Reddit has 18 Million Digital Collectables!

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Reddit launches more polygon nfts after Already minting 18 million avatars but This time they're actually teaming up With an nft collection Cool Cats because Their Community there over on Reddit They don't like the word nft they like The word digital collectible online Discussion platform Reddit has quickly Become one of the biggest brands tied to Nfts with more than 18 million of its Polygon based collectible avatars minted Over the last year and now it has Dropped another huge set of options Reddit's collectible avatars Generation 4 drop titled retro reimagined two days Ago pulling together an array of artists Riffs on the site's iconic snow alien Mascot from dozens of creators in Addition to artists who were featured in Previous drops and others from the Reddit Community the drop includes nfts Based on the cool cast profile pictures As well as artists Micah Johnson's Aku Nft character

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