Recur SHUTS DOWN… the latest NFT FAIL with BIG NAME BACKERS #nft #cryptoasset

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An nft platform named recur is shutting Down despite 50 million dollars raised And big name backers recurr is the Latest nft centered firm with big name Partnerships to announce its platform is Shutting down Tommy Pickles here is Upset as you can see he's pissed The Entity startup recurs said on Friday That its web 3 platform is winding down Unable to weather the chills of crypto Winter despite hosting the IP of several Big Brands like Hello Kitty and Nickelodeon recursed platform will Steadily lose its core features The Firm Said in a blog post that includes the Ability for users to withdraw and a Tease from recur Cash Out stablecoin Balances and trade Collectibles out of Recur hosted marketplaces so if you have Any recur nfts on recur get them and own Them yourself don't keep them on the Platform because soon you will lose Access to them recur noted that there Was unprecedented demand for its TV Packs that contain profile pictures nfts Of Nickelodeon characters like Tommy Pickles from the rudrats pack opening Will be disabled in November recur said On Friday

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