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All right let's go in Um are you ready let's let's go make Your choice okay Um do I want to be an Explorer a fighter Or a crafter hmm let's be a fighter oh God I don't know man this is a tough Choice this is like the hardest Choice I've had to make all year all right I'm Stealing my feet I'm a fighter all right Let's get in there heavy metal is ready To explore this biome hit that Circle to Head over there all right so you just Venture around with your mouse I want to Find something to fight or maybe like a Chest to loot battle bags are not even Packed yet oh wait there's someone over Here where are you going okay another One of these things pick me pick me boom All right looks like I got some more Material I'm gonna snatch that up I go Left or right oh we gotta fight we gotta Fight all right we're gonna use this Basic attack boom take that mole okay All right the top right you can see his Uh oh okay all right I gotta I gotta Hurry up man I don't have that much time And the clock's a ticking oh that took Him out see ya

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