Should I Post More NFT Videos To YouTube? (Brain Dump)

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Foreign So it's been a bit of a while that I've Posted some videos on YouTube well I'm Kind of putting stuff out periodically Here and there but in this video I'm Going to give you a breakdown about what I'm actually doing in the space the Posting frequency on YouTube and all of That kind of stuff so one of the reasons That I've been a little bit lacks on Posting on YouTube isn't the fact that I Don't have things to say I have so much Stuff to say so many thoughts hot takes Etc but it's just the speed and Execution of actually posting on YouTube So the thumbnail titles descriptions all The all that kind of stuff it's very Very hard it's very intense to try to Put that together and put it out in a Cohesive way that means that you don't Get punished by the algorithm when I'm Just trying to provide value now over on Twitter I'm actually going stupid hard On video content check this out if you Actually have a look on my Twitter Account I put out a video put out a Video put out a video put out a video Another one I'm almost putting out a piece of video Content daily out on Twitter and the Main reason being is I can put together A thought it doesn't need to be too Polished too editor I don't need to Worry about titles descriptions

Thumbnails any of that and just put it Out there so what ends up happening is I'm starting to neglect YouTube but I'm Not dipping from the space I'm not Putting out less content I'm putting out More content than I ever have been it's Just that YouTube as a medium right now Is very hard to execute very fast and Very efficient sometimes I'll just turn The camera on speak for a couple of Minutes about my thoughts what I'm Seeing on a day-to-day basis and putting It out there so here is a question for You the viewer that's actually kind of Watching content on YouTube Do you care about the high quality Polished very succinct uh over the top Click baity thumbnails or do you just Care about the content do you just care About getting the message out there Because I 100 am happy to upload daily Vlogs I'm happy to upload hot takes but Where it starts to get a little bit Caught up is the frequency in which I Would be posting to YouTube could be Twice a day it could be very hard it Might only be a one or two minute video And where I start to get caught up in my Own head is is that what you the viewer Wants do you want every sort of Um thought that comes out of my head hot Take when it comes to the space on YouTube or is that where I save those Once a week very well polished very well

Thought out pieces and I keep the rest Of it on Twitter I'm sure that some of You or most of you would be following on Twitter so you kind of start seeing that Content over and over but I also don't Want to just regurgitate and post the Same stuff on Twitter and on YouTube and Start to dilute the excitement when a New video or a new piece comes up where I'm coming at with this is I want to Make sure that I'm giving you guys what You want in terms of value what you want In terms of interesting information Alpha Etc but I want to give it to you In the place where you readily consume It so is YouTube one of these places Where you go to consume very fast Newsworthy stuff or is it somewhere Where you're going to relax where you Want to sit back where you want to get Into a 10 or a 15 minute deep dive into Something what is YouTube as a platform And right now this is the perfect chance For me to say like go down there in the Comments jump in and be like hey here's What I think Nate I think you should Um post more content like this or short Form content or more succinct content More highly edited content because I can Put out lots of interesting pieces all The cool stuff that I'm finding daily But if it doesn't hit your feed Instantly like it does with Twitter it Might then be irrelevant which then

Makes that process and that kind of Endeavor futile in that sense So it really basically comes down to to You or what you actually want and what I Can do to provide the most value in the Right space and the right time because For me personally when I go to Twitter I'm in nft land I'm in that space I'm in That zone I know exactly what I'm going For when I'm on YouTube it I will kind Of dabble in some nft stuff but that's Almost like where I go to see some of my Favorite creators that aren't in the nft Space people that I just like watching And then when you go to Netflix you're Watching something that is long form you Know you're going to be watching a show You're going to be settling for 30 Minutes or an hour I know that different Platforms and different ways of Consuming content have a different Effect on or less effect they have a Different way that you want to consume It in a different mindset and a Different approach to when it comes to Absorbing information Etc so what I want to kind of ask you is Is just let me know what you want so I Can give you more of it because I can Post all of that if you're not Um a big Twitter fan you don't like Being on Twitter you don't like Consuming Um sort of video video content or

Content like that on Twitter and you Prefer to watch it on YouTube 100 happy To do it if it ends up being a big Week-long compile of the fun called hot Takes in a little wrap-up type thing 100 I'm down for it it's one of those things Where it's just what can I do to ensure That you guys actually want to watch the Watch the videos that I put out and Actually get value from it because it's Not just watching it like sure you want Numbers Um sort of numbers views likes all and Comments all that kind of stuff but Ultimately I want to get those DMS those DMS that say like hey Nate I listen to Your Alpha I ended up doing something Not Financial advice do your own Research I ended up doing that thing That you said I looked into that project I ended up getting that white white list I ended up doing that flip and you can Kind of actually make changes and make Big impacts in your life because some of The best dams that I've got are guys That have um just actually changed their Life they're the kind of guys that well Guys and girls that have actually gone Out there made a flip and sort of paid Off their mortgage they've kind of moved Their family out of a home and they've Moved somewhere nice they've been able To kind of quit their job and have a Buffer to do something they want they've

Wanted to travel there's all those types Of things that can be Um maybe I'm not wholeheartedly the Person saying hey do this thing and do This flip because this is what will make It but it's just that support network That that person in your ear the person That's willing to listen to them or open Up that DM like hey cool grunt job You're doing awesome that kind of thing I like those comments and well those DMS And that's why I really wanted to put This out there so Um yeah hell of a different kind of Video in this one uh let me know um Either in the comments below but also um Don't be afraid to kind of shoot me a DM On Twitter and let me know what you Think and we should be good also why Don't we just do a cheeky little Giveaway let's give away 0.05 eth in This video only if you've got to this Far in the video because most people Won't I'll draw it within I'll do 48 Hours because I feel like 24 is a little Bit short so let's do 48 hours I'll do a Giveaway on this I'm not going to Promote this on Twitter or anything like That so down in the comments below Can you put down along with your Twitter Handle put down Let's go Bananarama put Bananarama down Below and then also buy your Twitter Handle I'll then pull out a

Um I'll pull out a winner and I'll hit you Up on Twitter but I'll also kind of Maybe do an announcement post in Twitter Etc okay awesome uh that's it that's all I've got to say hopefully you guys have A good day and or evening and I'll talk To you guys later Good

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