NEW NFT Art For Season 3!

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So here is the again their official X Page all right so this is what the new Art is going to look like flat muted Luxury new body position clean lines More shading brighter colors no Gore Dead Gods style shading same color Palette new traits clean Line work Minimalist shading dark color palette if This isn't really confusing I don't know What this is so version 3.1 version 18.3 Version 33.3 I don't know welcome Females to the D Gods collection Swappable one of one male to female Versions will be available for All Season 3 nfts I like this idea instead Of diluting the supply what you'll be Able to do is upgrade your metadata on Your nft to four different types and one Of the types is going to be a female so I'm assuming these are the other three Types all right and we're getting to the Traits now we're getting rid of the bad Traits I mean artist objective this just Gives me the vibe of like um Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I mean this is Just I don't know they just got rid of All the the uniqueness if you ask me

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