be able to Grow as an artisan and entrepreneur so If you're interested And doing that make sure to subscribe Make sure to like this video if I got Any value out to you and do comment if You made this far comment down below With the uh what are we going today with Uh let's go with the computer Emoji People are going to be like why is our Computers what's going on what why Because you made it this far you're a Real one thanks for commenting down Below with the computer Emoji all right Guys I'll see you in the next video Peace out

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