Solana Users Have This Airdrop To Claim #airdrop #solana

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If you've used salana you've most likely Got this airdrop ready to claim it's Called when coin it's basically a meme Coin by the Jupiter team anyone that's Swapped over $5 worth of tokens is Eligible for the airdrop the airdrop is 643,000 tokens and equates to around5 To. 75 Soul so that's 50 to 60 bucks so How do you claim head to the when when Coin X account or Twitter account head To the link in BIO hit claim airdrop and Then it will tell you if you're eligible I personally had three wallets that were Eligible and I'm currently still holding All the coins you've got until the 29th Of January to do it so act fast now There's one trillion tokens and after The claim ends and they burn that Supply I can see the cell pressure easing off And then we should see the moon but That's not Financial advice it's Currently at a $1 100 million market cap And I do think it can go much higher I Think this is going to be one of the Meme coins with Jupiter being such a Staple in the salana ecosystem so Hopefully you found that useful let me Know how much when you got in the Comments below

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