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[Music] What is going on everybody welcome back To another episode of nft alpha it's Your host Taco here hope you had a good Weekend this week mft sales surged 31 This week as Bitcoin nfts secure second Place in blockchain sales nft sales Witnessed a minor rise last week Registering a humble increase of around 1.46 that's nothing compared to the Preceding week the cumulative value of Nft sales amounted to 149 million Dollars from April 29th to May 6th Nevertheless the most recent week Exceeded anticipation as sales Skyrocketed by 31 percent Throughout the seven day interval nft Sales attained almost 210 million Dollars the substantial rise in this Week's nft sales can be accredited to The appearance of nfts originating from The Bitcoin blockchain Bitcoin based nft Sales gained significant momentum Bitcoin nft sales have emerged as a key Contributor in the digital collectible Sales landscape among 21 distinct Blockchains as per cryptoslam.io which We love using here at nft Alpha Data documented on May 14 2023 ethereum Nft sales continued to reign supreme With almost 115 million in nft sales However the runner-up positioned was Held by Bitcoin based nfts also known as Ordinal inscriptions and if you've been

Watching nft Alpha we were talking about Inscriptions like two months ago so uh Be sure to check out those videos so um I'll also leave this article if you want To learn more we're heading over to Crypto slam it looks like in the last 10 Hours and other Deeds sold for 228 Thousand dollars and this D God has a Story behind it it was actually stolen And the guy that stole it sold it for 99 Ethereum which is about 180 000 it was Sold 16 hours ago for 178k and then it Was sold six minutes ago for 180k for a Cool 2 000 profit followed by sandbox Land haven't seen sandbox land up in the Top 10 and it sold for 171k okay maybe There's something uh going on in sandbox That we don't know about and then a Board eight sold for 115k followed by Two crypto punks and then just under 100K another board eight I'm gonna have To do some more research because I have No idea what the Mythos blockchain is Never heard of it literally just popped Up here today and uh they had the the Top volume transactions buyers Sellers And a 1.6 million in sales it's up 45 in The last 24 hours azuki's on the top They had a million dollars in sales A decent amount of buyers more sellers But that's still good ordi brc20 nfts on Bitcoin so this one is what that other Article was talking about they almost Had a million dollars in sales a cool

860 000 a lot of transactions a lot of Buyers and not that many Sellers and Then uh D Gods came in at number four With uh a quarter million the captains By meme land came in fifth block Lord's Banner haven't heard of this one it's on Immutable x uh kind of sinking in uh Sales but hey they're on the top of the List and uh seventh and eighth and even Ninth Yuga Labs you got board Apes new Napes and the other Deeds so if you've Been trading meme coins if you follow Um big boy crypto if you follow us at Entity Alpha then you probably heard About this guy Ben dot e it's the Ben Saga how eth underscore Ben went from Being a small nft influencer to raising Almost 7 million dollars in under 72 Hours Ben has arguably been one of the Most controversial figures on crypto Twitter in the past few days not only Did he launch dollar sign Ben and he Worked with big boy crypto but he also Did one of the biggest pre-sales of the Current meme season but from the Beginning who is eth underscore Ben Ben Has been active in the nft space since May of 2021 the first nft he bought was The artwork by Ola Volo siren of glass And I'm assuming that's the first nft he Bought right there Ben has been an Active member of the nft community from Then on not only in the board API Club But also in Moon Birds hopefully he

Didn't buy the top of moon birds at 40 East but hey he's got 7 mil in his Pocket so what the hell does he he care All right so he went for Moon birds from Whom he parted ways after the CCO Decision in public dispute I wouldn't go So far to call him an influencer though Proof moonbirds had such a good chance To be a hit instead they held their Their holders with very little regard And that just doesn't fly in web 3. we See you I'd be worried about a lawsuit If I were Kevin Rose Justin mezzell or Anyone else involved oh that's not a Good look he had casually tweeted on and Off about events in web 3 but was not Known as a big voice he was not involved In any major scandals or controversies Either his goal of a reach on nft Inspect was pretty Irrelevant for a long Time but that was about to change so you Can see his reach right here in comes Meme coin season Ben changed his whole Personality with the start of the Pepe Run and the meme coin season Ben tweeted From then on in all caps and started to Shill non-stop Pepe flips Sheba today Then doge is on the table sell all Tokens for Pepe now we have been warning You for days this helped with his Engagement as the Pepe Community is Pretty strong we saw this with many Other people in the space as well Pepe Equaled engagement so they shill it

Hundreds of times a day I mean hey you Gotta you gotta play the game right Ben's story could have ended there Another irrelevant influencer turned Mean coin Chiller like we've seen in the Hundreds on our timeline for a few weeks Now I'm gonna take a pause right there If you are uh telling your audience About these coins early in a way where It's not Financial advice you're telling Them to do their own research you're Also warning them that they can lose Everything that this is literally Gambling I don't have a problem with any Influencer telling Their audience about Any coin it's all personal preference And it's up to the person to be a smart Investor or a smart Gambler when they're Getting into these meme coins they are Not legitimate projects that are going To be building utility for the next Coming years it's literally a meme folks Take it with a grain of salt so he Launched dollar sign and Ben probably Inspired by the Pepe Ben launched his Own memecoin Ben the pre-sale raised 55 East from 329 wallets and closed on May 5th at the beginning it didn't look very Promising the coin was trending down he Continued to tweet more let me keep it Objective pointless tweets still all Caps and little substance once again This is where the story could have ended Someone launches a coin the coin goes to

Zero everyone moves on it as if nothing Has happened but that was not the case Because on May 8th this happened dollar Side Ben is live people all want to Invest in themselves and now Benz can do That the facts the coin has my name we Have a Bend dial on Telegram beds are Better than Jeff's so we should easily Take over jeffcoin as the number one Name on the blockchain Ben skyrocketed Afterwards Big Boy continued to tweet About Ben and joined the team officially On May 9th so I will leave this in the Description if you want to read the Details but I'm just going to get to the End where now it gets a little more Juicier now Ben he came out with psyops And it was another pre-sale the pre-sale Announcement was shared the same day From the beginning he leveraged the Band's success for credibility he was Able to raise and this was as of two Hours ago I believe this number is Higher in less than a week essentially He raised over 5.3 million dollars this is a pre-sale So people had to send their eth to this Address not knowing anything about it Other than who the Creator was which is Eth underscore Ben uh yeah he was able To secure this this much for a pre-sale For a coin that hadn't come out yet I'll Let you determine your own uh Conclusions about how you feel about

This but it's web 3 and it's pretty Amazing that we're in the stage of the Cycle where someone could come out with A token and ask for uh allocations and He secures over five million dollars so That's hey I gotta I gotta give the guy A pat on the back because that's that's Incredible uh fundraising never thought I'd talk about this guy on nft Alpha but Hey I bet you pulse chain is gonna have Nfts why but why am I saying pulse chain Because it's out pulse chain is out so This is the Tweet you can uh you can add Post chain to your metamats now or your Web3 wallet you can go through his uh His most recent tweets he's pretty much Giving everybody some information on how To get their pulse pulse X tokens how to Bridge how to add hex to their wallet so It's been a long time in the making Folks but uh pulse chain is here all Right so let's see what is minting on Cardano so we're over on cnft calendar Let's see Psy psychos very small too Small for me Iota robot club Apes decent Amount of Twitter followers nothing to Uh go crazy about and their Discord Looks a little sketchy I don't think They have 108 000 people in there Urban Monkeys decent Twitter Discord looks Comparative so that's all right there Mystery chess big X Brave S1 They have a pretty big Twitter let's Check this guys out every one to two

Months the big and brave will launch a Collectible chess theme based on sponsor Okay that is designed by the block owls Team okay okay let's look let's if you Don't know what the block owls are they Have one two three four five collections That I could see right here it's like This it's almost like a toy before it's Out of the box but it's pretty cool Because it's animated so that's the Block owls okay so it's the same team as The block owls each Mystery chest will Have a hidden prize inside and it is up To the participant to decide what they Want to do keep the collectible can be Open burned at any time burn the chest And receive the random nft or cardano Token inside three sell their chest to Someone else prizes and rewards inside The chest will vary each month depending On the supply price X price of that Season not every chess can have great Prizes but even the worst chests will Still come with a white list nft token For our next season I think that's it For today guys make sure to give us a Photo on and it's the alpha on Twitter And of course you're probably watching This on YouTube so I'd appreciate it if You hit that follow button until next Time Taco out

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