Proof NFT Grails III has been revealed

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At the end what happens Um can't wait for that let's jump Straight into proof ecosystem Um everyone knows my feeling on proof Um you know I was a big fan Um and Kevin Rose is definitely a Builder in the space look up to him also With two um Native and a lot of success From that perspective however when he Went CCO I was incredibly pissed off I Was a moon bird holder Um and you know on their website I Clearly said that they were not CCO Um that that they were yours and you Could do what you wanted them and they Were protected and then unilaterally he Went and did that his he sent back back A little bit from from proof I mean he's Still completely evolved like he was but He's not he's not putting himself out There as much but there was a spaces That I heard about the other day where He said no it's time to put himself out There and he's going to do what he Thinks is right Um he admits that they were wrong about CC the way they handled CCO not about Going CCO so the first thing that's uh That's been happening is that the Grails Have been announced Um and as I said there is still you know The anniversary coming up here and I do Think that proof is going to start Coming out with some announcements and

That's why I bought that Oddity Um you know I don't really want to spend 90th or whatever it is at the moment to Get into the main collection Um I'm still a bit uh hurt from from the CCO debacle however Um I did see it as an opportunity Because if it's always good when the Main collection is pumping and then the Secondary collection follows there's Usually a lag Um so if you're seeing the main Collections pump and there it's an inner Ecosystem which has secondary Collections it's always good so I saw That um the birds went from about six And a half seventies all the way to nine And a half up or not it is quickly Flipped it I'm looking to buy again Because I do think that they're going to Do something Um so they've got the Grails coming on The 17th of Jan Um which is what about 11 seven days Away and that's really interesting Always great artists coming out there All holders get an airdrop to them Um and uh yeah they've also you know Come out here they've had this video Which I wanted to show you [Music] Okay So that's pretty much it Um so it was yeah always different

Artists obviously random and if you get One of the you know bigger artists in The collection you're always in the Money like big time Um so a bit of a lottery good gamified Really good to see Um and again yeah 20 artists 20 pieces Of our choose wides the Um And you can see here they slowly showing You different ones So yeah man that's what they do but Definitely one as I said that has been Quiet and I do think after the Grails we Will start to see stuff come out from Them Um and yeah it's going to be good They've got the anniversary coming up I'm keeping a close eye on them I do Think that there's opportunities to get In and get out and get in and get out Right yeah yeah I got too much to sound though

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