PUMA to Launch “Super PUMA” NFT Collection for 75th Anniversary

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You think brother yeah be super careful With that all right then another another Bullish big way to Brand we've got Puma Puma's already been in the space they Haven't been doing much they had their Nitro Parts we'll go have a look at it Um they've had that for quite a while Sitting there Um you know you know me I'm a very very Big clone X Um Nike uh a believer in web 3 Um and then you know it did US I've I Still hold my pfp of the Adidas one and Two Um so pure me in my mind's always been Number three as far as web 2 clothing Brands that are in web3 because if you Just look at the market cap of Nike Versus the market cap of Adidas versus Puma it goes in that order Nike's the Biggest then it did is it quite a far Way down as Puma now that doesn't mean That they can't you know overtake Adidas Puma can't overtake it did us at Nike in Web 3. um it's unlikely that they're Going to take their overtake them in web 2 but nice to see that they they're Coming out with their nft collection Specifically for the 75th anniversary Three it's going to be this old Character of theirs that used to be Um their character in our old series Which is quite cool I always like Nostalgia in the web three space and

This guy that you're looking at he was First published in in super Puma comics In the 70s so I always like that you Know me I'm a collector at heart and I Like to see when brands are embracing That side of it it's going to be a 10 000 collection four thousand is going to Be airdropped um to people who own the Nitro the Puma Nitra nft which we'll go Look at now another 2000 is going to be Airdrop to the 10K TF Community which is Quite bullish because that means that There's something going on between puma And 10K TF and then 4000 will be Available for the uh to the public Through a white list right so that's the Basic uh facts about this Um and yeah just an interesting one to See Yes um I love that as well I love the Little character that they have I think That's awesome actually taking Some notes from the friends it seems Like but 10K that's interesting I wonder That is interesting that's very Interesting I'm not sure but do you have Any thoughts on like what that Potentially could be Uh you know my initial feeling would be Something to do with you know that Puma That 10K TF has got the the store where You can do backpacks and stuff like that Or shoes or caps with nfts on maybe They've done a a deal together where

After they launched this collection wag Me some will open the shop to allow some Merch with their Um a new Puma super Puma logon that Would be my inkling but I have no Knowledge of it whatsoever and I don't Know but that would be my inkling of it Yeah I could not I can't think of one I Don't I don't know what it would be if Anyone has any thoughts on that Definitely let us know because I I do Not have anything also I see Janet Saying uh don't have anything in emails On the coinbase app here's the watch List guys if you want to join up you go To puma.eath Um so let's just show you over here it's Just at Puma so the thing I'm looking at You know people can put any name they Want at top but you want it to be at Puma is the thing that matters and it's Got a gold tick right and if you go There there's a thread about this drop And you'll see here I'm discovering it With you Um as you scroll down within that thread There's links to the whitelist raffle as Well as the Nitro collection which we're Going to look at but I actually haven't Entered this so I want to do that so Let's do that okay we're gonna follow Them on Twitter so let's do that and There are many questions I don't know if You said this but their mint price is

0.15 if Yeah So I am following them already We're gonna retweet this now there is a Problem that when I join the Discord When I'm streaming my audio gets messed Up but I'm gonna do it so if it gets Messed up I'm sorry once it gets Unmessed up I'll come back okay let me Know when I start sounding funny I will Wait for it as this could have happened It's gonna happen Is it you'll see now it's like guys Give it a second it's gonna be that Crazy [Music] Has it gone crazy yet Still yeah That's what happens okay I'm already and I'm already in all right So let's see if I say click to register Let's see what happens and let it check Everything Boom registered let's close Discord And hopefully within a few seconds while Sam will come back Where did you find that as well It's good it's good where'd you find That premium link you said So it's on Puma's page and and then They've got this treat that says we're Proud to celebrate our 75th anniversary And then it's a threat and then about Five down into there you'll see it's got

The official weightless raffle and then Here's the Nitro collection which Guarantees you whitelist sitting at 0.44 That's way way up so obviously I'm not You know some people have You can see here the last couple of days Has really really gone up Um In your wallet by the way For people who did not know you need 0.05 ethernet wallet at the time that You sign this thing so or like the time Actually like that you know that okay That helps a hang of a lot bro with uh Yeah Um but It's it's true Yeah so so yeah so I mean that that's Really quite bullish Um in general look at 10 000 collection In this market even if you are pubes is Quite quite a lot you know in my mind Yes there have been the the the sum of The Blue Chips pumping but overall that Volume is all going to the big Um couple of collections there's not Much happening Um everywhere else uh so yes there are Opportunities with the with the bigger Collections and you know one or two Months here and there that are really Taking off but for the most part the Market to me it's just my own feeling is Still very very depressed and very very

Down yeah Um also I was gonna say speaking of uh Weightless and like getting into these Things cedify has an nft coming out very Soon and the annoying thing about their Project is you have to buy it with their Snfts which is like their coin or Whatever and I was able to do it I got Wireless through the Doge pounds but There's a big opportunity for you guys Who if you guys know cd5 is a massive Massive platform but they are having a Drop coming in in like three days but You can still enter that there's also a Quite a few communities that I've been Able to get whitelists just check out The communities that you think might Have access to it that are part of like C defies thing and they have a drop Coming soon which is gonna be really Cool them it's like 200 bucks I expect It'll do well they just did a whole AMA With champ and it got like a thousand People in there so we'll see how it does But it just kind of came to my mind of Other things happening but the Puma Thing's cool dude I can't believe their Thing pumped to 0.44 so it looks like People have forgotten about how shitty The first round was and they're like it Puma's gonna win this time So look the interesting thing about Puma Is they're they're in my opinion their Web3 rollout hasn't been as bad as

Adidas to be quite honest I mean you Know you were able at least to claim Your shoes from Puma for free I mean Even knock charge you for those right Um so Pumas actually you know they They've they've done pretty well in my Opinion Um considering I mean they they weigh in Web 2 they're way way way under and now I can Adidas but in web 3 they Definitely doing in my mind a bit better Than it did us so interesting Um I am still getting used to this

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