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Holding of cost necessary to an adequate Criminal's offense can constitute Irreparable harm The petition says conversely the FDX Status only face economic loss if they Don't get their hands on the Robin Hood Money Can you imagine that as a defense It's crazy the withhold he's saying by Me not being able to have access to Robin Hood shares I might go to jail Forever which is a reputable harm Because I won't be able to pay my Lawyers but the FDX cars you lost money They just lost money don't worry about Them meantime he's placed a bond of 250 Million dollars showing that he's got Access to all the money in the world so Don't come and say that if he doesn't Have access to a couple of 100 million From Robin Hood that he's going to end Up in jail because he can't pay his Lawyers I mean they are playing so dirty Here I mean it's obviously the criminal Defense system that's how it works but It's just absolutely laughable the logic Of this defense

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