Ordinals Wallet, the latest Bitcoin wallet, went live yesterday

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No idea about him So last week or was the last week before I think last week we spoke in detail About Bitcoin ordinals Um and I definitely I did a a 40-minute Video on explaining it as best as I Could Um and I think that it's a good Explanation so if you want to know more Watch that video you search on my YouTube however we did say that it's Still early there's no wallets there's No marketplaces very difficult right so Straight away a week later and a Bitcoin Ordinal wallet has been released so that Shows you how quick now we're still Lacking the marketplace now that the Marketplace is a key elements yeah Because at the moment you're still Having to trust people and do it over The counter in discords but we do have a Bitcoin ordinal wallet that is here Um already and uh you know there's Already 123 000 ordinals that have been Inscribed with some sort doesn't just Have to be a picture like you can put an MP3 there you can do an mp4 you can do a Video you can inscribe anything you want On that so associate right Um but there's 123 000 so far that have Been done and the ordinal's wallet which Which went live yesterday is Um something that allows you to see what Is on your Satoshi so if you've got an

Ordinal on there you'll be able to see It in your wallet visually which is Really nice and the first step Um It's called the x-first wallet and uh Yeah I mean I think it's pretty cool That they've been able to write it out So quickly I'm pretty certain that it's Very beta meaning that there'll be a lot Of improvements but there's also another One called the hero wallet as well which Does similar stuff so we are already Seeing and that's something that I Absolutely love about the space there There is very few Industries in the World that innovate at the speed that Web3 does honestly I mean if you look at Governments right it's hilarious they Run the whole world and it can take them Five years to change a street name okay With all the rear tape and all the [ __ ] That they have to go to but that's what I love about web3 like straight away There's Bitcoin ordinal nfts literally That second there's ethereum collections Of nfts that are knockoffs of it and a Week later there's wallets and a couple Of weeks later there's going to be Marketplaces a couple of weeks later There's going to be an air drop of token And I mean I just love it the speed of Innovation everyone except opencmatics And metabask except for openc a better Bask they're they're on a ghost two most

Important entities in all of web 3 are The slowest so I think that's the Problem that's the problem they had such A market share that they didn't have to Fight for it but now we are seeing open Sea in the last six months really trying To push development because they've seen That they've got competition and I'm Sure that they're noticing that the last Three days blur has done 50 million Bucks and they've done 10 million I have No doubt and that's gonna light a fire But why does it need to take that in Order to do it people become complacent So do companies become complacent you've Got the biggest market share you think We'll have that forever Nokia thought That they'd have their forever Blackberry you don't that's why you do What I do you never freaking stop don't Touch any grass keep keep building I just contradicting all the life Alpha I said 20 minutes ago there's a it's a Race you got to keep going don't get Complacent don't get comfortable in your Or drink Yo miss something You'll lose half your day if you sleep Just stop sleeping it's ridiculous 20 23. wake up wake up forever forever There's no time there's no time for this I mean I'll tell you I honestly and Truly thank God I've done very well in My web too love I really have I've got a

Beautiful home and we looked after Um and all the rest I've I've remained Hungry when when the when I was Introduced to nfts and I saw an Opportunity I would work my nine to five I would come home at five I would put The kids to sleep I would shower I would Have supper I'd spend a bit of time with Bianca and nine PM until three four a.m I would work because it was a bull Market and there was and I made an Absolute Fortune doing that yes I didn't Sell a lot of it and I ended up giving Back a lot of it but make hay while the Sun shines if there's opportunity Market Don't get complacent don't touch grass Work work work 100 100 percent Should we leave it there yeah I think we should I mean I do think you need to rewind About half an hour into this video that Katie asked me what did I learn on my 40th anniversary and I said the complete Opposite of that that you know you do Need to oh no no okay so hold on Actually actually everything we just Said in the last five minutes is still True just insert one hour for yourself Every day to smell the roses and to look At stuff and to take a moment to read or Like do something you want to do still Be hungry still probably don't sleep as Much as you should I still believe those

Things I don't think you can get to a High level of success without Sacrificing certain elements of your Life but I do still think about this one Hour for your life is important and uh You can't feed your soul without that Yeah 100 agree with you bro 100 so guys if You've enjoyed it like And subscribe Um and and I agree with Kate sacrifice And hard work is the only way I know how To achieve greatness really and truly Um and yeah guys love you all we'll see You next week it's been a fun show thank You everybody keep well look after each Other be kind

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