OpenSea FINALLY Adds NFT Offers!

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When open C hinted at an impending Announcement last week many in the Community speculated that they would Launch a token or an airdrop or Something because all of us here over in Nft land that have used open C we just Won something man all these other nft Marketplaces are incentivizing his users With XP that you can later get tokens or Airdrops or care packages come on open C I mean you guys made billions of dollars Back in 2021 and you haven't given the Community anything other than some Upgrades that maybe you should have had Years ago a feature lets users exchange An nft or a combination of entities from Their collection for another user's nft Or a collection of theirs directly on The platform additionally users can add Rap to ethereum on top of their offers Open Seas team is creating a more direct Gear to peer trading experience Eliminating the need to venture onto Potentially scam-ridden websites

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