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Security to that amount of assets that Should he disappear they will be liable To sell those assets to pay 250 million Dollars if that makes sense almost like You know if you own a home and and is Paid off and it's worth 10 million Dollars you can sign Surety to the bank And get a credit line of maybe eight Million dollars and if you don't pay They come and collect your house right Same sort of thing it's a bond that's Been put up it's been a little under two Months since the once major crypto Exchange Um or whatever uh file for bankruptcy And um Yeah it's going to be interesting to see How this plays out Um there's there's two things going on Here either the guys just you know now Finally following legal advice and doing What his lawyers say or he's a complete Sociopath who's out of touch with Reality and honestly thinks that he Hasn't done anything wrong here I highly Hope that's not the latter because then He's he's not

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