NFT Ecosystem IS GROWING!! June Update

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June ulad's IP ecosystem update and you Got lore you got music Timberland Snoop Dogg Eminem maybe we should Rebrand and A t Alpha using my mu Nate so you got Physical Goods Rolling Stones it's a Gigantic list what I want to know is if I can get this list and then I can blow It up for you guys because it's a lot I Mean there's a lot of people in the Board of ecosystem there you go too long Didn't read 330 projects and it's still Growing 27 new products 50 plus project Updates game accelerated IP development IRL events layer 3 storytelling Unlocking new utilities and audience Made by Apes which we just went over is Launching Late July which it actually Just launched two days ago the rise of Yuga IP map inspired other ecosystems Layer Two and layer 3 storytelling Community meetups is on the rise Sports Bring you guys Pizza Global fans Game Xip Network effect are growing hey man You even got him uh repping his board Abe on his jersey so the whole point of This video I feel like this is one of The number one reasons why nxts will Explode

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