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Other side meta which is something that We've covered on this channel plenty of Times they're part of the Hugo Labs Ecosystem and they're building out their Other side metagame next month we Release the open beta for Legends of the Mara there's much more to come we've Partnered with Fairway GG and are Building a major expansion on Unity but We want to get an early version into the Community's hands so you can play and Provide feedback yeah I'm very excited About this game they've been developing It for quite some time now all the way Back let's see let's see if we can do Some uh some detective research all Right so the other side which are They're technically called other Deeds Which are the ownership of the land These things launched in April of 2022. It's been well over a year in Development and again check out my Previous entity alpha videos because if You had one of those original lands and Extract it and take out a vessel or if You had a coda you can extract that from Your land and that's what we're looking At here codas stay tuned there's more Info on the codas actually today so be On the lookout and also watch the rest Of the video

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