New Instagram Music NFT Marketing – NFTs on Instagram (Part 3)

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How to plan your project how to create Your project and how to monetize using Blockchain technology in modern social Media marketing strategies in this video We're going to be going over three Proven strategies for monetizing your Music nfts on Instagram so again guys my Name is Will Smith if you have any Questions about nfts on the blockchain And music on the blockchain make sure to Go leave them down in the comment Section like this video And subscribe if You get any value from this video at all Everything that we've been teaching over The past three videos has been part of a Series for how to create a Wallet create Your nfts and offer them in this case on Instagram but if you offer them Somewhere else on say YouTube or Somewhere else it's not going to be as Integrated so that's why I made this Three-part series just to basically show You guys if you missed it in the first And second video that we can integrate Our wallets our crypto wallets into Instagram and have our nfts show up on Instagram for people to buy them it Doesn't matter if your producer a singer A songwriter it doesn't matter if you're Looking at ethereum uh polygon or Solana Whatever blockchain whatever social Media platform the first proven strategy Is going to be open C algorithm now open C is one of the biggest it is the

Biggest nft Marketplace and this is a Place where you can offer your music you Can offer regular nfts you can offer Virtual lands there's so many different Types of nfts that you can put on this Platform once you have followed the First two videos we made leading up to This one it's okay if you haven't but You want to go to metamask or to a Browser where you can access openc and Once you're signed in you're going to Now add a collection so when you create A collection you're going to add an Image and this image in this case is Going to be called an LMI award it's From one of our companies that Specializes in Latin music and this is An award that we're giving out to Artists that are excelling in their Field whether it's music videos whether It's pop or a guitar or different types Of Latin music how are they excelling Are they a great female artists who are Up and coming artists and we give out These Awards basically we have a Instagram page two Instagram Pages uh That total over 1.2 million followers And all these followers are people that Are interested in Latin music and we've Been building it for the past few years I've been covering some music content Related to it but basically we just Wanted to create and name an nft that we Can give out to people that will give

Them exclusive access to things and an Award that they get for owning or for Exceeding uh people's expectations in a Certain field we give out that award now You put up your image you put up the Name you're going to want a URL maybe It's a link to your Instagram or a link To uh where they can find some more Information about the project and then You're going to want to create a Description something that we've been Doing here uh lately has been just using Chat GPT to get a baseline I don't think You should use it for the whole Description but I do think it's great to Get a baseline for your description so As you can see you know I put in a few Pointers I said write a description it's For LMI it stands for Latin music International Awards it's an nft that we hand out to Specific artists attaining specific Above and beyond results related to Music and so chat gbt wrote this whole Description and I'm going to be just Using it for this nft example We also have royalties so if you want to Specify How many royalties you're going to get How much percentage of each sale you're Going to get when these nfts resell then You can specify that here so you can go Up to 10 anytime one of the nfts in the Collection sells you're going to get

Another royalty whether it's the third Sale or the 10th sale you're going to Get that eight percent every time it Resells and that's just something you Can include there and you're also going To specify which wallets those royalties Go to now the most important thing for Optimizing the algorithm is going to be Adding the music As the genre this means that anytime Someone goes on openc they're going to See your content on the openc algorithm Through the music channel now there's Been millions of dollars in nfts sold in Fact we had a record year this year for Music nfts being sold have it out on the Algorithm maybe it gets picked up maybe You get some more traction and some more Sales second proven strategy has got to Be consistently sharing this nft on Social and when I mean sharing I mean Sharing I mean asking people to go check Out your project I mean sharing what Value they might get from your project And all the things that come along with Being a part of your project I like to You know since I was young I always like To you know write stories and uh when I Was someone that had the Invisalign Um Invisalign uh aligners I was asked to Write a story and I wrote a song I said You know Invisalign made me look so fine I was a teenager Invisalign made me made

My smile shine Invisalign I'm no longer Confined the most miraculous design Invisalign they ended up buying the song From me and that was a nice five figure Deal Um having a story where you can say you Know I I was worried that you know they were Gonna see my braces but they didn't and That was nice to me because what Happened is is that they didn't Um you know judge me or I was able to uh Eat popcorn right so these types of Things what are they going to get what Is the story behind it you know that's a Lot different but it's music and you can Write a story for this nft Um and you can you can craft that on Social media our story here on this Channel we're working to revolutionize The way that people monetize music A penny for a stream How much is that gotta get you know less Than a penny you want to get a dollar You got to get a thousand streams on Spotify thousand people you move to your Song Million people right a million streams On Spotify And You're maybe making you know a thousand Dollars It's not proportional to the amount of Work that goes into it uh so that's

Something on the channel is like hey you Know I talk with Um my buddies how can we figure out a Way to monetize more efficiently well if You do nfts someone can own that music And it can be a fan that gets a piece of Your song and anytime streaming Royalties get paid they get paid out to The fan or now the fan wants to promote The song now it's getting more streaming Now there's more of a potential for the Artist maybe that fan when they bought It they bought it so they could get Certain things like um vinyl records or A group chat or concert ticket or Something and they paid more up front to Get a piece of that song as An nft and What did that do for you as an artist And you got paid a lot more than less Than a penny I had a lot more so that's Where you know these are the types of Things it's like what are they going to Get when they get uh your nft and Sharing that on social media consist Sharing on on social consistently is Great maybe it's slow my YouTube channel Has been growing slow it started Um about a year ago I was around 400 Subscribers this year I'm not 21.50 or something it takes time it Takes consistent effort I didn't let a Week go by without any posts there was a Time where I wouldn't let a day go by or 48 Hours go by and so there's times

Where you're going to be more hot than Others and you're going to be more Consistent than other times but you want To make sure what you want to make sure That no matter what keep moving keep Going doesn't matter if you want your Project to be a success then they have To believe that it's going to be a Success Through Your consistency which Means they're going to see long-term Potential because you show up every day Doesn't matter you show up and that's a Really important attribute for a project And you're going to see a lot more Engagement when you just continually Share it on your social Platforms in a Way that's um clever and makes them want To be a part of what you're doing Provide value and there's no way that You're not going to get something in Return you can't just take take take Take want to sell nfts I'm going to make A million dollars no no give give give Here's all the value you get with it and Then you'll see some income producing From your nfts is it going to be a Million dollars well did you put a Million dollars worth of value if you Did chances are you're going to see that Type of result but you really just take That type of crime consistently The third method guys that's a good one But the third method is one of the more Um you know reputable ways to go when

You're established and you found that Your Project's working great and that's Going to be paid ads I would encourage You to just check out what they have to Offer for Facebook ads for Instagram ads For if you wanted to get your project Out on an influencers page then what can You do to get it out there can you talk To them say hey what do you think of my Of my page and you might see that they Have a much greater interest and they Might actually then you than you expect It and they might actually share your Project and that could be good for you So paid ads you can do Facebook ads There's tons of tutorials you can do Instagram ads it's very simple uh but Having a good ad for your nft is of Course you know the bottom line gonna Make a big difference so you want to Make sure that you don't start with a Lot of money out would recommend Starting with a small amount of money Somewhere between you know fifty to a Thousand bucks somewhere in there to Just get a good Baseline for if your ad Is even working and slightly adjusts Based on your clicks and if you get People to go and actually view your your Nft and that's just a big part of Getting them to hopefully be interested And maybe collect an email maybe get Them to be able to Um see your project in the light of the

Value you want to provide by providing Something in the ad that's also Intriguing Maybe they are already a fan and you can Target that maybe they like a certain Genre and you can Target that specific Genre And share with them some of the benefits Of owning your nft and that would be one Of the ways that I would go about doing Paid ads and it's going to be one of the Biggest things once you figure out if Your product's good or not and if it's Working and if it is you know once You've gotten to the point where your Ads are making more than what it costs For you to put them out then you're in a Really good position with your nft music Now the next thing guys It's just to make sure to relax and Don't put too much stress on these Initial steps marketing is Very much A test for many different things and Results aren't supposed to happen right Away otherwise you're never I mean Everything would be easy you have to Adjust and pay attention you know but Don't don't Just not try it because it doesn't work Once continually do something Consistently and you'll consistently get You know a nice result or graph of what Is working and what's not working but if

You just try something for a day and you Say I posted on my story it didn't work Probably not the best you know Baseline I posted on my story every day for for Two months or three months Didn't work all right well maybe I was Also doing posts and posted better where I was doing a YouTube video about it Every week and that did better I got Some more engagement there you know but But figuring out the way that you can go Um is going to come down to trying Everything that you don't know if it Works or not right so For this video guys hopefully got some Value from these strategies don't forget To like And subscribe and if you have Any questions comment down below if you Made it this far guys Um if you made it this far and we get Let's say like 10 comments on this video Then I will do house tour and you guys Can see a house tour Um 10 comments on this video and I'll do A house tour hopefully you guys enjoyed And for those of you that would like to Learn with me one on one feel free to Schedule a call with me down below or if You'd like to join our three cues to Music nfts down below you can join that As well the three keys to music nfts Goes over exactly how to plan your Project how to create your nfts and then The best blockchain you can use to get

Them out on the blockchain and the most Efficient way possible to monetize your Music and if you'd like to learn those Three things there's about five hours of Content that I've created around the Three keys and there's also something That is very valuable which is getting To talk with me 24 7. so if you have any Questions you can send me a message in The Discord and if you have any concerns About Um something you know maybe someone in The group we have tons of artists in our Our group that maybe they've already Gone through that you can ask them and They can help you to either avoid a Mistake or they can share with you Mistakes they've made and you can just Avoid those there's a lot of benefits The other thing you're going to get Access to is some PDF guides for the Best blockchains the best platforms the Best marketplaces and we go live every Single week with myself where we can go Over your nft projects if you're selling Royalties to your music then we do have A Specialized Service for that where I Just talk to you it's part it's totally Included it's not a monthly subscription Just a one-time payment you get lifetime Access and you're able to talk with me Every day every single day if you have Any questions and so that part we got The royalties and then we also have if

You're offering your nfts just as Collectibles and they get specific Things maybe for buying them but you Just want a set price and a set number Of Collectibles and you have a profit Goal for your music then we do that as Well and they're all covered like I said There's three cues how to plan how to Create and then how to monetize and Market your music those are the three Things then we go live every week as Well as the Discord and all the PDF guys In about five to six hours of Music nft Training videos so again if you're ready To learn about music nfts on a more Serious level then I encourage you to Check out the three keys to music nfts Down below and if you have any questions For me about anything else or you just Need value there's a ton of value on my YouTube it's all free and I hope that You're able to um progress in your music In your business in your Entrepreneurship hopefully in the future We're able to Revolutionize the way that people Consume music and the way that you can Profit from it so there's a lot of big Artists that have been offering music Nfts been covering some of the biggest Alan Walker I've seen Eminem we've seen Justin Bieber of course there's a few really Big artists um that have been getting in

On the space and I encourage you if you Want to stay up to date with the music Nft space then make sure to just Subscribe down below and and um anytime There's something big that happens You'll probably see it on my channel so Thank you guys so much for watching Again and thank you for almost 1500 subs Or 2500 subs and I'll see you guys in The next one 10 comments I'll do a house Tour peace out guys [Music] Foreign [Music]

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