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What's up everybody assalamu alaikum Hope you're doing okay welcome to Another episode of nft Buzz my name is Yar Ramesh and in today's video we're Going to talk about ether nanopass and The criticism that they're facing from The nft community right now it's gonna Get pretty spicy so let's get right into It first up we're going to talk about Ether now this project popped up not too Long ago they've not done any kind of Whitelist giveaway grind BS so none of That you know retweet this or tag three Friends to get a white list none of that And it's amazing because without doing That they've still managed to get like 70 000 people on their Twitter profile It's crazy it's organic I don't know how They did it but I mean credit where Credit is due right now there's a lot of Promotional art on their Twitter and the Art is absolutely amazing but if you Want to check out the actual collection There are a few sneak peeks on the Founders profile it's got a very Azuki-ish anime style to it and people Are apparently in love honestly it's Kind of hard to gauge whether people Genuinely compliment you in the space or They're just doing it because they want To Mint your project so I guess we will Have to see how good the artist Postman Now a couple of days ago it was revealed That the mint price for ether is going

To be one ethereum and that is where People started losing their there Has been a lot of criticism from various People degen's experienced people people That I trust people that I follow Influencers strong members of the nft Community and the general opinion is That ether has not really done anything Right now to provide enough value to be Able to charge that much for their mint Now honestly back in the bull market Things were pretty different if you Charged a high mint price people had Money there was a lot of liquidity People were doing flips every two days And they were really really profitable So there was never really a lot of fun On Min prices but right now things have Really really changed there's not a lot Of money in the space there's not a lot Of profitable means projects are tanking You know all around us so people are Like why do they need so much money Right now now I'm pretty sure the ether Team thinks that they're pretty Justified in charging such a high mint Price maybe they think that the art is Worth all that but it has to be noted That there's no road map right now There's no vision there's there's Nothing nobody knows what they're going To deliver so far from the outside it Looks like an art project and one Ethereum for an art project seems kind

Of expensive right now let me know what You think about this in the comments do You think this will mint out do you Think they will reduce them in price do You think they're Justified whatever Your opinion is let me know I'll be Happy to hear from you next we have Nanowers man oh man this this is going To be tricky because I personally really Really like nanopass now back in the day Nanopass was one of the most high Projects ever they were one of the Earliest projects that introduced the Concept of a closed Discord they minted Out it was amazing they had a great Great run made a lot of money then they Introduced a concept called a black box Where people could claim a lot of cool Presents and rewards like whitelists and Nfts and it was all great until the Nanowers team decided to do a project Called project pxn project the pxn was a Pretty hyped pretty expensive mint and I Think they were doing pretty okay they Minted out and then they got fudded to Hell their floor started to tank and People started saying that it was just Art and there was nothing substantial That was being delivered eventually a Lot of people spent a lot of money lost A lot of money got wrecked and then Started the hit towards the nanobas team Now according to their roadmap the Nanowers team has decided to launch

Phase two and people are angry because It is a pavement and people are like not Again so a few specifics about phase two Now team Nano is coming up with 10 000 Agent nfts 555 of these will be reserved for Nanopass holders only so it's probably Going to be a free claim they're Remaining 4445 will be up for mint at a mint price Of 0.195 ethereum now the Nano team Prides itself on the technology that They've developed and the tech products That they think they've offered to the Market and with these agents their claim Is that it is not just going to be a pfp Project but it's going to be fully Rigged 3D models that people can use as Desktop assistance for v-tubing you know For other applications in the future it Does sound like a very very cool idea I Do think that it is very very cool Utility but because people are generally Just super pessimistic with what these Guys do it's not going well the argument Against the nanowverse team right now is That they already have a lot of money They've generated a lot of wealth using The previous Collections and they don't Really need to charge people more money Suck out more liquidity from the market To develop products that apparently People haven't even asked for now this Is not me saying if the utility is not

Justified it's not me saying that I'm Not excited about the vtuber model I Think it's pretty cool but what people Are people and I'm not a holder so it Doesn't really matter what I think if You're a holder or if you're gonna Mint Or if you just want to you know give Your opinion let me know what you think About what the Nano team is doing and if They're justified in charging 0.195 it For a collection that apparently no one Has asked for that is it for today's Video until next time this is me Yara Signing out take care bye [Music]

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