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Potentially have the rare files and that Was great then the second box that Everyone had everyone was automatically Expecting that same sort of vibe as the First one and even in the bear Market That second box was holding a 1.5 to 2 Ethereum floor yeah and what that came Out and did is they said to everyone Look there's going to be a snapshot in The next day or two this date this Particular date this time make sure you Don't trade around that date and time Right fair enough but it was a different Thing to what we used to with the Monoliths right so they did a snapshot All good and they said the snapshot's Going to be we're going to drop you a Monolith three now that should have been Our hint to what they did because why Drop us something if we you could Automatically assume it's not going to Be that you can reveal it literally Overnight they turned your monolith to The one that's been snapshot they turned It into this They unilaterally turned it into this This lacing engine nft so you went to Bed at night you had a monolith with a Floor price of about one and a half to Two ethereum and you wake up the next Morning and you had a lacing system Which has now got a floor price of 0.1 So that sat very yeah that sat quite Hard because they they literally

Converted what you had into this without Any heads up and everyone was expecting To get more from it with that said Remember there was a snapshot so anyone Who held is going to be getting the Model of three they were only going to Drop the monolith 3 Um next year but because of all the fat As a result of this and I'm going to get Into the shoes soon but as a result of This and I'll tell you what this is Which leads to the shoes Um they decided to drop the monolith X Which is the monolith box three now so Everyone got airdropped yesterday a Monitor three box you can see mostly Because of the fat it's sitting at half An eighth I sorry at 0.6 uh five I full Disclosure I got airdropped one and I Bought another three off the floor Maybe that maybe that maybe answers I'm Still believing these guys like he can't Believe but hold on we're not there We're not there yet They're 0.63 right now it's gonna go Down you gotta sell No no no later bro's coming down it's Coming down it was sitting at one Ethan I put in a 0.6 whatever Um it's really gone down I think it's Gonna bounce but the point is this the Point is this hold on the point is this And there's a lot here they came out After all the fat now the fud was also

Linked to this the other part of this What is this this is basically a Guaranteed ability to Mint their shoes Which we're gonna get into which are Really like controversially I think they Sicken Theory but I don't like the Design but either way Um so it's a discount it's white list to Mint and a 20 discount to Um if you miss so you basically have to Pay for the shoes right yeah and and so You know the community felt like they Being monetized and treated as consumers Instead of as being a part of the Project right and they since came out With a tweet and and said and I've got The Tweet we'll get this Um that they have made a mistake and That they're going to rectify it and They are going to give you the what you Come to expect in the next monolith that They've just air dropped early to you so What I'm saying is that before all of This the monolith II was sitting at a Point one uh 1.5 to 2eath floor so Straight away the the reason that these Aren't 1.5 to 2 ethers just because of The fat they should be 1.5 to 2 e Because at that time we thought they Were going to do similar to what they Did in the previous first monolith now They've made a mistaken model of two the Flaws drop to point one and now they've Said we're gonna do that in this next

Monolith So in theory these are worth One and a half to two ethereum so I'm Happy to buy the fud I also bought a Couple of crypto kicks uh boards I've Been going mad bro this is the time to Buy so answer everybody's question Philip has not gone out of and been Flooded out of the artifact system in Fact no it's even more convicted after They've had a uh a slew of different Decisions that have you know gone one Way or the other I don't know dude Here's what I think I think when you Start to go this deep and you start to Create this much stuff within the Ecosystem it's just ultra high risk it's Like Doodles when they start to venture Into more and more and more it I think The value has no place to go but Sometimes down at least temporarily just Because we don't know what's going on And you know obviously like the more There is the less it's worth just Because of Supply demand Um but I think it's also necessary and I Think it's it's okay if we get away from Everything being about money going up in Price it's okay for like us to I don't Know Evolve I guess but still bro find it at 0.6 I feel like I feel like that's a Mistake I don't know that's just me yes I'm not buying it not buying it at 0.6 Buying three at point six let's just

Make it very very clear all right oh man And and it's simply because they're Worth one and a half ethereum that's Their value that's what they worth we Saw three days ago they were said the Box before this when no one knew what Was happening we're sitting at one and a Half ethereum that's what they worth all Day Um and once all the fudders get out and The people who are upset now look I do Believe they made a mistake and and they Made another mistake so let's talk

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