Should You allow your kids to start their own Youtube Channel?

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This is interesting and this is some Kalinka family Alpha so so Danny so First of all first of all a big happy Birthday to Danny and Jake my twins Today are 10 years 10 years old Um a huge happy birthday my boys Sometimes they watch I don't think They'll get this far in because I think They find it I think they found it boring but Danny And Jake a big happy birthday my boys I'm so proud of both of you Um and yeah so so Danny I'm sorry sorry Go ahead No for his birthday Um uh he wants a a computer so he can do YouTube like he's no [ __ ] way yes Yeah it's so hold on so Bianca comes to Me so I say look I've got to talk to Bianca right so Bianca comes to me she Says can you believe it Danny wants to Do YouTube absolutely not I'm not Interested in as now okay it's a Dangerous world and I don't want him you Know giving out any like uh address or Any uh phone numbers or saying anything That he shouldn't or showing people Around our house and people are asking So so lucky I am in the middle I'm stuck I I I understand exactly where uh Bianca's coming from and that and Something you said to me the other day Also I was stuck in my mind is that I Don't want them and you said this to me

I don't want them to become obsessed With the clicks and to put their Self-worth on their views and you know They've got to focus on their homework During the week and so I said so I had a Whole long conversation with Bianca and I said look like I agree that they're Concerns and we need to address those Concerns and and we can do that by Having you know rules in place they can Only do it on the weekend and because Once the one's going to be able to do it All of them wanted to do it I mean ref Is a great soccer player he's been Asking me if I can post him playing Soccer on my channel I haven't watched My old videos I have a second Channel And if you go back enough on my channel My main Channel I'll find all the soccer Free Kick Videos the highlight videos You'll find it all 100 and Jake wants to show his Collections I told you Jake's like me He's got a whole Hot Wheels collection Whatever so we've said no we've said no No no not interested not interested so Anyway I won't bore you with the with The details but I had a long Conversation with Bianca Um about how I believe that this is the Future of media and I think it's it's a Great skill for them to have in their Life to be able to learn how to you know Edit and also for their confidence to be

Able to learn how to be in front of a Camera Um and and yes there are concerns and Yes there are risks with regards to them Putting too much value on it and and Everything so we've come it's a kind of Long story short we'll come to a Compromise which is what all good Marriages are about Um and we are gonna do it we're gonna They're each gonna have their own Channel Um each of them and uh each do whatever They want but there's very strict rules In place it will only be on weekends and We still have to structure all the rules But it won't be live shows so we'll be a Bianca will be able to vet it before and If things need to be cut out they'll be Cut out and whatever and yes so I've Promised them on on this holiday that I Will set them up with what they need so It's not really going to be much of a Holiday yeah for Dad Um and show them how it works Um but yes so it just made me think of It I actually wasn't going to say Anything this is completely off because The Kansas He said onboarding the family into nfts You know and funnily enough I actually You know not an FTS but onto YouTube and All of that yeah okay we're from Absolutely not to find the entire family

Can be on YouTube She saw what I was saying she thinks That it can teach them very valuable Skills even if they learn just how to be An editor from it which is something They can use in the future make money From in the future even if the channel Doesn't pan out and there are some Positives around it Um and I think I think that Now's the Time I also said too that you never have As much time as when you're young and if This is instead of them sitting there And watching crap on their iPad all day If they're actually sitting there Creating content well you know who knows One of them might blow up and they might Have a a successful career out of it Alone and if it doesn't work they'll Develop confidence and skills that they Wouldn't have otherwise so if we can Address all the concerns and put things In place that make those concerns and I'll avoid

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