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Really [ __ ] dope like I really like This because I have seen a lot of funny Memes that come from sappy For sure so look my feeling is is Slightly different I feel that sappy Seals is is and again really not Financial advice but I feel that they Are hugely undervalued they've been Building their game out for the last 12 Months they've got one of the nicest and Strongest communities in the space Um and they've got collabs and Relationships with other OG projects That are second to none Um and they really really I mean like a Lot of good projects have been really Undervalued but I personally am really Watching this carefully Um it's already had a bit of a run I mean it's gone A huge basically a 2X At 2x that's what stopped me from Putting the trigger but I could 2x again And 2x again it could go to zero no one Knows however I I do think that this This has been undervalued for a long Time the thing that stopped me from Putting the trigger on it for so long is Everything's been in my opinion you know Very activated not everything but There's been a lot of projects that I Look at I think that's under value I Mean even our clone X I feel is hugely Undervalued um and you know so

Are we going to sit undervalued for the Next two years and I'm gonna have a pfp Or is this the beginning of it all Coming right uh openc has given me such [ __ ] today Um so who knows but I'm a big fan of This of this community of the of the Team and um yeah Um I think that they that they still I Mean and what am I basing it on I'm Saying if Pudgies are seven Then these guys are undervalued so so Basing it on that if Pages dropped to Three then these guys aren't that Undervalued right So hard tonight always it always rides On pudgy which is a problem for zappy Seals because they can't succeed without Post she's succeeding in my opinion I Just don't think they have that's Something they have that level of Influence yet like they don't have a Look at you like pretty much need a Luca Or Frank to lead the charge to be at That level of project right now there Just aren't other projects that are at That level at that floor price and value That the founders aren't going out and Doing things and being more part like Whatever Defender he's he's active but Like he's not Bat act he's not like known like that Because I'm not sure why like maybe it's because

He's not fully doxed or something like That like I feel like people know what Frank looks like they know what Luca Looks like and it's a bit different They're both tall you know like dudes so It's like a a classic leader position Like a tall I don't even know what the word would be Like a masculine dude or whatever I just think they're not as well known Like you're saying Um and it does need some on front and Center I agree with you but everything Else is there everything else is there And they've been continually building And and yeah I mean I as I say I think I Think it's really interesting and what They're doing here is revolutionary They're doing an AI drop I mean it's Going to be memes I I wonder you know Generative AI Um and uh yeah we've seen that with art But we haven't really seen it with pfps I don't know if any other generative AI Um pfps and it's just typical of Serpicious in that they're on their own Path and they have been Um and they just continue doing well and They have strong belief in what they're Doing so I'm I'm bullish on them I'm Watching it because they've gone up so Much so quickly like 2x in the last week That you know obviously everyone in the Hindsight can kick themselves including

Me for not seeing that it was going to Happen now but I have been thinking for A very long time that sappy seals are Undervalued they're gonna blow up They're gonna blow up they're gonna blow Up so yeah I'm interested bro I'm Interested to see what this new drop is Maybe the thing to do is is once this is Dropped assuming like all secondary Collections that it's a lot under the Main collection is to maybe get one or Two of these Um to get into the ecosystem you know That's probably a better play because You're lowering your risk instead of Your risk being 1.6 each of us will be Whatever the floor price on this Um meme machine airdrop is right the Soul bound one must

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