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So Machi Big Brother we've talked about Him on this channel before you went on a Buying spree over the weekend and he Bought two Mega mutants Mega mutants are The rarest the new Navy yacht clubs in The collection they are all one of ones Featuring a mega mutation of certain Traits amongst the 12 existing Mega Mutants five were from the public Miu Yacht Club mint the first 10 000 mutants These are mune API club numbers all Those numbers each featuring a mega Mutation of new trades not seen in Board Of yacht club or Munich yacht club Before radioactive electric demon jelly And swamp the other seven are Mega Mutants caused by board Apes ingesting The M3 serum these have caused the Existence of the following Mega mutants The noise deathbot robot zombie DMC Trippy and gold there were am3 serums Airdropped randomly to border Yacht Club Holders and today only one Remains the Popular consensus is that the remaining Mega mutant to be reeled is a mega Cheetah the whole Board of Yacht Club Community awaits for the day when the Last of Mega mutin gets revealed

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