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[Music] What is going on everybody welcome back To nft Alpha the channel that brings you The wildest nft sales upcoming nft mint And mind-blowing nft news handpicked by Me Taco so give us a follow over on YouTube at nft Alpha on X nft Alpha show And on Tik Tok at nft Alpha show so We're going to start over on X season 6 Is coming get ready for the boss fight And keep your eyes on the prize evolve Your heavy metal so if you look at this Graphic right here explore plus battle Journey into the rift plus fight the Rift boss collect plus build last chance For amps plus improve Rift stats to grow Your power score and number three evolve Plus four John transform your heavy into Its evo2 form so it's ready for what's Next so this was about eight days ago Season 6 is here hey hey now that was Fast so what's new in season six all Right you heavy metals it's time to put That training to use the rift boss has Arrived and it's time time to rumble so These items are specific for season 6 That you can only get if you get the Game pass which I'll show you later on In the video let's see what else we can Learn all right so here are the season Updates there is no escaping the rift Boss in this season's missions get votes For each completed task completing all Tasks in a mission will give a passive

Vote for each day for more info head to The forge FAQ all right here's the rift Boss well that's the item you get if you Beat the rift boss you're standing on The boss fight leaderboard will Determine the type of amp you receive And how much of a power score modifier Is earned in addition the top 1,000 Players will receive a small AP coin Reward I love me some AP coin all right So let's head over to the FAQ and learn About this Rift boss he looks uh pretty Pissed that's right the rift boss has Touchdown and is ready to ruin your Heavy metals day but you know all that Energy you generated and augments you've Been building and beefing up well it's Finally time to put them to the test Hunting for the rift boss as always Before you begin an exploration you'll Need to select your difficulty level and I'll show you what this means so bear With me now you'll also be able to Toggle between the usual Rift Exploration mode and a rift boss mode Which will give you a chance of Encountering the big bad boss you'll Know when you see them the rift B is Beefier in power and size than your Run-of-the-mill Rift enemies not only Will it be bigger but you'll also notice It has some enhanced attack and shield Stat even though the rift boss is the Biggest baddy in the rift there are

Still ways to triumph over it and gather Some sweet sweet shards which depending On how many you have at the end of Season six will determine your placement On The Shard leaderboard look for seals To get a leg up so essentially these Seals are barriers that you have to Destroy and if you destroy them then it Will weaken the boss every Shield you Break will weaken the rift boss's Shield If you find enough Shields you could Potentially battle the rift boss with no Shield and even weakened battery check This out so let's see if I could uh blow This up for you guys was a little too Much maybe I could just scroll down now Hey look at that all right so if you Just break one the rift boss's Shield Will be 80% and his health will be 100 So if you get at least five he will have Zero Shield but 100 Health if you get up To like eight nine or 10 we're looking At 70 60 50% of the boss's health is Diminished before you even fight him so So I recommend finding these barriers so You can get a leg up on your competition If the rift boss wins a fight and he Defeats your heavy metal you will Receive zero shards and you will return To your Forge with half the items in Your battle bag but if you win you will Collect shards the number of shards the Rift boss will drop after your Victory Depends on the difficulty of the fight

And the number of turns in combat the Fewer turns it takes you to defeat the Rift boss the higher your shards Multiplier will be so pick your moves And your your infusions wisely the more Shards you collect throughout the season The higher you will place on the shards Leaderboard those who are at the top of The shards leaderboard will be rewarded In AP coin all right so here are the Base number of shards per battle bag the Best one gets you 200 and the worst one Gets you 100 and it goes up by 25 it Looks like every single heavy metal Rarity and then uh don't forget to get The F out of there after you defeat the Rift boss you're going to still need to Find the portal to exit so you can take Home all those sweet shards and Fragments and biotic material and Tech Fragments and here are the eight coin Rewards for climbing the leaderboard at The end of the season so if you are Ranked number one you'll receive almost 4,000 apoin at today's prices that's Around $4,000 you will receive one extra Amp on top of the season's amp and that Will be an epic Rarity with a power Score of 15 so let's say you get 10th Place you'll get about 4 435 AP coin You'll get an epic amp with a power Score of 9.5 and if you are 1,000 plus You will get nothing and you will get a Common amp with 1% power boost or power

Score so you're going to want to be in The top 1,000 in order to get any AP Coin Rewards or to get a a sweet amp Rarity so that is the game guide for you Guys now let's check out Taco fighting The rift boss all right so this is the Home screen there's my heavy metal right There let's load her on up isn't he so Cute it's it's okay it's okay the one Thing I recommend for uh Yuga is to Speed up this loading process it goes From like one screen to another screen To another screen all right so do you Guys like my land I've got uh seven cows On my land and uh I I cleaned up my Tiles before I film this for you guys Because I wanted it to look nice and Clean and pristine just for you all Right so you're going to want to go to The rift right here and as soon as you Click on the rift you will be presented With this screen exploration mode and You have to choose your biome so there's The Canyons Citadel Aro and the main Frame we're going on the Citadel and Then right under that you have to choose If you want to fight the boss or not and We're clicking yes and then you have to Choose your difficulty I am able to Fight monsters on the apocalypse mode But I tried to fight the rift boss and I Died in like two shots so we're going to Go to a a lesser difficulty and uh this One's called spicy and it's about 400

Energy in the top leftand corner you can See my energy and real quick if you go To my previous videos where I cover Heavy metal forge it's a complete guide On how to even get to this point because You're going to have to build tiles You're going to have to upgrade those Tiles you're going to have to venture to The other portals and then you have to Eventually reach the rift portal so you Can open it this isn't something you can Do in one day it's going to take a few Weeks to get to this point and that's Why we're on season six each season was Three weeks long now you can see how uh The progression of this game is evolving To where it was just okay here's your Land start building tiles okay now you Can venture out into these other biomes Okay now you can fight the rift boss Aren't you guys so excited I am so right Now I'm I'm choosing what I'm going to Bring into my battle bag because I don't Want to die like I did on the apocalypse Mode again cuz we're on the spicy mode So I put a little amp in my bag that Increases my battery and then I also put A infusion in there which will increase My damage output and I was a little Crazy I had like five batteries cuz I Had no idea how hard this guy was going To be but you only need like two or Three if you're going to go into like The spicy mode you're M you're probably

Going to need more if you're going to go Into apocalypse but it's going to take You a long time to rank up your heavy Metal with all of its augments and Pretty much its abilities all right so Here I am venturing through the rift Trying to find me the rift boss there Was that pillar that you have to destroy To weaken the rift boss right in the Middle here you can see there's six on This biome at at the moment and you know I'm I'm Scavenging I'm finding me some Items some rare items ooh I found myself An enemy so these are the easy enemies The ones that are maybe like one two Shot and they're dead I'm going to one Shot this guy okay there's still a Little sound that's good all right I Found myself another battle I'm going to One shot this guy also yeah fror oo I Found myself another barrier to destroy All right two out of six kind is going To be easy when I get to him easy like Four shots dead man this place was Filled with enemies in the top left hand Corner you can see my energy levels the More you travel the more your energy Goes down and to refuel you're going to Have to consume one of those batteries So you can Venture for a longer period Of time because as soon as your energy Is depleted or as soon as you die from An enemy that's it you lose half the Items in your battle bag battle bag

Right there found myself a chest another Barrier to break all right I'm halfway Done with my barriers and you know just Scavenging finding me some items nothing Another enemy going to one tap man I'm Undefeated right now undefeated so I'm Going to I'm going to pause right there And I'm going to show you guys real Quick all right so I open the bag so you See this symbol right here this is an Uncommon item so is this one this one is Legendary and this one is common so what I'm doing is I'm picking up the Legendary and the Epic items if I find Them the common and The Uncommon I don't Really need anymore because my heavy Metal is past that stage so I picked up That wave lens augment and I picked up That gemstone which is a legendary Gemstone and I'm going to continue Traveling see what I find I think we're Getting close to the battle guys what Was that oh god oh sh everything is Getting all crazy now all right maybe I'm going to consume my battery nope go In without consuming my battery oh what Is that thing okay all right let's let's Use my sniper infusion so it increases My damage I lost a turn on that though Which is terrible cuz this guy does 340 Damage and I only have like 30 47 uh Energy right now I'm down to 209 energy Oh God how much is this 100 okay I'm Down to 109 energy let's use my super

Attack all right all right all right now He's down to 300 energy this is getting To a oh what does he do he he missed his Attack he missed his attack I have Another opportunity all right guys all Right let's use the Epic attack he only Has 312 left He's we did it guys we did it we got the Shards 125 shards let's go let's go woo All right let's let's compose oursel Here it's act like we've done this Before and let's see if he has any good Items o nice gemstone there all right Let's pick that up and let's get the F Out of here cuz uh I only got 133 left But um wait a second wait a second I got A battery holy now I got almost 800 Look at that 792 at the moment man I Could travel in this thing all day all Day okay all right and you know I'm Going to pick up these because I still Got room in my battle bags guys my bags Aren't even packed yet okay let's see What else I find another enemy let's Just one tap this guy and get out of Here and W defeated all right all right Oo there it is there it is folks found The exit but let me just pack my bags Real quick before I go home for the Holidays n f it let's just gather it all Because the exit is right there cuz You're going to need to find one of These in order to leave all right so you See the items I gathered my ex

Expedition time was about 6 minutes I Had eight fights I oted 15 chests and I Used two infusions but the real the real Prize here is the shards because the Shards are what is going to bump you up The leaderboards so you can win that Sweet AP coin all right let's continue Let's go back home let's go back home Boom and I unlocked the boss Emoji item Hell yeah let's put it next to my Mutant Ape Barrel there we go there we go boom There's my trophy I built it displayed It right on my land so people know I Beat the boss I just want to show show You guys a little bit more about what This game is because it's more than just I don't venturing around building tiles Killing enemies you're going to need a Head a chest eyes a body a back and a Weapon purples are epic and these Yellows are legendary so I'm going to Need to upgrade my weapon and my back to Legendary and even up here I can upgrade My whole entire heavy metal so yeah Those are all the ones I have you can See all of these are different stats With the battery can be better than mine But the radar can be worse gives you Special power ups gain 5% battery for Every 100 walkable tiles uh Shimmer Biomes are 10% more likely to appear so The Shimmer biomes are the fifth biome The only way to get into the Shimmer Biome is you got to go into one of the

Other four biomes and you got to find it You're you're not going to always find It I've only found it two and I probably Went to 20 Rifts so far see I don't Really have that many weapons I got to Get a better weapon and if I want to Upgrade so what I did over here is you Can craft keys and then you can use the Keys to open the loot boxes the loot Boxes might have rare epic legendary Items you just you you don't know so you Craft a key in order to open it and also I crafted a vax coil so this vax coil is Legendary that's that's great and uh you Can also add it to your inventory to Gain its bonus and right here is also Like crafting your crafting your items So this is the crafting station for all Of those items I just showed you if you Want to upgrade them you're going to Have to find the specific Tech stones or Biome material in order to actually add Them into this PowerUp and craft it and There's not always a 100% um probability Of crafting sometimes you get 70% Sometimes 50% and I'll come back here After a few hours and I'll see that it Failed so then I just got to throw it Away and try again so I don't have Enough see like there's three slots I Only have one legendary two of the epics Won't it won't work so in this section Are like powerups I have three at the Moment your heavy metals happiness will

Reach its Max for 15 minutes so when It's super happy and it travels across Tiles it gets more energy and then uh if You want to clean all of your tiles you Can use this power up because every so Often your heavy metal uh leaks some oil And it makes a mess of your tile so you Have to clean it and this power up gets Rid of all of that garbage and this one It would be good for a new person Because you don't start off with any Energy but uh use this power up you get Anywhere between 890 to 14,000 energy Which is good for again someone who just Starts playing and here are all the Tiles that you can potentially craft There's also a shop so you can get a Special tile Checker checker board right Here and if you want to get the game Pass it's about 1,500 gear and gear is Paid for an AP coin and last but not Least we have the voting mechanism so if You want to visit people's land if you Want to see their awesome Forge like I'm Doing right now this guy's got a sick For Forge looks like he spent a lot of Time on this and he's even in the fourth Portal you need 90 tiles in order to Even get to the fourth portal you know What I'm going to I'm going to up vote This guy I gave him a vote see mine mine Is nice and clean I haven't gone crazy With decorating yet I really want to Fill up this with all my cows cuz I

Think that'll look cool so yeah that is The forge heavy metal game I'll leave All of these links in the description so You can go through it and you know read Yourself get some knowledge going but That is all I got for today everybody Happy Friday have a great weekend be Blessed Taco Out

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