Rumors of a new native ‘Twitter Coin’ emerge while $Doge remain hopeful

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Yeah totally 100 percent Awesome and then we got Kate's best Friend hi Elon Musk Elon Musk Elon Musk The role for crypto in the future baby So this is all about the him hinting at Um a Twitter coin yep which is really Interesting So I'd highly doubt that that is going To be based on Doge I think that he I Don't know do you think he's going to Launch his own coin and go down that Route to risk the security side of it I Mean I don't know it's really really Interesting that one's tough dude I I Don't know the answer to that question I Mean he hasn't shut up about the fact That he needs crypto in Twitter he Hasn't shut up he needs it as he wants It he wants it in place so he's gonna Make it happen Yeah I feel like I don't know I feel Like if they did one they'd want it to Be like a stable coin style not Dogecoin Where it potentially could go up or down Based on like news and they would want To control it yeah I don't know I feel Like they would want to use like a Stable coin so I think they might make Their own Yeah well Dogecoin has been going up and Down daily as some people think that They're going to be a part of it other People think they won't and and you see Those emotions up and down yeah but I

Mean he has what was tweeted by one of The Twitter team members who then Deleted it whoa but I mean that's a coin And that's the Twitter logo yeah right That's interesting yeah I did not hear About that yeah so it was Jane mantron Wong Now you can see her her Twitter and she Later deleted a pretty big mistake right There why would you even post that I Know bro nothing's a mistake like that She probably did it on purpose gotta be Yeah so so people are wondering Damn yeah that's a tough one dude what Do you guys think in the chat like would You would you rather have those or Twitter coin I feel like They have Twitter Bitcoin Twitter coin Makes sense but yeah We've said it before in the show the Problem with doge is that currently ad System won't allow for a lot of Transactions it can I think it can do Like 10 transactions a second or Something yeah bro it's never had to so They can either do like an ethereum type Upgrade Um which look he's capable of not him Personally but he's got the connections To to maybe make Doge into that but why Go through all of that when you can just Start your own without the fat of Doge And the fact that it's a meme and all The [ __ ] and do your own coin and I

Don't know you know the the problem with The Twitter coin is own coin is that it Then opens them up to potentially being A security which is a big problem Um Got it yeah yeah that's a well I could Just say we are a security I mean and And then do the necessary necessary Regulation that needs to go along with That I mean he's not scared of Regulation he's not it's not easy to get To get a right to launch a bloody Spaceship but he he jumps through the Hoops yeah I think I think he he's just More about doing it himself I think a Twitter coin makes better sense than Adopting Dogecoin maybe they do both Like I don't know but I feel like you've Got to have a stable coin style of coin If you're going to do this kind of thing If this could be like tipping or Whatever they decide to do with this What about if you just have a yeah you'd Have to have your own jacket you have a Twitter coin that can be bought with Doge or with usdc or whatever ethereum Or whatever but I think you've got to Have your own person Yeah I agree Interesting interesting one for sure Going to keep our eye on it Elon Musk Baby out here Making Waves every single Day did you see Did you see

Um There were pictures of him turning Officers into bedrooms at Twitter Did I see that is that real Yeah probably just uh I don't know if I'll be able to find it while we chat so First of all he's made himself yeah no No no bro you will work until like Midnight and then it's a bit late to go Home sleep yeah and we'll see you at six O'clock tomorrow morning That's crazy I don't mind that like uh I don't know I Mean that's I think it's funny I think It's probably hopefully it's just there As an option not as so much like Expecting you to sleep in yeah no no I Don't think it's legal to expect it yeah I mean yeah it's coming up I'll show you Um and the other thing is that Apparently he's made one for him we know That he used to sleep at Tesla all the Time eh he had that like little pack up House thing next door so this is James Clayton Um he's he's reputable it's not just Like a random account And here you can see some of the office Rooms have been turned into like other Couch there Um there's just been oh that there might Be Lawns I don't know Because that one looks quite nice One right there he's been watching some

Some kinky [ __ ] on that TV I don't think so Bray is going to be Watching on the one screen because There's two screens on the one screen is Going to be watching the Dogecoin uh Chart and on the other screen he's going To be watching other Rockets type off or He's going to be watching a tweeze Twitter feed or something on a Twitter Space she's going to be on a Twitter Space [ __ ] hilarious there's Cupboards in It And they say slippers And then they put a laundry So you can do your washing I don't know yeah interesting Yeah I'm not sure that's [ __ ] I like That dude What do you guys think what would you Guys do if you'd I feel like I would be worried about it Like starting to smell though like People snapping drooling sweating No you just you yeah get people into Russia I don't know Um yeah look I yeah no idea what to Think of it I just I don't understand How Tesla is still functioning because The guy is clearly yeah it did remind me Of FBA SBF I mean there's hundreds of Pictures of him sleeping like this in The in the FDX days That's [ __ ] wild dude look at all

Those [ __ ] screens what Yeah everyone has six screens Head but also look at all these blankets Okay they all sleep in there Dude I'd be I feel like there's gonna be So many people who are like cleanliness Freaks for me like what the [ __ ] yo like For using each other's blankets and Getting on each other's Body older Friend like like some people are gonna Have like dandruff they're gonna have Like [ __ ] white pieces of fuzz in Everyone's blankets and then they say You know they're gonna have [ __ ] lice What do you say it's a gift wait what Did that first article say Yes wow That's it I mean bro that's me that's me Right now for people who don't know Right behind me is a bean bag and in That bean bag I sleep I literally when I'm done working I literally turn off my Computer and fall into my bean bag and Fall asleep that's how I do it Um so I'm similarious don't you get us So back when you oh dude I've been doing It for six months I've been sleeping on That bean bag it's a big bean bag Um so so I bro wait until you thought You can't do that stuff anymore why not You're back bro I do pull-ups No your packets or if you sleep on a

Freaking bean bag for nine hours bro or Eight hours or whatever right I don't Sleep you know I don't sleep I'm not Actually sleeping there I'm just sitting There what do you mean you don't I sit There for 40 minutes and I get back up Like I'm asleep Longer time Uh okay no time for sleeping okay You're sleeping you're losing Yeah if you don't sleep then you make Bad decisions when you're awake and then Look I I didn't sleep tonight and I got Onto the the Nifty show that's that's All I know I didn't sleep and because of That I got into the Nifty show like That's that's all I know You know I think in a day and it closed The deal that I made I paid rent in in An hour because I didn't go to sleep and It was 3 A.M so like every time I don't Sleep I'm always positively reinforced Yeah but but but Also in the same respect I could also Say instead of the fact that I didn't go To sleep it's that I woke up early I'm Sorry I was awake early could also be The argument maybe getting up at six or Seven could also give me the exact same Benefits and right now all I know is That um po enjoyed me on the show so I'm Gonna try and make it to every single One even though it's [ __ ] 7am for me Because I'm three hours um behind them

And they start at 10 A.M or 9 A.M Whatever they are it's 7 A.M for me but I've been needing a reason to get up I Didn't have a reason so like I just Wouldn't get up because there's no Reason to but now that I have that Pressure on me a little bit and you know Obviously they're way bigger than I am So I'm like [ __ ] Maybe this this could be my motivation To get up now because Twitter spaces you Don't have to like do anything you're Just there like On your phone I could just be in my bed Doing it you know Oh dude Look I used to I used to work through The knot uh like I used to I mean For many years through the night now What you mean you're talking to me right After the show you're like bro I gotta I'm gonna hang out for a little bit then I'm gonna go back and edit everything Make sure thumbnails look yeah I'll work Until three in the morning but then I go To bed I don't like work through dude Going going to bed 3 A.M counts as like Staying up and like working through the Night like I mean I guess yeah not Technically through the night but like 3 A.M for nothing for me that's a normal Day but for most people I used to work Through the nights in the early days of

Pickle okay so I'm on the right track Because that's what I'm doing right now 24. yeah yeah I mean long term it's not Sustainable but when you're young and to Push it for a couple of years to push Um but then when I used to go to bed I Used to sleep as long as I wouldn't have An unlock I would go to bed and I would Sleep as long as I needed to and then I Would wake up sometimes I'd wake up at 10 p.m yeah I don't know no yeah I woke Up at because you went to bed at 2PM After not sleeping the night before Yesterday I got out of my bed at 4 30 And I left to go to the gym at like six Like nothing happened yesterday I missed I went live on Tick Tock how does it Feel how does it feel walking into the Gym As your gym morning workout at 6 p.m and Having people who have just finished Work going to the gym I don't want to Think about that I felt here's the thing Like I was awake and I kept falling back Asleep and being very comfortable in my Being so I was awake slash periodically Sleeping napping from basically 12 noon Until 4 35 o'clock P.M so I was still Doing stuff in my bed a little bit but Like not really Um so I still felt that the day had kind Of gone like things had happened but it Was definitely weird after the gym Because I get back to my apartment and

I'm like kind of ready to get started And I'm like oh [ __ ] it's like nine O'clock at night already I'm like [ __ ] Yeah so I would say I would say like one Of the and things that I attribute to Some of my I don't know stability in my Life is is a good routine so getting up The same time every day you know the Same routine having that consistency is Incredibly valuable like if you don't Have to if you know you can schedule Things in advance you know and so I mean Long term it's not sustainable that's What I mean you do the short term if you Need to do it do what you need to do but Long term long term long term you want To have a routine get up the same time Every day even on weekends if you can And I don't do that but I Aspire towards That try to get up the same time because I'm always [ __ ] on Mondays because I Sleep in on the weekends Um and then you know my body's used to Waking up at 10 A.M for Saturday Sunday And then all of a sudden I'm up at six Again Mondays I always struggle and then Tuesdays I'm fine Wednesdays fine Thursday Friday is fine is there no way For Monday for you to just like not come In at that time like is there any way to Make that not happening there's no way To hire like a assistant to do that First two hours of work No very very important that that those

First few hours on Monday are very very Important this first day of the week Have staff meetings and like what is our Plan for the week you know you really Need to set up the whole week and and Even if you could in theory which I Can't but even if you could and you come In at 11 then Tuesday you're in the same Boat as you were Monday true otherwise You'll be tired Tuesday so if you're Going six Tuesday you're just delaying Monday anyway if you go in 11 then then Every day you wake up in 11 then on the Weekends you sleep until 2 p.m you're Just delaying it sounds like you don't Got that balance right now The best thing you've got to try and do Is just try consistently work at the Same time even on weekends yeah I bought the bullets on Mondays but at Least during the week drive again if you I'm gonna try my best I'll try my best So I mean it's been nice like the fact That like I've been I've done so much [ __ ] and it's only one o'clock I'm Sitting here going like damn bro Days are [ __ ] long when you wake up Early geez like I'm used to doing a Couple things and then like going to the Gym and like that's pretty much the end Of the day The reason that I used to do it I'm Saying when I started pick up 20 years Ago

Um I did it for three years maybe is That um you can get a lot more I I'm Gonna I I could get a lot more done at Night without the distractions you know The phone's not ringing it's quiet you Can just sit down Focus you know I was Building the website loading products Whatever I just wanted to be left alone And and the only time I had the time to Do that was the space to do that was the Night right Um I used to love it I love the nuts I Always do I find it like peaceful the Phone's not ringing out whereas often at Work Um being in the position that I am Um is very reactive so yeah yes the Staff know from from 7am Once Phillips In and they're not in there anyway until Maybe 10 a.m do not disturb me they're Not allowed to put calls through to me Nothing because I'm I'm you know sorting Out what we're doing next year on this Marketing Expo ad this big client needs Something for the event that's happening In seven months I'm doing long-term Focus thing the second I open those Flood gates that okay Phillips available I've already got seven messages of People who need to speak to the manager This that and I'm just reacting the rest Of the day you know I'm just okay let me Phone her back okay in order to help her I need to do XYZ you know so unless I

Prioritize those first three hours or Four hours to actually doing long-term Things whereas at night time I don't Have that I can really just focus and do What I need to do so that's why I used To do it but now as I say I just put Those things in place the mornings is Time for the staff like in the beginning And then for me to do what what I need To set up you know All right guys while kade's bending over To go he's falling asleep on his bee bag Already we we've got adamoka Brands Um expanding into the music metaverse With uh pixel legs or pixels

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