REVIEWING THE TOP 10 NFTs OF ALL TIME! Bored Ape Yacht Club, DeGods, Azuki, Solana Monkey Business

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In today's video I'm gonna be making a Tearless based off of your favorite nfts Or well the world's favorite nfts as We're looking at the top 10 nfts ranked On both the ethereum and the Solana Blockchain we're gonna look at pfps and We're gonna compare them side by side And find out our favorites oh and hey my Name is Jersey welcome on back to the Channel I know it's been a very long Time since I've uploaded but uh I'm back Kind of so I am going to be using coin Gecko for today's video looking at the Top 10 nfts on both the ethereum and the Solana blockchains and just going over The artwork and yada yada and these Rankings are going to be from the last 24 hours so it's a little bit more up to Date 24 hours to keep it a little bit More in the time frame of relevancy so Starting off with number one which I Wasn't really expecting anything Different it's still gonna be board Apache Club over on the ethereum Blockchain current floor price is 63 000 US dollars with a market cap of 600 Million dollars in a 24 hour sales Volume of seven hundred thousand US Dollars All right so without further Ado like I Said let's look at some of the artwork Let's take a look at what's on the floor And let's just kind of compare and Contrast what we got going on here and

The second highest Mark yeah it's crypto Punks I mean simply put we have we have A pixel Punk with 12 different pixels And then we have a drawn out ape with Some color missing in the helmet what The happened what what happened Here bro hey yo this looks really bad I'm giving it to the ape I'd rather pfp And ape for art purposes although this Thing is ugly as how do I make open C dark time it's so bright I hate it Next up at number two we have or well Number three we have mutant ape Yacht Club and we're gonna reverse it versus The number four which is going to be Azuki Elementals which are just azuki so Take a floor mute nape take a floor oh No these aren't Elementals sorry guys Can't cheat although they're the same Artwork what the is this so I'm not Gonna lie and be like a complete liar Here I love the azuki artwork I've Always been a fan of it I wanted to buy One when they were at 10 ethereum and I'm so glad that I didn't because they Died but I've also always loved mutant Abe's artwork as well and always won the Pfp one just as much if I'm comparing The floors here I'm gonna go with the Elemental this mutant is Next up we have wrapped crypto punks Which I can't really it's just a crypto Punk uh we have better have my Money three thousand dollar floor price

Eight hundred thousand dollar cap and uh Almost 200 Grand uh 24 hour volume what Is this well we're comparing it to Grails three mint pass it's a pass I I Can't even let's take a look at the mint Pass Rihanna wins Rihanna Rihanna Wins okay I'm telling you guys right Here right now Rihanna wins okay okay Take it how you want I'm sorry Coming in at number nine we have what The FW dude ethereum is down bad Guys okay come come here come a little Closer come here what is going on on the Ethereum blockchain someone please tell Me I'm so confused and then we Have captains captains with a z let's go Over back over here it opens I can't Even like rate these oh what the You've given up all hope ten thousand Dollars for for what oh it's by nine gag Nine gag meme land they're just dropping Literal meme FTS that turn into this for For ten thousand what the ah Solana We're back to my home playing field We're gonna compare the top 10 Solana Nfts somehow Tera robotics is up in 12 ABCs and 13 don't know how that's even Possible I'm sorry I'm not trying to Talk but you know what I mean mad Lads SMB famous foxes The Heist up there Number four still doing really Good the Orcs are somehow number are we Sure this is from the right year okay so

Since I'm familiar with uh with Solana We're just gonna use magic Eden and look Through these the right way alrighty Coming up first with SMB gen 3 I Actually revealed three of these today And it didn't go too well I lost some Money but SMB gen 3 we're just gonna Pull up a floor like the very floor I'm Gonna be honest I think they're really Clean they're doing really good so far They've made a ton of money in Royalties on these and the barrels so Bro drops to SMB bro but I'm gonna beat A little Solana DJ and look at the best Ones because SMB gen 3 some of the good Ranks are beautiful Um so yeah number two is SMB barrels It's a Barrel bro We have mad Lads at number three which I'm a huge fan of mad Lads I think They've had like probably some of the Best pfp like art you can relate to in a Long time on Solana that and I mean I Guess to you guys when they were on Solana were like some of the most Relatable pfps you could have Um but yeah man I'm a huge fan of mad Lads I think they're doing things right That they're clean bro they're Good they're good I take this over a gen 3 I'm not gonna lie Soul Casino IO is at A 52 Solana 4 price with again this is a This is an art review video we're Reviewing the top 10 nfts of all time

They're cool I wouldn't pfp it though That's just me personally guys I'm not Pfping a soul Casino bear I don't think They're clean I mean okay so let me take That back I think they're clean to an Extent for personal standards I just Wouldn't pfp and I'm not gonna lie They're dope they're doing huge things The casino's sick I've lost a lot of Money over there this one's fire How many are listed wait what like 20 22 Next up we have SMB Gen 2 surprise Surprise the monkeys are pumping and Dumping we'd love to see it SMB the Original SMB monkey dial Slaughter Monkey Business yada yada yada they've Always been a staple of Solana and They're clean I with them I'd pfp1 Again trans-dimensional famous foxes the Pixelated foxes are back at it again uh I wouldn't bfp one they are clean I do Rate them pretty high up there in my List I give them a B plus uh Heist the Monkeys are cool I wouldn't pfp one I Would pfp a gorilla to be honest some of The gorillas I've seen like I'd pfp the out of this this thing is sexy I'd Also pfp enough oh my God I would bfp That you kind of looked like me Ipf be a gorilla from the uh Uh Heist nice Bo dagos the boy easy you Love to see it chat you love to see a Chat but doggos are clean but dogs are Cute I'd pfp one and I actually do own

One so I'm happy with it shout out to Easy congratulations my boy love you man They're clean I give them an a easy Famous Fox Federation we've seen them Time and time again they're a clean pfp They've been here forever I'm giving Them a B plus I might I might like the Foxes more than bodagos I'm not gonna Lie maybe in a asset Dash uh F minus Clanosaurs I'm not a huge fan of the Artwork I'm not gonna lie I can Understand clay knows and why they're Like super pfps are kind of sexy hang on Whoa I didn't know you could do this What the Planet Source I give him a B i give them an A plus for artwork for Personal opinion on I wouldn't do it I Don't it's not really for me or my style I'm like a horror little djin dark kind Of vibe or like a pixelated Vibe or both Shouts out to my project obsidian on Twitter real quick okay I got logged out Nice UJ edit obsidian over my face right Here I'm making a boutique one of one Dell auction based private invite kind Of project for Alpha Dow IRL stuff There's a lot coming for it I'm making My own pixel horror version project as Well and experiments are going to be up There soon so uh yeah a little plug and Then we have soap soblins Soblins these look like Moon Birds mixed With those little like uh owl things we Had a while ago that were pixelated what

The is this ah what happened to Solana bro but yo that's gonna be it for Me hopefully you guys enjoyed this kind Of funny quick little video I just had Fun with it man looking at some artwork From time to time and yo uploads are Coming back baby hopefully hopefully Uploads are coming back it's been your Boy Jersey subscribe to the channel turn Around notifications like the video I'm Gonna do a stream soon okay have a great Day later boys

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