Nike FINALLY Reveals Crypto Kicks!

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Let's get into Nike April 2022 revealed Their dunk Genesis crypto kicks through The opening of the rtfkt monolith damn That's a mouthful the there were AR Hoodies with Nike and rtkft before this But I believe the below is the first Nike shoe nft again do your own research This guy Maddie was nice enough to put This all together but still you got to Do your own research uh rktf God so many Syllables let's just copy paste it boom January February March April all right So this came out before came out before April February look at that they're Going for almost half an eighth about 700 and 77 maybe pick one up I like Nike I uh I wear I wear Nike almost every Single day I'm wearing some Nike shorts Right now like again back to the whole Point of this these are like the first Ever Legacy brands that created nft

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