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About the shoe side of things they then Said okay that that nft Um that the model of two box was turned Into the lacing engine is going to Guarantee you the ability to forge is What they call it when you convert a Digital to a physical for these four Different versions of physical shoes now These shoes visually the only one I Really like is this one over here to be Honest visually I'd be interested what You think okay I mean do you I okay I Like the ones on the far left the white Ones this one yeah I like that one Um I was gonna say I don't like it but like It's of all the four that I see I would Probably have to get that one but I Don't particularly love it I'm gonna show you I'm gonna show you Better pictures of them okay so that's My favorite but they more different ones Are more expensive right sure but let's Just look at the shoes first Stone's not Bad it's just a bit girly that one's Very girly yeah you know it is kind of Girly but I don't know dude that's my Favorite one that's [ __ ] ugly dude Okay that was okay that's right that's The okay so let's just look at them you Get your different ones okay It's got self freaking lacing there's Your lacing engine it's got self lacing Technology bro like Back to the Future

Do you remember those marks in Back to The Future If you charge it on a Wireless charger you it's got you can Program the lights and the other thing That it's got is there step to earn in Um trip inside of it which will be a Part of the lure going forward Um and part of their new technology so This is the first of its kind in real Life I really like Nike before nfts I Really do and I love nfts so you mix That together there's only going to be a Total of 19 000 amongst all of these in The whole world ever I'm never gonna Wear them I don't care what they look Like in the end of the day they are Going to have historical significance Then I want to be a part right so the Fad with this which was mixed at the Same time as they told everyone that They were conv that they had converted Their one and a half each assets into Effectively a 20 discount for a mint was They said and another thing is that These shoes that people like me who love The brand they are can only be shipped To customers in America that really Pissed people off So it was a mixture it was a mixture That unilaterally took the box turned it Into something worth a lot less that Doesn't give you free access to these You still have to pay to lint these so And you can't even be involved in it if

You're not based if you're not based in The US and that's when guys started like Flooring their clonexes the floor went From 80 theory of to 60 theorem posting On Twitter that they're flooring them People were angry as [ __ ] now I Understand that I'm from South Africa And I'm angry as well but I mean I I've I've I went to Cade and I said Kate I'm Shipping you some shoes and and you know Just hold on to them maybe you must Start If you open that [ __ ] box I will come There myself and I will murder you oh God man I'm gonna do it live on Tick Tock too Oh God you're just gonna log in he Should be like hey bro I got Tick Tock Back and he's gonna be like wait what Are you doing what are you doing on your Live stream Oh no it'll be more like okay you've Also got the the crypto kicks bro that's Incredible if I were you I wouldn't open Them so I just want to show you what It's got blue Bluetooth pairing with Your mobile app and that's going to Allow you to have an app that allows you To change the lights Um that come out the side you can Completely customize them with an app Make them different colors Auto lacing Which is so freaking cool wireless Charging

Um the NFC chip that's the thing that's Going to allow for the NF T Authentication like what we saw in the Clothing but here's what pisses people Off if you hold a lace engine you still Pay .34 instead of 0.44 so so you're Getting a 0.1 discount for a box that People bought at one and a half Easter Day before No bueno it's just such a fail bro it is And then this one the one I like is one Ethereum bro Jesus Christ Dude that's expensive Yeah but it's not just visually I don't Love the look of any of them to be Honest it's the fact that they won if Means A lot less people will meant it which Means they might only be 500 of these in The whole world yeah that's a good point So I I still don't know which one I mean I'm definitely not doing either of the Whites I don't like them are they girly But it's either this one over here For point three right spinning man 0.3 That's a big jump point three to one big Jump so it's not even visually I'm Saying if you have 10 000 people meant This and only a thousand people meant This is this in real life going to be Worth more than half you care I mean are You are you gonna sell it yes I'm not Gonna wear them I'm gonna hold it and One day have it as part of my collection

All right well in that case you have to Go with what you like visually you have To But like when I die my kids are gonna Have to sell all this [ __ ] they're not Gonna sell it bro those things are too Clean Your son's gonna open and be like that Thank you so much you'll be like oh That's gonna be great you're like wait Why are you opening it don't open it Exactly I'm really not sure Kate I'm really not Sure which of the two because it's a big Price difference and yeah I don't know man with this kind of thing I mean okay what's the difference in Supply again You don't know there's a total of 19 000 That are available you can choose any of You want if nineteen thousand people Want this one there'll be 19 000 of this One but in theory because it's one Ethereum versus 0.4 currently that you Would imagine no no that's the set price To forward it's probably going to be the One for one go with the one youth bro You got two you have to yeah because There'll be a lot less right it's Significantly better too like I mean I Don't particularly like personally like It but that one's tremendously better Than the black one as far as everything Yeah it's got colors it's way more it's

Just well done like you want to buy that One I mean if if anyone's gonna go to This store and be like which one am I Getting everyone's gonna pick the the Colorful one even even if it's uh what Eight hundred dollars more I I think so I just feel like if you're gonna do that Anyway those kind of people are gonna be Wanting to buy the good stuff Yeah maybe At all maybe I'll buy this one and I'll Buy this one and then I weigh this one Around and put my customizable lights Actually yeah I think that'd be a good Idea Maybe we'll have to see Um so that's all the fat around it Um you know also I'll show you some of The I mean they're advertising I mean Obviously it's like but I mean they're They're teasers and stuff are just Absolutely incredible they really really Are they just he has a cool one with you Like Dude I love their [ __ ] trailers they Really have a good video dude or like I Don't even know how you make these kind Of videos but so good man like this [ __ ] Is so awesome it's so [ __ ] awesome I Love it I also love it also it's the fact that That as soon as they did what they did The next day they had an AMA the next Day they came out with a whole tweet

That apologizing saying they like really Apologizing and trying to make good Moving the new monolith drop much sooner Saying they're not going to let the Community down they completely get it And they sorry that this happened I mean And the fact that it's still clone eggs It's still Mark they want to be here in The long run and I believe them when They say that you know they've learned Their lessons from this but I was also Disappointed man I'll be honest with you I like I I I had the model of two Obviously and I mean I knew the snapshot Was taken I could have sold it for one And a half Eve but I believed in them I Believe that they would give me more Value back than one and a half Eve like They had up to date well it's one of Those things like people are saying now Like they don't see any way board apes And mutants go up again because it's Like why were they what's the potential Upside that you could get at this point After they've already released all the Benefits for everyone it's kind of some Of Clone X in my opinion are like okay Like how much more can they keep just Giving you that's going to be expensive Like at what point does that does that Just start to not be the reality you Know so it's interesting there's a lot Of talk about some sort of token Um and a metaverse like you can see here

This is a clone X character with his Different gear there's the head gear That he's got maybe next will be virtual Headgear that can be VR glasses in real Life they they gonna carry on with this They want to launch all their digital Project products through this and there Could be a metaverse coming next Um you know some sort of token even Though they've said they don't really Want a token because it's so volatile But some sort of reward system for Partaking in it because these shoes have Got that chip in it that you can move to Earn to some degree so I mean look There's a lot going on in this ecosystem I mean you saw in the last week they've Dropped animus and those eggs and They've you know they've done a Fortune They're not stopping you know yeah That's true I mean they are they are Going they are doing great things I just Don't know if like Uh uh as far as it's so good to see you Ace of wizards your face weren't you Just in the S was you were you in the Nifty show This morning the the nft morning show S There was someone speaking that maybe I Don't know but oh no thank you for that No that was [ __ ] awesome I didn't Expect to be on stage I literally just Joined and I was like oh nice I'll catch

It and then I was like I'll just throw Up a little request see what happens and Then got brought up immediately and I Was like oh what did you do did you just Raise your hand yeah well he followed Pio follows me and um he he knows of me Through a few other people so I knew he Followed me and it was just started he Just opened up the space so the music Was still playing and I just was like Let me just see what happens let me just Try it out I mean this happened before a While just jump into someone's life and Then request and they'll end up bringing Me on like it happened with nft Noobs on Instagram and nft kings on Instagram who Both have like hundreds of thousands of Followers and I just threw up a request And like it worked like I think it Because we're in this bear Market the Chances of you just getting a lucky Break like that or just exponentially Higher and so I just do all cool thank You man cool so you hear what rtkft said Which made me bullish again we know that The monolith 2 crypto kicks in a life Drop wasn't up to our standards so we Worked on how we can do things better Now after listening to you first of all The new monolith X will be airdropped This week we know that the monolith Reveal experience was lacking we will Rectify this ASAP with the airdrop and Make the monolith X worthy of the

Monolith experience you all expect and Deserve so straight away they're saying We will not [ __ ] up on this new one so And like even though I agree with you There is time in between in between when This is going to be able to be revealed Um I do think that as people's fat dies Down and they see that these guys are Still here and they calm down and get Their emotions out the way that these Will sit comfortably at a one e floor Until some news pumps are to one and a Half two years Um due to regulation so this is Regarding the shipping hey due to Regular regulatory restrictions in Different markets there are limitations On where the Footwear can be shipped to Ensure the entire Community has an Opportunity to get this project at the Forging event we will pilot the rtk 50 Inter-dimensional Hub service how it Works at the forging event lace engine Holders have the option to Mint a hubbed Crypto clicks and if you don't have a Us Address select your desired sneaker size And receive a hubbed nft you will see Hubbed on the nft metadata We will Implement a shoe size Checker After the next week's drop at a later Date between mint and the First on May You can trade the hubbed nft on the Secondary Marketplace but you'll not be Able to fill in an address this will

Allow holders from now to May to figure Out a U.S shipping address so I'm going To have to immigrate with my family to The US before the 1st of May so that's Let's [ __ ] go yeah baby Yeah why did you move to the states I Know there's this nft project To clarify the cril app and the IRL Quest will work globally so they're Saying everything will work on them we Just can't shop them to you and but We'll give you a couple of months that Will hold it for you in effect and you Can figure out you know contact a friend Or whatever Um that can get it to you and we'll shop It to them we know this is not perfect As you still need a U.S shipping address But we we hope this gives holders some Time to find out or explore secondary Markets The Hub idea also addresses Feedback that has been shared with us But other key community members one of Those two experiences overshadowed the In real life drop itself but we're Excited about the physical I mean here You can see them Uh it's just so cool it's just they lace Themselves That's pretty [ __ ] sick actually There honestly anything that's Innovative like that makes me excited That and honestly these are the things That keep my North Star vibrant as [ __ ]

Because like you look at this and you're Like damn I I want to be part of that or I want to be involved with this kind of Stuff and like bro this is that chance If you're watching this and you're not Involved in win three Look at this [ __ ] you're gonna miss out On you're gonna you're gonna miss out on Being part of these things and like Opportunities will present themselves When you do things so I just I just Can't I just can't imagine seeing this Stuff and being like eh I'm just gonna Sit on the sidelines and watch other People do stuff it's like nah dude you Have a chance here you have Opportunities going up while people drop Out and you're like that's a recipe for Success if you do if you take a swing so Yeah if you're out there and you're You're on the fence dude look at this Innovative stuff you want to be part of This 100 and the other thing I wanted to Bring everyone is still open Um is that even if you don't hold a Lacing engine nft uh first of all you Can pick one up for point one and Straight away get the discounts as I Showed you that if you are like me and You intend to go for this one it's a No-brainer because instead of paying one Ethereum you're gonna pay 0.76 and you Pay 0.1 for guaranteed uh mint

Um however if you want to stick to this One it doesn't necessarily it still Makes sense because it's worth pointing It's the floors point one and you save Point one but if you don't want to buy The lacing engine you can still apply For the public registration it's still Open and you can go there on their Front page and apply to be whitelisted For the public rtfkt I'll just show you Where you can go Um public Med register Arts ended sorry Okay so if you want one you buy a lacing Engine for point one where was it here It is 0.099 you buy a less lacing engine and Then you guaran you're guaranteed of it So I just want to jump into the comments Here I saw one Um Okay So we've got uh Krave Esther saying Puma Gave shoes for free they will shop it Worldwide for free that's great and I Agree Um and also I did US did the same with Clothes so I'll tell you of the two of Them Um I am a lot more bullish on Adidas Than I am on Puma now with that said That's web two so if you look at the Size of Nike globally the size of their Company in dollars and you look at the

Size of Adidas the marks bigger Adidas Is next and then a long way down the Road is Puma so just as far as web 2 Goes nice on the top Adidas is behind And trying to catch up and Puma's way Way way down right so when it comes to Nfts Um Puma and Adidas or something with a Similar floor so I would rather have an Adidas which I know has got more uh like Sort of motivation to catch Nike and More Finance means to catch knock then Puma does right so that's why I do hold A few Adidas things and I I did hold Puma I got out because I'm more bullish On Adidas I did this thing just say it Just say it Puma was [ __ ] ugly I I did this I actually like Puma as a Brand um I do but uh I've got a couple Of Puma shoes but I mean I don't have I Don't have a single Adidas shoe to be Honest Every other designs dude I just look at It I'm like In the fast food world they're Burger King I'm sorry like Puma I would I would Gladly work with you but like if you're If we're comparing you to like Nike and This I just don't they're not comparable It's like Nike and Adidas and everybody Else Yeah so that's what I'm well what I'm Saying with that said up to date Adidas Has really failed badly in web3 bad bad

Bad bad bad bad bad everything has been An absolute fail and [ __ ] I know I mean Their last drop we I don't know if you On that show or not I covered as quite In depth it's a it's a video on my Channel but they last drop with the Virtual clothes first of all they Ugliest [ __ ] and it was just an absolute Joke and the community like almost Burned down the virtual Discord Um worse than climax so so far Adidas Hasn't got anything right in web 3 Whereas um knock has got a lot right and Just you know really screwed up this Last week but as I said I've been a q

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